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Global Clean Energy Inc ( GCEI )                     

Do you know how gasoline was discovered?

What about how much wealth John D. Rockefeller made of off a bi-product his
oil company was dumping into sewers till they figured out that it could power cars
and started the vehicle evolution of society we know today.

But reinventing the wheel is a waste of time, instead you make the wheel better, faster,
more efficient and most important, cleaner.

GCEI could be on the verge of inventing tomorrows fuel source

Great wealth is made when a great need is filled with a product that does the job right;
Rockefeller built an empire on based on this theory twice.

GCEI recently secured a $1 Million dollar operating line of credit, and from what it sounds like there could be more to come.

Think about it, this line of credit is not your ordanarty share equity financing you normaly see in pink sheets,
were an investor gives up cash for share in the company.

Some one must see a bright future with GCEI to make such a bold investment.

Since we initially brought you this report on 11.13.12 GCEI has been busy and made great headway in 
the future of their business:

12.4.12 - 
Global Clean Energy, Inc. Forms Strategic Alliance With Algae Farm (USA), Inc.

12.11.12 - Global Clean Energy, Inc. Forms Joint Venture With MicroEnergies, LLC (USA)

1.28.13 - Global Clean Energy, Inc. Appoints Chief Development Officer to Management Team

How does it work?

Coal, lawn trimmings and other garbage go in...high-octane diesel comes out. (Read more)

Theoretically, the process actually leaves the environment cleaner than before. Dumps are reclaimed.
Smog-spewing coal power plants stop belching.

GCEI refers to this process as RESCUE: Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy

GCEI has its focus on organic waste recovery and has developed two complementary technologies to salvage
and reform waste from a variety of sources to produce a variety of clean energy by-products:

  • The AirPump™ - utilizes Vortex technology to efficiently separate waste and recover carbon from extracted material
  • The G2G Steam Reformer - a hybrid steam gasifier and world's first in gasification technology

GCEI's founder spent five years perfecting a garage-scale prototype gasifier before he died recently.

Now his heirs are working on a system that's 15 to 20 times bigger for a town in Quebec. (Read more)

The principle is the same: trash goes in, biodiesel comes out.

Like any good green start-up, GCEI has also started seriously competing for government grants, so there could
be some money on this table soon. (Read more)

And get this: GCEI management wants to be a vertically integrated energy producer, so they're talking about
buying an industrial trash hauler!

The green energy movement is on moving full speed ahead and GCEI could be posed to capture a large portion of this industry.

Stockchat LLC has been compensated Seven Thousand Five Dollars for handling of an awareness campaign on GCEI
Stockchat LLC has been previously compensated Thirty Eight Thousand Dollars for handling of a two day awareness campaign on GCEI

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