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Investing in the Stock Market

A big alarm sign for the investors in this economy...

If we think about having a prosper future and the stability and comfort about things which seem to escape our control, we definitely need to think about rational ways to invest our money in beneficial investments...But looking around at statistics, they do not encourage us and do not reflect positive result for the future. Investors losing money in real estate, simple people can’t control the monthly payments for there proprieties, banks end up having a long list of proprieties under foreclosure, the rate of unemployment is going up, and the list of examples could be longer then we can image. In other terms each dollar needs to be productive, with positive results from the start, basically the balance between future profits and investments doesn’t need to equal to the risks. From now we can start talking about the chemistry since it relates to the law of compensation in nature...making an analogy between sense and the stock market we can conclude that nothing is losing, everything is transforming. This is exactly what the stocks market is proposed to do, which is to invest money in a business with a large list of advantages, where even the cost becomes a big advantages for investors, the activity space for this type of business is online, which automatically can create low cost profits for the investor. This gives a great chance for the investors to realize speed transactions, so in this case a very quick value of the stocks market products can be determinate.

The investors can estimate profits from the beginning, when analyzing large company, just by looking at her historical financial activity (clients, relationships, conations). A company with result in a short period, can being an extra profit for investor. Most of the successful corporations share their profit with their investors. The speed at which stocks are being sold online and the speed of price variation is another good reason to attract investors in to the stock market. Big changes like jumping from a very expensive price to a very low one , or reverse is a very strong reason to make us think that "stocks world" is a business which doesn’t have a specific period to start, it can make money anytime making it one of the best investment vehicles. Looking back at the stock markets history, same study shows a great evolution, "stocks have delivered average annual real returns of 6.6% "according to Jeremy Siegel. The global phenomenon of immigration had a big impact for stocks to countries with a big mineral potential like India and China, country with big potential and which continue to evolve.

The mineral industry in India had a big influence on stocks by bringing investors from other countries to manufacture and produce in a country with many resources and cheap labor work. For this reason we have become the biggest manufacture of stone constructions, metals, wood or even cloths industry like H/m or Guess, where most are products are made in India, Singapore or Indonesia. Most of investors of those companies have unbelievable profits in country with strong resources and cheap investment. In the last ten years , the industry have been evolved and bringing a new start for stocks market using as invention the 3D system, different type of system of operation , like windows vista, invention of iPod, IPad , bring also to Apple company millions of clients and investors with a good economic potential which help to increase the stock market .

Conclusion=safe, cheap investments with high profit, any time