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   Iming Corp ( IMNG ) O/S: 104 Mil       Float: 35 Mil


Apple TV was the top selling item at the Apple Store within the first week of presales in January 2007,
orders exceeded 100,000 units by the end of January.

Analysts began calling it a "DVD killer" that could enable multiple services.

It is safe to say that Apple has the US market covered, but what about China?

IMNG is a provider of high-definition web based television and video's for the Chinese Market with the
goal of being a leading provider of set-top boxes in Asia and expanding into North America and Europe.

Google recently launched a test of Internet TV in the Kansas City area, Apple TV sales are on the rise, its safe to say
that the way we watch TV is taking a digital leap forward and we think its time to capitalize on this up and coming trend.

Why China?

It is projected that China's Internet population will hit 718 million by 2013, accounting for 52.7% of the total population.


China has a gross online user base of as of July 2012 of 538 million internet users.

Of the online population, 380 million primarily connect to the Internet using a PC or direct internet connection.

That is 380 Million potential clients for IMNG as the Asian Internet TV market is just beginning to grow.

A majority of broadband subscribers are DSL, mostly from China Telecom and China Netcom.

As of June 2011, Chinese Internet users spent an average of 18.7 hours online per week.

The magnitude of China Telecom's set top plans - with 3.6 million set tops being ordered in a variety of programs - shows how Chinese companies are likely to dominate the set top industry in the coming years and months. 

The market is present, how does IMNG fit in?

IMNG's iMing Web TV HD Box is a home entertainment center that does everything one needs and can imagine for the Set-Top Box industry:


  • Simply connects to a client TV or Computer Monitor and home AV system;
  • Through client home Wi-Fi, one can enjoy unlimited numbers of HD movies, sports, tv shows, music in the gigantic database with constant update;
  • The iMing Web TV HD Box is able to play all videos, music and photo in any format via USB port, SD/MMC card or SATA;
  • One can even install a 2.5" harddisk inside the box for recording and playing files
  • The box also support the latest format: 1080P Full HD decoding, S/PDIF7.1.DTS decoding and HDMI 1.3

The Chinese market is not only the perfect opportunity for IMNG but could grow to be even bigger then the US.


The Set top box market was  $8.7B in 2011 and is were anticipated to reach $15.6B by 2018, as next generation gateways and cloud computing are introduced to manage Internet connectivity to HD TV devices in the home.

Internet TV is the future allowing users to not only watch TV via a Set Top Boxes but also via computers, tables and lap tops.

Cloud storage is changing the way we access our DVR and Asia is adapting to this growing trend faster then ever.

Are investors reacting?

Volume has been on a steady rise since December and price per share is defently reacting with a consistent price appreciation, now after a pull back in January, IMNG is makign its second move back up and
a break out could occur any moment.


Start your research on IMNG right away as the this new trend could be explosive.


Spy Hard, Profit Easy



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