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The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. - ( CBGI )

Some Marijuana Companies are all talk as they ride the market momentum of their Exploding Industry. Then there is CBGI - Literally Gushing with Business Developments in 2014 and a Top Small Cap Growth Trade in this Industry.

Whether it is a Best-in-Breed Public Trade for Marijuana Small-Cap Trades is up to the speculator, and we think CBGI is a Top Name that has Significant Upside Potential.

At $.10, CBGI is coming off a Run-for-the-Ages that began at ~$.003 and then proceeded to Scorch the Charts after their Strategic Vision and Business Guidance Release that Publicly Entered the Company into the Booming, Multi-Billion Dollar Marijuana Industry.  

CBGI ran to a 52-WEEK Closing High of $.417 - $.48 Intraday High - on March 18th!!! Volume has been Wicked, the Result of a Plethora of Fundamentally Awesome Releases as CBGI continues to trade Millions, if not Tens of Millions of Shares - March 18th had Dollar Acion of $10MIL+!!!

Yes, Liquidity and Buzz are Flooding into CBGI as Millions of Dollars are in Play Here! Once you see the Releases, you will see why CBGI imposed a Shock-and-Awe affect on the Market and saw its Price Storm Higher.
CBGI has made multiple Business Acquisitions, Acquired Land for Marijuana Cultivation, Moved their HQ, is Becoming Fully Transparent with the OTC, made Key Executive Hires, and is now in the midst of a 506 Capital Raise of $5,000,000!!

Yea, this is the REAL DEAL, and we are Alerting it on a Pull-Back for our Vigilant Subscribers!  CBGI now has 3 Businesses that Compliment each other and fulfill new industry needs such as Dispensary Products via E-Commerce and Marijuana Dispensary Security!!
CBGI has now Pulled Back to $.10 from ~$.42 (RSI of ~95) offering a Great Trade Entrance with Better Risk-Reward, Valuation, and Profit Potentials!!! Take a Look at the DAILY CHART to see Just how Ready CBGI may be for a 300%-400%+ Return to March Highs!
  • RSI is now ~42 after cooling off. The Upside Scenario is Much more Plausible now!
  • CBGI is trading right at Support at the 50SMA ($.1041) although it broke below it. Next Support Levels are ~$.05 and the 200SMA ($.0333). Be very watchful of trading action early Monday to see if CBGI regains support at the 50SMA or if it remains below it. This could be Crucial in deciding your Trading Decisions!!
  • Dollar Action is Stellar, ad CBGI is showing that this may be THE HOTTEST Marijuana Small-Cap Trade Right Now!! If MACD begins to Turn, then that may be the Other Buy Indicator.
CBGI Targets are the 20SMA ($.2055), Channel Highs of ~$.29, and the Recent 52-Week High of $.48.  As the Business Develops, Company Reaches Fully-Reporting Status, and FINANCING is Implemented then the Financial Growth could Validate some much higher Market Valuations for CBGI Shareholders. A run to these Initial Targets could Reap the Current $.10 CBGI Buyer a Return of 105% - 190% -  380% or Higher!!!  

With the Share Structure below, CBGI showcases great Market Value appreciation potential. The Numbers will change as the $5MIL Funding is closed, so keep your eyes on the Funding Prices and new valuation.
Market Value1 $15,557,689 a/o Apr 11, 2014
Shares Outstanding 155,576,893 a/o Mar 18, 2014
Float 90,523,244 a/o Mar 18, 2014
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Jan 07, 2014
Par Value 0.001
What created the hullabaloo? Why are $$MILLIONS of DOLLARS$ the Trading Norm for CBGI now? Look no further than the past 60 Days of Releases, as CBGI has divulged a Flurry of Impressive Announcements, one after the other, since mid-February!!!  They have achieved the following to the delight of CBGI Shareholders, and the Market has Clearly been rewarding them:
  • NSS hired a new Chief Technology Officer to oversee and operate the Cyber-Security Division.
  • The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. (CBGI) acquired ownership in National Security Solutions, Inc.
  • CBGI subsidiary Nor Cal Connection Made Multiple Moves -- HQ, Warehouse, Web and More
  • CBGI moved its Headquarters to a New Location and Released Investor Information for the 506 Capital Raise
  • CBGI Filed an Annual Disclosure Statement and Prepared to be a Fully Reporting SEC Compliance Company!
  • The Company Acquired 17.3 Acres of Land with a Licensed California Medical Marijuana Cultivator Tenant!
  • CBGI Acquired Ownership in NorCal Connection, LLC.

CBGI Operates as 2 Distinct Entities (NSS and CBGI) with another subsidiary in The NorCal Connection and a keystone property asset via 17.3 Acres of Land in NorCal. They have used their Real-Estate Business to Cross-Over into a more Lucrative Industry that compliments their existing Synergies while initiating growth in the Security arena.

The CannaBusiness Group Inc. ("CBGI") founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Irvine, California we are a publicly held company vested as a strategic real estate acquisition, leasing, and management firm whose primary focus is on zoning issues. We acquire commercial property or land, and lease out the facilities for Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Retail, whether small or large scale clients. The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. manages a portfolio of properties that it acquires and leases. We provide oversight on each and every property we manage. This can include complete architectural design and subsequent build-outs, general support, landscaping, general up-keep, and state of the art security systems.

CBGI developed an acquisition plan to acquire companies that sell products and services to include Security Services, E-Commerce Store Fronts for both Grow and Dispensary operations; Technology Solutions; Software Solutions; and miscellaneous solutions.
Any and all acquisitions will be spun off into their own publicly traded company in the future, or may be acquired or merged into another 3rd party company. Once, CBGI and subsidiary management agree that a company is ready to go public, merge or be acquired our group of professionals will start working on the best option for that company. For more information head over to their home site at
At National Security Solutions, Inc. (NSS), our objective is independent security advice and implementation. Our security consultants specialize in security risk management, security optimization, and security design & engineering. Our goal is to develop solutions that protect your bottom line from preventable losses.

Regarding the Marijuana Industry, The Dispensary Security Plan is essential to show regulators how you plan to protect your equipment, inventory, products, and more importantly, your employees. There are added security challenges that medical marijuana dispensaries face, so this Dispensary Security Plan considers many policies, procedures, and systems that provide sufficient protection.
Our Professional Security Consultants work directly with your in-house security director, becoming an integral part of your security team. For companies without a full time security director we offer you our team.

The NSS team brings you peace of mind with Executive Protection, Crisis Communication and top notch Security Consulting. Fore more information on the CBGI subsidiary go to

Let's take a Look at the Flurry of Releases that have created this Green storm over the past 2 months.
Most recently, on April 10th, National Security Solutions, a subsidiary of "CBGI", Hired a new Chief Technology Officer to oversee and operate the Cyber-Security Division. This comes after CBGI just Acquired NSS in previous next release.
  • The company hired Stuart Volkow as the Chief Technology Officer to oversee and operate the Cyber–Security Division.
  • Refer to the PR for his incredible Business Acumen and Experience and the NSS Service Experience.
CBGI is Quickly Making Key hires for their New Acquisition. On April 8th, The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. (CBGI) Acquired ownership in National Security Solutions, Inc. (NSS)!  

Why did CBGI enter the Cyber-Security Arena? Consider that it compliments the Marijuana Dispensing Business quite Perfectly!!!  In this sense, CBGI has made an Incredible Acquisition based on Industry Foresight that predicts a Glaring NEED for these Services!
  • NSS will focus primarily on the marijuana dispensaries and grow operations with the following plan: The Dispensary Security Plan is essential to show regulators how you the owner plan to protect your equipment, inventory, products, and more importantly, your employees. There are added security challenges that medical marijuana dispensaries and grow operations face, so this Dispensary Security Plan considers many policies, procedures, and systems that provide sufficient protection.
  • There are two main sections in The Dispensary Security Plan: Facility Security and Operational Security. Both categories are designed to minimize security exposure and prevent breaches before they even occur. However, in the event that preventative measures fail, the Operational Security Plan is designed to quickly observe, monitor, protect, counter and report any situations that do occur.
On February 26th, CBGI Acquired Ownership in NorCal Connection, LLC.  Then on April 7th,  Nor Cal Connection Made Multiple Moves -- HQ, Warehouse, Web and More! Visit their store here to acquaint yourself with the Dispensary Products and Business Information -
  • Why was NorCal Bought?  According to Jeff Jiron, President of The Norcal Connection LLC, "In addition to existing products, NorCal Connection will be adding new products to our offering, adding new sales staff, new marketing materials and attending more trade shows in the legal cannabis industry. I believe we can increase existing revenues by approximately 45-55% and become the dominant supplier of high quality medical marijuana packaging, dispensary and grow operation supplies. Mr. Jiron stated "that he is very excited to have NorCal Connection, LLC part of The CannaBusiness Group portfolio and looks forward to the future of both companies."
  • "We look forward to working with The NorCal Connection and I believe we have a company that can grow financially and have strategic locations around the country to provide excellent customer service in the medical marijuana industry," stated The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. CEO, Mr. Cummings.  "We also believe our ability to commit to the cannabis business market leaders the means to finance their strategic expansion, assist with their management team and provide consolidation in their particular vertical sector in the near future."
  • The Company's corporate offices are being relocated to 905 Cotting Lane, Suite 160 Vacaville, Ca 95688. The building, will also house Nor Cal Connection's new warehouse and order fulfillment facility. It is anticipated that the move will be completed by April 15.
  • Jeff Jirod, Nor Cal Connection's CEO stated, "This move is a huge step forward for the Company. The office space accommodates our new team and the new on-site warehouse will improve management, operational and cost efficiencies."
HUGE NEWS hit on March 21st.  The CBGI Portfolio of Companies require Financing to Grow, Create Business Synergies, Create Economies of Scale, Hire Staff/Sales Members, and More!!

CBGI has Moved Headquarters to a New Location and Released Investor Information for the 506 Capital Raise of up to $5,000,000!!!
  • CBGI is now in the process of raising $5,000,000 and then quickly developing and growing their brand name and subsidiaries. Refer to the Release for SEC Specifics on this particular Capital Raise!
  • The CannaBusiness Group, Inc.'s new headquarters is located at 8105 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 900 Irvine Ca. 92618
  • The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. CEO Michael Cummings stated, "Our new initiative to raise funds through a PPM is very exciting and we look forward to partnering with new investors. CBGI is raising the capital so, that we may proceed to the next step of our business plan and continue to market our company, attend trade shows and hire new staff. Also, with the funds it allows us the opportunity to acquire more property and businesses."


CBGI has Intense Trader Liquidity, Buzz, and Interest right now. As the company grows and procures more financing, they will need to adhere to all SEC Mandates and the Utmost Financial Transparency.  The company is taking the correct steps to make sure they obtain this Financial Transparency.  On March 12th The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. Filed their Annual Disclosure Statement and Prepared to be a Fully Reporting SEC Compliance Company!

  • CBGI Filed their 2013 Annual Disclosure Statement and prepared financials to be audited by PCAOB accountant and have attorney file form 10.
  • From the 1st quarter of 2014 and beyond, The CannaBusiness Group, Inc and its subsidiaries will file financials together on the OTC Markets and as soon as they have completed the audits and approved through the SEC, 10Q and 10K's will start to be filed with the SEC and CBGI will become a fully reporting public company. 
  • What time-frame should shareholders expect?  They are moving diligently towards that goal and hope to be fully reporting within 6 months on the OTCQB.
The ASSETS under CBGI Ownership Continue to Grow and Bring Value to Shareholders.  On March 6th, The CannaBusiness Group, Inc. Acquired 17.3 Acres of Land with a Licensed California Medical Marijuana Cultivator Tenant!
  • The facility has a tenant that is a state licensed California medical marijuana cultivator. The land is 17.3 Acres located in Northern California with its own water source which has never been without water.
  • The property is being purchased for $275,000 with restricted common stock and cash.
  • They believe a purchase like this meets their financial criteria and gives them a great asset base to build off as they continue to execute a strategy of acquiring land or commercial properties.
The Homerun potential is here.  We have seen the Aggressive Growth Plans that CBGI is executing, and we are awaiting announcements on Progress, Sales, Funding of the $5MIL, Partnerships, Acquisitions, and more.  The Pull Back to $.10 is the Perfect Opportunity to Alert CBGI unless it Dives even Lower, but that is not a chance we felt we should take. We had to alert this Trade now, while the Buzz is Huge and the Stock is still Hot Hot Hot. We hope that you continue to Do your Research on CBGI, Trade Wisely, and Take Profits if you get them! Enjoy CBGI!






Stockchat LLC has received twenty five thousand dlrs for the awareness of CBGI from a third party Casey Cummings.

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