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G&S Minerals, Inc. - ( GSML )
We pride ourselves on finding our subscribers diamonds in the rough with various Trading Strategies in mind. The Cannabis-related Industries continue to flourish across the USA, and a multitude of Public and Private companies have been founded in turn - there are billions of dollars to be made in these industries, and there is plenty of room for more and more companies to join. Upon its entrance into the Cannabis Markets, News Flow expected to pick up, and a Chart Gaining Buzz - our Current Alert - GSML!
At $.0175, GSML has a Bullish List of Technical Catalysts at a supreme juncture in this company's young life. GSML was Quietly Trading under $.01 for most of Q1 before Spiking to Highs of $.04-$.055.  

Trading continued through Late-March to Mid-April in the $.03-$.045 Range in unison with Stellar, Breakout Volume.  On April 15th, GSML dusted the keys of the Printer and Caught the Attention of Small Cap and Marijuana-Co. Traders with this release: G&S Minerals, Inc. Announces a Corporate Reorganization and Name Change. The swift progress should be exciting for shareholders:
  • Changing Business Direction into the Cannabis Markets, New Management, Name/Symbol Change, and more!
The Stock Price subsequently fell, and it has seen prices fluctuate between $.01-$.025 since May. Now is a GREAT Time to Look Closely at the DAILY CHART as the stock once again rests close to relatively cheap prices.

The BULLISH TA Catalysts are many, and the Stock could Very well ROAR in the face of this Developing PR, Increased Trader Interest, and more news coming any day now.
  • Accumulation is RISING Strongly, and you know what they say about stocks trading tightly under accumulation.....
  • RSI has Just Broken 50 adding fuel to the TA fire.
  • MACD has Turned and is nearing a +MACD Cross which could happen tomorrow-early next week. If it causes a pop, it could have been better to add before it hit.
  • Support is in at the 200SMA ($.013) while Resistance touches slightly above GSML at the 50SMA ($.018).
Yesterday, GSML traded between Support and Resistance as it touched its $.013 Base before Closing right below $.018 at $.0175. This stock has Given Guidance that it will be RELEASING Business Developments and Management Hires in the Near Future. This could Set the Stock on Fire, but it may already be scorching before the news hits. 

The Chart is Primed, and GSML may be a 50SMA Break-and-Hold and +MACD Cross away from running back to $.04-$.055 Highs. Our Targets are $.025 (Upper Channel), $.03, and $.04-$.055. 
On potential Runs to these Targets, current Buyers could NET GAINS of 42%-71%-128%-214%.

Let's look in more detail at the PR that has caught our attention in waking the trade up:

On April 15th, G&S Minerals, Inc. Announced a Corporate Reorganization and Name Change! The Company Accepted the Resignation of 3 Board of Directors, the CEO, Secretary/Treasurer, and they will Introduce a New Management Team in the near future!
  • The Company has officially changed its name to Cannabis Holdings, Inc. in order to reflect its new business model!
    • Operations has relocated its headquarters to Colorado to take advantage of the state‚Äôs growing cannabis market.
  • Cannabis Holdings plans to enter the rapidly growing hemp market in the United States. The Company will introduce a new executive management team and Board of Directors to position itself for rapid growth in this new market.
  • GSML is in the process of updating its corporate website and information. The Company has also applied for a new stock ticker from the OTC Markets.
  • Cannabis Holdings also reported the resignation of Edward Hanjoul, Ron Jost and Donald Ross from its Board of Directors. Mr. Hanjoul has also resigned as Chief Executive Officer and William Smith has resigned as Corporate Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The Company plans to announce its new management team and other developments in the near future!
What are the Recent Developments for GSML?
Per their home website, we have gleaned the following Development  information:
  • The Company has changed direction and intends to diversify from being only involved in mineral exploration into new markets and thereby expanding its assets and shareholder value and equity. 
  • The Management team has identified potential new and unique market opportunities in which GSML will partner with small and mid-sized companies within the United States as well as Internationally for the sole purpose of building a diversified portfolio and multiple income opportunities.
  • GSML will target small and medium sized business opportunities that have the ability to grow but only with the right management and capital structure that GSML can bring to the Company.  Also with the right capital structure through funds raised from the public and private sector and banking contacts that GSML has.  Designed for each acquisition. 
  • The future structure of GSML will be that of a Holding Company with multiple partnership arrangements.  The partnerships can be the following;  Controlling or non-Controlling partnerships.  Controlling ownership in a business can be in a variety of legal structures that will be determined on a case by case basis. 
  • Partnerships and Joint ventures will be determined by legal structure and valuation.  It is GSML's intent to do proper due diligence for every transaction and use third parties to verify assets and financials, as we continue down the path to identifiy strategic relationships for GSML to improve shareholder value.
Make sure to visit the Home Website for GSML at You may find a few context clues to derive more interesting information about the future of this Cannabis Trade! This stock may have a lot of news to release soon, and we want our subscribers to have known about it before the next one hits.

The current price of $.0175 is relatively cheap, and it is flirting with a 50SMA Break. This could be a quick-hitter, and some exciting ROI Potentials are there! Keep doing your Due Diligence, look for news, and Trade Wisely! We hope you enjoy GSML!

Stockchat LLC has received ten thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of GSML from a third party MicroCap Innovations LLC.

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