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VizConnect, Inc. - ( VIZC )

Everything has gone Mobile. Let's face the facts. If you are Content Driven, Advertising, or in Retail, then you better be creating Mobile Interfaces that work Well, Target the Right Demographics, Convert Leads, are easy to use, and Generate Money for you.

With a 1/4th of the US Population now Watching Videos on their Smartphones on a monthly basis, this Medium is not only Growing - It is expected to be the Dominant Player across all Technology Driven Platforms. This is Huge - it has Changed the Game as we know for so many industries, and we are always seeking to convert this evolution into Trading Opportunities for our subscribers.
VIZC has created a Mobile Video Platform that can be monetized in so many ways. Look at all of the Social Communication, Branding, Retail, Marketing, and Deals that now exist through common platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and on and on.

They have created a means for a plethora of entities to leverage in their aspirations to create value, money, brand awareness, and so on. You get the picture. Their software provides innovative new ways for online personalities and content creators (“the new celebrities”) to build stronger, more personal bonds with the fans and followers who connect with them.

VIZC helps bring fans and followers closer through branded video messaging with integrated native advertising that are not annoying and disruptive like traditional pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads.
At $.02, we are now presenting VIZC to our subscribers at 2014 LOWS. This equity had mainly traded between $.03 - $.07 before Blasting Off to Highs in the ~$.15 Range in Early May and through to June. The company had been tabbed by a major digital content provider, and they intend to use their services - notably QRC Codes on packaging and Text-to-Video communications.  
It was also at this time that VIZC had released their 10K and gave insight to their Intentions for 2015 Business Growth and 2014 Achievements. VIZC had a stellar year as they saw a 1300% increase in sales over FY2012.

In the year ahead they are giving New focus towards large-scale enterprise solutions in the hopes of creating potentially-lucrative white label partnerships. While they are concentrating on these whales, their platforms are also driving for penetration in the Retail, Consumer Goods, Advertising, and Entertainment.  
It was this News that gathered the attention of Traders and pushed the stock higher on stronger volume. While these levels remained for some time, the stock eventually plunged back to its $.05 base before gradually declining to its current price of $.02. Let's take a closer Look at the DAILY CHART to see just how special this opportunity is:
  • RSI has returned to its highest levels since early June as it rests at ~45 - nearing a Bullish Scenario on a 50 Break.
  • MACD remains positive keeping a positive uptrend in place.
  • Both the 20SMA ($.02) and 50SMA ($.03) were breached today, and VIZC Held its position above the 20SMA. This is the sort of Break-and-Hold catalyst that we wanted to see from a TA perspective before calling this such a special Bounce Opportunity.
A Break-and-Hold of the 50SMA at $.03 could be in the cards for the remainder of the week.  What's next?  Our sights are set on the 200SMA at $.06. The Current Market Cap of VIZC at ~$1.4MIL may only assist in traders seeing a better risk-reward scenario at these prices given the Innovative nature of this trade in the Lucrative Cloud and Social Technology Markets. Current Targets are $.03 - $.06 - $.10 - $.15.  A Run to these levels could Net current VIZC buyers possible Gains of 50% - 200% - 400% - 650%.

VizConnect, Inc., Founded in 2011, is a mobile video platform designed to help social celebrities, businesses, and brands visually connect with and monetize online fans, followers, and customers using mobile and online video.

The Massachusetts-based firm utilizes proprietary software and innovative marketing solutions to enable business operators, brands, and entrepreneurs to develop, distribute, and monetize mobile video through a cloud-based platform. You can find more on the company on their website at
On 10/8  VizConnect Announced the Launch of Software Upgrades and Advances. The Company Delivered the Beta Launch of the 2.0 Version of its Mobile Video Platform.
  • "The release of the next generation media platform provides more flexibility and new possibilities when it comes to leveraging and monetizing mobile video," said Founder and Director of Brand Development Ed Carroll. "The new platform also offers greater support as we continue to evolve in the social media space."
  • Existing VizConnect customers have already been transitioned to the private beta platform. The release of the software upgrade is part of VizConnect's commitment to "connecting brands and fans with mobile video."
On 9/8 the Qvoto Founder was Named to the VizConnect Advisory Board. VIZC announced the addition of Steve Tingiris to its Advisory Board.
  • The addition of Tingiris is part of VizConnect's overall growth strategy and evolution of its mobile video platforms.
  • Tingiris is a mobile video entrepreneur having started four companies, three of which generated seven figure revenues within the first 12-months of operations. He exited his most recent company, Prospect Smarter in January of 2014, retaining the intellectual rights to Qvoto (Quick Video, One to One).
  • Tingiris said it is the synergy between that product and the VizConnect platform that precipitated the partnership.
  • "A lot of the functionality VizConnect was working on is a part of Qvoto," he said. "I would say we have a shared vision for the possibilities that exist in the mobile video space."
  • VizConnect CEO Paul Cooleen says the addition of Tingiris brings into focus the overall growth strategy for the company.
  • "Steve's knowledge and expertise in monetizing mobile video, along with his track record of developing start-ups in this space is a perfect fit for VizConnect," said Cooleen. "His guidance will be invaluable as we enter the next phase of our development."
On 6/3 UThriv Contracted With VizConnect for Mobile Strategies. The MLM Company Intends to White Label VizConnect's Dynamic Mobile Video Platform!
  • While VizConnect delivers access and training for these self-directed campaigns, the company also offers full-service enterprise solutions for business.
  • UThriv is a multi-level marketing company designed to inspire its members (Brand Partners) to advance total wellness through a focus on four core disciplines (Thinking, Health, Resources, and Village / community). UThriv provides its Brand Partners with products and resources to attain total wellness.
  • Through a white label partnership with UThriv, VizConnect will provide access to its innovative suite of mobile video marketing products. The MLM company will utilize the services to both engage internally with members and externally to mine and build a network marketing database.
  • "After working with the VizConnect platform for over a year I am pleased to enter into this strategic partnership between our two companies," said Joe Tessin, President of UThriv. "This addition will allow our Brand Partners to communicate with their teams and will also allow them a product line to share with local business owners. We expect to market this service to businesses all across the country as our team expands."
  • VizConnect has experienced growth in the mobile marketing space by developing mobile campaigns for national brands such as Mossberg and AAA
On 5/20 VizConnect Announced the Expansion of its Products and Services. The Mobile Marketing Firm Set its Growth Strategy With these New Offerings.
  • "It's always been our intention to develop new and consistent revenue streams for VizConnect," said CEO Paul Cooleen. "We are doing this by adding value, building brand awareness, and impacting ROI for our clients."
  • VizConnect has experienced growth in the mobile marketing space by developing mobile campaigns for national brands such as Mossberg and AAA. The media/marketing arm of VizConnect's services is a natural extension of the company's current business model.
  • "At its core, VizConnect is a multi-platform marketing company," Cooleen said. "Creating keyword-based marketing programs, developing marketing databases, and better utilizing our unique video marketing platforms are certainly a natural and synergistic extension of that core."
On 5/14 VizConnect was Tabbed by Mpack Systems, LLC as a Primary Digital Content Provider.  The Innovative Prescription Packaging Firm is ready to Utilize VizConnect's Dynamic Text-to-Video and Branded QR Codes on Select Packaging, a major nod of approval in the industry.
  • Mpack Systems, LLC has created the first new innovation in pharmacy vials in more than 50 years, creating a flat design that features 1.8 times the label space, communicating more important information in larger type sizes on an easy-to-read, flat surface.
  • The company and its clients will have access to proprietary VizConnect tools and services that allow for easy creation and distribution of Text-to-Video and QR code marketing campaigns and engagement services, thereby enhancing the customer experience.
    • Working with VizConnect, Mpack Systems is able to offer codes for documented video pharmacy consult, store promotions, automatic reorders, and reminder services. An m-pack® user can simply scan the QR code for more information on their medication or to set reminders.
  • "The VizConnect product adds a compliancy feature to our innovative pharmaceutical packaging that allows physicians and pharmacists to better comply with the requirements of Obamacare when it comes to managing the well-being of patients," said William Negrini, President of Mpack Systems and 5mRx (Five Minute Pharmacy). "The video feature provides easy-to-understand instructions for patients and gives both doctors and pharmacists a closed-loop system to communicate with those patients."
On 4/23 VizConnect Released its 10-K Filing and a Letter to Shareholders. The Mobile Video Marketing Firm Outlined its Vision for 2014 and Beyond. VizConnect CEO Paul Cooleen described 2013 as "a year of growth and advancement," and outlined the vision for the future of the company within the ever-expanding mobile marketing space.
  • The company's proprietary video marketing platform is designed to position the company at the intersection of the consumer's desire to utilize mobile and the market's rush to adapt to those needs. The products and services remove two of the great barriers to entry in this space; cost and technological ability.
  • In his letter, Cooleen explains how the VizConnect platform allows companies to integrate traditional print media with mobile Text-to-Video messages, activate and optimize their web portals, and build mobile marketing databases. The dynamic, cloud-based marketing tool has small business applications, enterprise solutions for large companies, and white-label opportunities for marketing and communications firms.
  • The platform gives businesses of all sizes the capability to enhance their brand imaging through cutting-edge mobile marketing initiatives while also building a mobile database to utilize for opt-in, push marketing campaigns.

Cooleen notes that the company achieved three specific benchmarks in the last year;

  • 1300% increase in sales over FY2012
  • New focus on large-scale enterprise solutions
  • Development of potentially-lucrative white label partnerships

Going Forward in 2015, Cooleen had this input for shareholders:

  • While VizConnect continues to generate revenue from small business monthly subscriptions, the company consciously shifted focus to new revenue streams in 2013, monetizing key corporate relationships to develop large-scale enterprise solutions and embark on potentially-lucrative white-label partnerships.
  • Cooleen goes on to say that VizConnect is looking forward to opening new markets and new verticals, expanding on a client base that covers industries from retail, to consumer goods, advertising, and entertainment.
  • "VizConnect is positioned at the forefront of the mobile video market with a low-cost, cloud-based mobile solution for small to mid-sized companies," he said. "We are also committed to bring new technologies to the fold to expand both reach and depth in the marketplace."

Is there Financial Growth Impresive Enough? Is ther Niche Technology Suite of Services Hip enough for you? If you can envision where this fits in the Marketing, Entertainment, Retail, and Branding Business Models then you are on the right track to understanding how VIZC could be one of the Next Big Winners in a growing list of Tech Blockbuster Home Runs! We urge you to continue to do your research here, and Trade Wisely as always. Enjoy VIZC!






















Stockchat LLC has received five thousand dlrs via a cash for the awareness of VIZC from a third party Andalusian Holding LLC.


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