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Axxess Pharma Inc. - AXXE )

We have Alerted AXXE Multiple Times up to this point. The HOT NEWS and Current Chart Setup has us slamming our fists again! Our last Alert on January 20th offered Major ROI Potential when the stock sat at $.22 on our call - it proceeded to Run up to an intra-day~$.35 in mid-February and Blistering 2014 intra-day Highs of $.50 in mid-March for those that were still holding - Potential 59%-125% GAINS!!! 

The stock could not Break-and-Hold the 200SMA near $.50 at the time and thus fell. AXXE followed with a 2 month Trading Channel of ~$.25-~$.35 and an even lower and tighter trading NOW at ~$.22-~$.27 with a current price of $.237 - just below the 20SMA at $.241!

Liquidity has been maintained, and the BUZZ continues to surround this trade. The News Flow is Utterly ridiculous, and we think the Chart may be Poised for another 100%+ BOOM just like our last Alert offered! 

AXXE DOLLAR VOLUME has gone WILD in 2014 making this Volatile and Liquid Equity a Great Trade once again on this most Recent Pullback to the Current Price of $.22!

The TA shows a CHART with Promising BULLISH CATALYSTS that could hit any day now:

  • Decreasing Resistance/Target Levels from the 20SMA, 200SMA, and 50SMA!
  • recent Bullish RSI Cross of 50 on 7/17 has pulled back to ~42.
  • Accumulation has Perked up a bit, and Traders may be Buying this stock at relatively cheap prices as they search for Value and/or a quick winner.
  • There are Tantalizing 20SMA ($.241), 200SMA ($.254), 50SMA ($.271), 2014 High ($.50), and Research Report ($.90-$1.40) Targets coming into View!  A ~45.9MIL OS may cause these Targets to be Hit Sooner than one would think!  The Company had been reporting Significant Growth Events per our Last Alert, and the Momentum has Only Become Stronger!

Once you Research the Last Few Months of Releases, you will have a very clear picture of why Analysts are Targeting $.90 Near-Term and $1.40 contingently in time.  Murphy Analytics expects AXXE has the opportunity to justify a stock price approaching $0.90 based on $18 million in revenue and a stock price of nearly $1.40 over the coming quarters if AXXE is able to demonstrate an ability to deliver revenue as projected and growth in revenue that seems possible based on the Company’s expanded distribution network.  

Murphy Analytics had this to say concerning the aforementioned Sales Growth through New Distributors, Channels, Products, and more: "In a 3/17/14 press release addressing the Company’s marketing campaign, AXXE announced an expectation that revenue may reach $1.5 million monthly, putting the company at an $18 million run rate 2 years ahead of the schedule outlined in the Company’s business plan. A review of AXXE press releases over the preceding quarters sheds light on the Company’s optimism as AXXE has made a significant number of improvements and expansions of its distribution channels, product lineup, marketing efforts, and corporate operations. The Company’s 5/1/14 announcement that TapouT will be available in over 160 U.S. military stores reflects both the substantial progress AXXE has made as well as the opportunity before the company."


AXXE may be the LOUDEST Alert we have covered. This company is bloated with Corporate Developments as their Divisions, Products, and Management Grow through New Products, Channels, Partnerships, Marketing, Innovation, Organic means and more. The developments made between Alerts are Exciting and creating Tons of Trader Buzz. Is this Stock going to Pop soon? How long can this News continue with the stock trading sideways and downwards? Take a look at just SOME of the releases AXXE has given us since the last alert in January. Prepare to be shocked!!!

  • Audited Financials and S-1 Registration Statement Now Filed With SEC for Up-Listing to Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTC: BB) Stock Exchange
  • Launch High Protein, Fat Burning Ready to Drink (RTD) Protein Meal Replacement Products in Fall of 2014
  • Expands Global Sales With Initial Purchase Order From Australian Distributor Hardcore Beverages
  • TapouT Line Now Available Through Nationwide Wholesale Distributor Muscle Foods USA
  • Murphy Analytics Announces Update of Coverage on Axxess Pharma Inc.
  • TapouT Product Now Available in Select Vitamin World Stores
  • Announces World-Wide Purchase Order by US Military (AAFES) Through Acosta for TapouT Line
  • Has Sold Out Initial TapouT Order and Placed Second Order for the Company's TapouT Pain Relief Line
  • TapouT Line Approved for Purchase by US Military Through Acosta
  • Aggressive Online Marketing Campaign Anticipated to Generate Additional $1.5 Million in Gross Monthly Sales Within 45 Days
  • Securing of Annual Credit Card Processing Capacity in the Amount of $6,000,000 USD for Newest Product OfferingsTapouT Extreme Muscle Growth and TapouT Muscle Recovery
  • Has Placed Its Initial Order for the Company's TapouT Sports Nutrition Line
  • Launch of US TapouT Sales: Initial PO Through NPI, Nutritional Products International, a Leading Brand Management Company
  • Major Distribution Agreement for Australia/Asia for Full Line of TapouT(R) Branded Products
  • Engages Big Brand Media for Brand Management of Product Line
  • AllStar Health Brands Inc. Announces Purchase Order (PO) for 25,000 Units of New TapouT Extreme Muscle and TapouT Muscle Recovery Supplements
  • Axxess Pharma and Vortex Traffic LLC, a Global Leader in Digital Marketing, Announce Mid-February Launch of TapouT Muscle Explosion in Over 4,500 Online Sites
  • New TapouT Product Order from Victory Brands Following Sell-Out of Initial Order


Read through that list of PR's! Check out the Entire Lot at their Yahoo News Page, and Soak up the Growth they have procured in just a few months. 

Now anticipate where this company and stock can be at this rate in another 4-6 Months! If 
AXXE can Break these nearing SMA's on preferrably some $1MIL+ Trading Days and Great News continuation, then we think we may have alerted another winner for our subscribers.

Buyers at current prices stand to make some substantial gains if these Targets are Hit - A Run to the 200SMA, 2014 High, and Research Target could Net Buyers GAINS of 14% - 110% - 279%-490%+.

AXXE had 6 Major releases leading into our previous Alert.  AXXE Blitzed Shareholders with a New TapouT Order From Victory after a SELL-OUT of these Products! Clearly the Demand is THERE, and AXXE intends to increase their supply to meet it! Global Expansion, Product Demand, and New Marketing Personnel were all Acheieved in that String of AXXE Developments that pushed Dollar Volume and Trader Interest to NEW HIGHS! The company gave us the following developments to match the impressive growth throughout our past alerts:

  • AXXE signed on Champion Bodybuilder Michael Spencer as a TapouT Spokesperson.
  • They Launched their New TapouT Product 'TapouT Extreme Muscle'!
  • As previously noted, AXXE SOLD OUT the Initial Order of TapouT Pain Relief Products With Victory Brands Inc., a Leading Canadian Distributor!
  • AXXE Announced the Expansion of the TapouT Product Line Into Latin America With an Affiliate Office in Mexico City.
  • AXXE Detailed New Orders via TapouT Sales in Canada With Victory Brands Inc., a Leading Canadian Distributor.
  • AXXE Furthered California Market Penetration through their Wholly-Owned Subsidiary AllStar Health Brands.  They Received their First Purchase Order for TapouT Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery Products.

Axxess Pharma Inc. (AXXE) is a Nevada Corporation operating through its wholly-owned Canadian Subsidiary: Axxess Pharma Canada Inc., headquartered in Toronto. Axxess is a specialty Health Care Products Company dedicated to improving health and quality of life by offering select medicines, nutritional supplements and over the counter remedies all across the Americas. Axxess's goal is to bring additional products to the market and provide new, innovative options for better health spanning areas such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, acute pain, -- to optimal health management through improved nutritional supplements.

The PRODUCTS PAGE Detailing Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Launch Dates are essential reads.  These are the Key to Growing Revenues and Valuation Catalysts that may take AXXE Stock higher. 

Visit for more Corporate, Product, and News Information.

The AXXE Operational Growth through New Divisons and Products is AWESOME! Traders are Jacked! After seeing the Releases made since January 20th, here is a synopsis of what Murphy Analytics had to say about Operational and Channel Growth! Since the MA Initiation Report in November, 2013, AXXE has actively added distribution while also supplementing its product lineup and online presence. The following are some of the operational highlights since the Initiation Report:

AXXE Distribution Channels now include the following outlets:
  • U.S. Military Facilities through Acosta: Acosta is one of the largest US distributors
    • The TapouT line will be available in over 160 military exchange stores worldwide
      • AXXE reports that the TapouT line has been approved for sale in world-wide exchanges that include over 2,800 facilities in 30 countries. AXXE reports further that these exchanges generated $9.2 billion in sales last year. 
  • Vitamin WorldAXXE has announced that the TapouT Muscle-Building Muscle Explosion Supplement will be distributed directly through select Vitamin World stores. The distribution deal was brokered by Nutritional Products International, which is working with AXXE to grow the brand within the American marketplace.
  • Victory Brands, IncA leading Canadian distributor of diet and performance nutrition
  • BIOVEAInternational online sales company at
    • Initial order of TapouT products announced 3/27/14
  • Go4ITnutriton.comSpecializes in sports supplement and nutrition products.
    • Order announced 3/25/14.
  • Amazon.comAXXE has reported that Amazon has placed an order for the Extreme Muscle Growth and Recovery line and expects that this will be expanded to other products.
    • AXXE also reported 4/23/14 that Amazon has sold out its initial TapouT order and places a 2nd order for the TapouT pain relief line. 

AXXE was Originally given a $.89 PRICE TARGET by Murphy Analytics - A Potential 275% ROI if you Buy at Current Market Prices!!  The Investment Thesis has only gained Strength since the Initial Report given that AXXE has grown their Products, Partnerships, Brand Name, Marketing Strategy, Global Pentration and more! These Developments are coming into fruition at different paces, and the Stock is Trying to Find a Truer Valuation as it Nears its OTCBB Fully-Reporting Status at a Great Time!


What is the Murphy Analytics Outlook for AXXE? Here is the Newest AXXE RESEARCH REPORT. This report was made on May 7th and could be updated more frequently given the blockbuster releases this company makes on the normal! 

  • Murphy Analytics expects AXXE has the opportunity to justify a stock price approaching $0.90 based on $18 million in revenue and a stock price of nearly $1.40 over the coming quarters if AXXE is able to demonstrate an ability to deliver revenue as projected and growth in revenue that seems possible based on the Company’s expanded distribution network.
Per the Murphy Report - New AXXE Websites, Marketing Campaign and other Developments Expected to Generate Additional $18 Million in Revenue AnnuallyAXXE reported 3/17/14 that the Company expects an additional $1.5 million in gross monthly sales through its new websites and product line, with sales beginning to ramp up by early May 2014. Select developments include:
  • AXXE has commenced an aggressive online marketing campaign targeting 250,000 U.S. websites including and 
  • New AXXE sites include:
  • Private Label Nutraceuticals selected as contract manufacturer:
  • AXXE secures annual credit card processing capacity of $6 million through Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp (Paykings)
  • Vortex Traffic, which specializes in customer acquisition in the health and beauty industries, has been engaged to help launch the TapouT brand on over 4,500 websites:
  • AXXE has signed a large scale marketing agreement with Inside Fitness Magazinewhich AXXE reports is Canada’s #1 fitness magazine


With a price of $.2317 and OS of ~45.9MILAXXE stands to make traders some Big Gains as this Chart Coils. The Developments are concrete.  AXXE is in its best situation yet to grow sales and build its brand names across North America and Globally. As Revenues Grow on the backs of Product and Sales Expansion in 2014, this ~45.9MIL OS may be devoured in amazing fashion.  Small-Cap trades offer some of the most incredible Returns in Any industry - multi-baggers come around often in this landscape.  AXXE is trying to position itself as the next all-star trade.   They have gained valuable assets through licensing rights, product rights, team personnel, and more in capitalizing upon leading Health and Wellness, Cancer, Baby Care, Vitamin, and Pain management markets. 

We hope you enjoy AXXE, and we look forward to following them as they implement their business strategies. This stock is truly running at an incredible pace, and we hope that we can update subscribers again with a historical success!

Keep reminders of Timelines for DIfferent Guidance that has been given for Product Releases, Uplistings, Sales Updates, and more. 
Trade wisely, and continue to do your research! 



Stockchat LLC has received ten thousand drls via a bank wire for the awareness of AXXE from a third party Ramos & Ramos. Stockchat LLC has previously received twenty one thousand dlrs via  bank wire for the awareness of AXXE from a third party Ramo's & Ramo's which has since expired.

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