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When you consider Penny Stocks Investing or Trading what comes to your mind?

Does it really work, do I need something magical to make money from it or just a large amount of money to flip the stocks with.

The answer is anyone can trade stocks and actually make a descent solid living from it, the reason most do not is Penny Stocks Education. Just like anything else if you do not spend the time and dedication you can never really be your best at it

The common person is so used to the 8 - 5 M-F job mind set they normally don't explore outside the box, the media, corporations have trained us to work and work with little play.

There are a few good books on the market that train us to think outside of this mental and physical trap.

Why do they want us to think like this?

Because big firms need the common man so they can stay profiting. If everyone was high in the food chain, then who would be the garbage guy, the janitor, etc.

Allot of beginner traders end up losing money and never taking a second look. This is because most traders that are starting out end up investing to little money expecting a large profit, over time they end up losing their entire account value. The first thing you want to train yourself on is invest the most money and expect the least profit; keep in mind the average trade gives you a seven to ten percent gain. Meaning you would have to invest at least one thousand dollars to make a hundred dollar profit.

Now if you make 5 trades in one day at a hundred dollar profit per trade that is a pretty good living. Better then working a full time job right?

We can all achieve this job freedom, just have to push yourself and dedicate the effort. The biggest Wall Street guys were at the same position we are inn right now. I have found so much information in my years of trading, and have become quite good and making a descent profit. I really rely on technical, charts and fundamentals. Also need a good trading platform that allows real-time executions, timing is very important and can be the difference between loss and profit.

I would start your research at the links I have posted above, that place seems to have the best picks I have seen between hundreds.

Another major factor to keep in mind, when you have a profit takes it. Don't get greedy and wait for a bigger price increase; this is a very common mistake forcing the trader into loosing position.

A wise man always stays honest and takes profits when he can, never let your greed control you and share your success. I am very glad to have found these abilities in my lifetime and really enjoy passing them to you. If you have anything on your mind let me know, I would love to help you and see you through your success.

I have created this Glossary to help you navigate through the site and find useful information that can help you become a very wealthy awesome penny stocks trader.



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