Dig-It Underground, Inc. - ( DIGX )


It has been a while since our Last Mention of DIGX at $.0075. Volume was roaring, and the Marijuana Industry was buzzing as it still is. In a month's time, the stock opened at ~$.12 hitting ~$.25+ in early October offering 1,500%-3,000%+ return potentials.
Since then, DIGX has embarked on creating the High Life Media Network as well as growing the affiliated sites and services within it. It has taken some time, but on 2/11 the company Completed its Venture - Penetration into the Marijuana Market has been achieved! Per the 2/11 release, 
DIGX has secured entry into the cannabis industry and is now delivering on their  commitment to the monetization of all 6 of the High Life Media Network channels."
Timing is the Name of the Game, and, at $.002 DIGX is now Holding Above the 20 and 50 SMA's. This Trade has JUST HIT a +MACD Cross, logged a Volume Breakout of ~$50K+ pushing the stock near the 200SMA at $.0028, and breached the 50 RSI. Yes, both the Business Strategy and Chart seem to be looking their most Bullish yet at this time.
What Near-Term Targets are coming into view?
A Break of the 200SMA may lead action back to the $.005-$.01 Levels - Current Buyers could see Possible Returns of 150%-400% upon a return there.
Quiet stocks that awaken with an Acquisition/Subsidiary PR and Breakout Volume are some of our favorite Alerts and Trading Prerequisites. If a stock runs too much and the profits have been squeezed out, then we will most likely wait for a pullback to highlight it. This is not the case with our Newest Alert - DIGX (Dig-It Underground, Inc.).
Let's recall the background story here: DIGX gained some Market Buzz last March when they announced their Push for Corporate Developments. The company began pursuing various strategic options including acquisition and joint venture opportunities. Not long after, DIGX entered into a letter of intent to acquire Cannabeez Media, LLC., marking the entrance of Dig-It Underground, Inc. into the Medical Marijuana industry. Mr. Chaudhry stated, "We are thrilled to be entering into a very exciting and fast growing industry and we will be announcing the details of our first acquisition shortly."
Time passed, and DIGX Delivered! DIGX was officially Ready to Enter the Marijuana Industry through a possible Acquisition of Cannabeez Media, LLC. The Augmentation of their Portfolio has Hit New Highs upon the Creation of the High Life Media Network and the Growing List of Sites and Platforms under their umbrella as you will see below! Let's get you caught up with the inner workings of the newest deal:
The High Life Media Subsidiary was formed On 9/17: DIGX Formed its Wholly Owned Subsidiary, High Life Media, Inc.
  • The High Life Media Network will extensively cover core cannabis issues, business opportunities, debates and conversations as well as entertainment, fun/facts, and ecommerce. The High Life Media network will utilize the internet, visual media, radio, social media, TV and live events to ensure this vast coverage.
  • High Life Media will distribute content through mobile applications, desktop applications, 4k and Ultra HD video content, and wearable technologies with an emphasis on responsiveness to increase accessibility.
On 2/11 DIGX Completed the High Life Media Network.The launching of the CannaGoods™ and the viral WhoSmokesWeed? ™ platforms marks the completion of the High Life Media Network.
  • According to President Robert Wodarczyk, "The High Life Media Network is now complete and has successfully been deployed into the cannabis market. We have secured our entry into the cannabis industry and are now delivering on our commitment to the monetization of all six of the High Life Media Network channels." 
  • CannaGoods™, the smokers' boutique, is a one-stop shop for all your smoke pleasures and necessities, including smoking pipes, vaporizers, rolling accessories, 420 Lifestyle, and tech products. This year's U.S census Bureau of the Department of Commerce reported that the E-commerce annual sales are up an increase of 4.9%.
    • The CannaGoods™ customer base growth and expansions will be captured through our High Life Media Network database and driven by our advertising intentions. The online shop has been completed and will continue to be updated. The shopping cart will be enabled when inventory is finalized.
  • WhoSmokesWeed? ™ is an online popular culture blog focused on the variety of cannabis smokers in powerful and prominent positions.
    • The content of WhoSmokesWeed? ™ is highly viral and sharing has been simplified to a one step process to ensure ease of use and accessibility. WhoSmokesWeed? ™ is dedicated to the coverage of cannabis and its position in popular culture. WhoSmokesWeed? ™ is composed of two components, a blog like coverage of all high profiled cannabis users as well as a social component which broadcasts live picture sharing through Facebook's Instagram network using a variety of popular hashtags and trending subjects.
  • Robert Wodarczyk states, "Now that High Life Media is complete, the focus lies on customer reach and business growth as well as the monetization of the media network and its six distribution channels. We have very exciting developments and are in the process of finalizing the monetization rollout."
On 10/6 DIGX Loaded High Life Media Inc. with Twice the Fire Power. The Content, Site Population, and Penetration Continues to Grow....Robert Wodarczyk, President of Dig-it Underground, Inc., announced the newest additions to the High Life Media Network: The Cannabis Laws ™ Online Cannabis Encyclopedia; and the Daily THC™ popular culture website.
  • The Cannabis Laws ™ online cannabis legal encyclopedia is composed of a collection of relevant laws, legal requirements, and rules for cannabis and its possession, cultivation, and sales for all 50 states in the United States.
    • Cannabis Laws ™ is composed of a mixture of content from written material, videos of various topics including interviews with law enforcement regarding cannabis, and a collection of key court documents relating to the highest profile cannabis/marijuana cases that have shaped the laws surrounding the cannabis industry.
  • Daily THC ™ is dedicated to providing a well-rounded and transparent reporting regarding cannabis and all things related to cannabis.
    • The website will cover most music, gossip, tech products and popular culture subjects regarding cannabis and its uses. 
  • Robert Wodarczyk, President of Dig-it Underground, Inc., states, "We just doubled our fire power and we've never been more excited! With these two additions we have broadened our audience to professionals as well as recreational users. The content of Daily THC ™ is created for quick fire social sharing to attract the most impressions, influencers, and consistent website return visits to sustain a high traffic environment. The Cannabis Laws ™ will be addressing professionals as well as cannabis proponents. This website is composed of encyclopedia style content with a member's only area for discussions and debates launching soon."

On 9/25 DIGX Celebrated the Launch of Two High Life Media Network PlatformsCannabis Lifestyle™ online magazine (http://cannabislifestyle.co) and the Cannabis Health™ scientific journal (http://cannabis-health.co).

  • Cannabis Lifestyle™ (http://cannabislifestyle.co) is an online magazine that covers all aspects of an average American cannabis enthusiast's lifestyle, interests, hobbies and business endeavors. Cannabis Lifestyle™ is composed of original content, commentary, videos, interviews and product reviews all pertaining to the target demographic and their interests.
  • The Cannabis Health™ scientific journal is the first source of scientific health related research dedicated to cannabis and its biological effects. Cannabis Health™ is committed to providing constant research, opinion, debates, interviews, facts and content regarding Cannabis and its health effects, both positive and negative.
  • Robert Wodarczyk states, "With our launch of two High Life Media Network platforms, we are looking to immediately begin monetizing these online mediums in pursuit of higher revenues in the near future. The online advertisement industry is a $39 billion dollar ($39,000,000,000 USD) industry that will only continue to expand with the growth of the Internet to the remaining 60% of the world who do not have feasible access to it. We will be making revenue generation our first priority and creating the highest quality content and products possible."

How is the DIGX Model Beneficial and Monetizeable?

  • Robert Wodarczyk stated, "We are ecstatic to announce the development of our new wholly owned subsidiary High Life Media, Inc. With the High Life Media network, I would like to open the conversation on Cannabis and its position in American life and culture both professionally and from an entertainment perspective. This has not been successfully executed to date nor has anyone tackled this untapped sector of the Cannabis industry. High Life Media will be the link between mass media and the cannabis industry. Not only will High Life Media Inc. link the two, it will provide original applications and products to fill the gap." Mr.Wodarczyk added that he "would also like to announce that the products created are being developed to be compatible with Apple Inc.'s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. As well as Microsoft Co.'s Phone platform, and Google Inc.'s Android platform."
On 9/15 DIGX Market Research Revealed an Untapped Cannabis Sector. A Niche Opportunity has presented itself in the form of Information Dissemination and R&D.
  • According to Mr. Wodarczyk, "It is widely believed that the amount of misinformation and confusion with cannabis is mainly due to the lack of available information and research. We are attempting to address this lack of credible information."
  • Dig-it Underground Inc. will endeavor to utilize several ground-breaking technologies to become a major player in the Cannabis Sector from an information, research and development perspective. Our first priority for our shareholders is to monetize this opportunity and work towards growing our revenue base.
On September 2nd, DIGX Executed a Letter of Intent With Cannabeez Media, LLC. This Deal was set in Motion in a March 11th Release - Dig-It Underground Inc. Moving Toward Growth.
  • Robert Wodarczyk, President of Dig-it Underground, Inc., announced today that the company has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire 100% of the Membership Interests of Cannabeez Media, LLC along with all its assets and proprietary property, including the web site www.cannabisexaminer.com.
  • Mr. Wodarczyk added, "We are very excited about our entry into the Cannabis Industry and we are optimistic that our relationships will pave the way for significant revenue and earnings increases throughout 2014." We look forward to updating our shareholders as to our progress with respect to this acquisition.
We have seen the Lucrative Effects a Fundamentally Strong Entrance into the Marijuana Industry can have on a Stock and its Trading Action. DIGX is not entering a fluff deal, they intend to acquire 100% of the Membership Interests of Cannabeez Media, LLC along with all its assets and proprietary property, including the web site www.cannabisexaminer.com.
The Marijuana Industry is Reaching New Heights Daily as Sales, Brand Awareness, Subscribers, Clientele, and State Legalization Grows. Look for similar Small-Cap Market Valuations for Marijuana Stocks, and you can see where the upside lies for DIGX. Entering a Stock at the Right price can increase your upside substantially, so be cautious when entering this trade if you think you can increase possible gains. Take a Look at this DAILY CHART to see how it is currently positioned:
  • RSI has Broken back Over 50 to ~57 setting a Bullish tone.
  • Volume began to Take Off  AGAIN as the stock ran to intra-day highs near the 200SMA at $.0028.
  • A + MACD Cross has Just HIT - a Major potential Catalyst not to be undermined. The Last + Breakaway Cross saw a quick 100% move.
  • The Trade rests right at 2015 Highs - Flirting with a Breakout...
There may be many more announcements on the way, and this could be Huge for a Stock begging to break out. The Recent Completion of High Life Media and Guidance for future deals and partnerships has Traders thinking DIGX could be ready to Hit $.01 and Higher.
A run to $.01 from current prices could Net Traders Profits of 400%. After that, there is NO TA Resistance. Look at the Weekly Chart and you will see that DIGX is Flirting with a Blue-Sky Breakout!
We may be on the verge of something special here, so be vigilant. Continue to look for more partnerships and deals. Do your due diligence, and trade wisely as always. Enjoy DIGX.

Stockchat LLC has received Fifteen Thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of DIGX from third party Taramara Invest Inc. Stockchat LLC has previously received forty five thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of DIGX from various third parties which since has expired.

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