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Lans Holdings Inc. - ( LAHO )

For those who pay close attention to trades exiting shell status via Acquisition, we have found a very exciting Trade in LAHO that you may now have an awesome timing edge on!
Why Alert this now?
Around Ten Days ago, everything seemed to change in an instant for this $.151 Trade - LAHO.
LAHO quickly went from quiet as a mouse, to Naming a New CEO and releasing a LOI to License IP from PayFlex systems, a private software company that is dedicated to simplifying group buying platforms. Today? The Next Step - the LOI was executed 
What do they gain?
LAHO obtains PayFlex's codes, patent and intellectual rights, contracts, permits and licenses in a payment processor business.
The stock has just fallen from its recent base at $.40, and some buyers were quick to snatch up shares at $.20. An even better entry was just available at $.18....and it got even better. How does $.1510 sound? The timing may be the best yet!
Why is the Time Right?
The Agreement HAD not been executed at the close of market today, and 12/1 was THE day the decision was to be made. Would we hear an announcement about it now? How will the market react? This is the Fine Print you are glad you were made aware of.
In After Hours, Lans Holdings Inc., Completed the Licensing Agreement for the Intellectual Property from PayFlex Systems! Could the Stock Run Back to $.40? Volume will surely begin to gain traction! Here are the instant effects:
  • The License Agreement granted the Company the rights to, among other things, a unique platform to allow the seller of products online to enter a few pieces of information to allow them to generate a unique piece of code that will make a buy button to be placed on a seller's website. The buy button will automatically process payments and keep track of the inventory of the seller's products, thus allowing sellers to eliminate the need of programming and setting up of cumbersome online merchant accounts.
  • The license is for twenty years unless terminated earlier as provided for in the License Agreement.
  • "We are extremely pleased to have secured the signing of the license agreement which gives Lans Holdings the world-wide rights to PayFlex software. We are excited to have entered into the licensing agreement with PayFlex systems, a private software company that is dedicated to simplifying group buying platforms," states Treveor Allen, CEO of the Company.
What Financial Situation have Payflex and Investors entered? Shells can be saturated with Legacy Debt from flailing ventures. LAHO's LOI assures a Cleaner, Fresher Start!
  • Per the 11/25 8-K we see that LAHO is Retiring a majority of the Former CEO's Shares and Cancelling a Large amount of Debt tied to the previous Fishing Net Operations.
  • Conveyance Agreement Details are as follows:
    • November 21, 2014, the Company entered into an Agreement of Conveyance, Transfer and Assignment of Assets and Assumption of Obligations with its directors, Eng Kok Yap and Tan Sin Siong.
    • Pursuant to the Agreement, the Company transferred all assets and business operations associated with hexagon fishing nets to Eng Kok Yap and Tan Sin Siong.
    • In exchange, Eng Kok Yap and Tan Sin Siong agreed to cancel 73,315,000 shares in the Company and assume and cancel all liabilities relating to the Company's former business, including officer loans amounting to $97,396, less $25,000 which the Company agreed to pay Mr. Yap in the form of a promissory note. Mr. Yap will retain 1,085,000 shares of common stock in the Company.
Falling from $.40 to $.151, will this fall begin to Round or Turn Abruptly? Volume has Picked up the Tempo, and it may only be a matter of time before Traders pour in!
Will we see a Quick 32% Gain on a Run back to $.20 at the Open? How does a possible 164% Gain look if this equity regains ground back to $.40? 
  • Recall, Payflex and the affiliated via an 8-K stand to Control near 70% of the Company if Sales Push to $5MIL+ in around a Year per the agreement. It is Great when their are incentives that can benefit shareholders too! 
  • Do you think there are more Press Releases coming down the pipe? Deals, partnerships, sales, product innovation, executive appointments......what will come next for this New Public Entity?
Let's look at the releases that took this company from shell to growth tech and payment processing trade:
  • LAHO executed a non-binding LOI to negotiate entering into a license agreement with PayFlex Systems and Trevor Allen for a worldwide license to use all of PayFlex's codes, patent and intellectual rights, contracts, permits and licenses in a payment processor business.
  • The License Agreement, if completed, will grant the Company the rights to, among other things, a unique platform to allow the seller of products online to enter a few pieces of information to allow them to generate a unique piece of code that will make a buy button to be placed on a seller's website. The buy button will automatically process payments and keep track of the inventory of the seller's products.

What is the Purchase Agreement for Money and Shares?

  • If consummated, the Company will be required to compensate PayFlex $150,000 in cash for the license and contribute $200,000 for its own working capital needs within 90 days of closing the License Agreement. The Company would also be required to issue a number of shares of the Company's common stock necessary to give 55% of the total issued and outstanding shares of the Company to PayFlex or its nominees.
    • In addition, the Company would be required to issue a number of shares of the Company's common stock necessary to give 70% of the total issued and outstanding shares of the Company to PayFlex or its nominees on the anniversary of the Licensing Agreement in which the Company's audited filed financial statements for gross annual revenues attributable to the business exceeds (US) $5,000,000.
  • The transaction is subject to final due diligence by the parties and the execution of definitive agreements between the parties no later than December 1, 2014
  • As of 10/17 the Board of Directors of the Lans Holdings, Inc.appointed Mr. Trevor Allen as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary of the Company, and immediately thereafter Eng Kok Yap resigned from all officer positions of the Company. 
    • Mr. Yap will remain as a member of the Company's Board of Directors. Mr. Allen (age 48) has for the past five years been Owner of Gordons, a bakery deli in North London. He also is a partner in Star Lounge night Club in Harrow, NW London and has owned Payflex intellectual property since February of 2014.
  • Presently, there is compensation or other arrangement between the Company and Mr. Allen.
Per their Home Website at we have gleaned some detailed information on their productsand services:
Their current model consists of the following Hosted Solutions:
Buy Button Creator - Group-Buying Shopping Platform - Payment Processing Gateway
Buy Button Creator
  • They are designing an easy “Buy Button” creation tool for sellers to get up and running fast.
  • They have beautiful forms and workflow which reassure your customers to buy with confidence, every step of the way.
  • no-coding-required
  • Features:
    • Easy to sell any product.
    • You can sell anything you want with our system.
    • Inventory tracking – specify your quantity and we won’t allow you to oversell
    • Email notification – we will notify you when a sale is made.
  • Security:
    • The buy button only works for that particular product you are selling.
    • You don’t host the credit card information.
Group-Buying Shopping Platform
  • We are about to launch our new Group=Buying Shopping Platform. Code name “BeamZinga”. BeamZinga is an example shopping portal. It is a group-buying platform (much like Groupon).
  • It is intelligent. It encourages sellers to be loved and buyers to love buying.  Here’s how.
  • For Sellers:
    • Super Easy merchant sign up
    • eals expiration on quoto or timer
    • Email alerting to buyers
  • For Buyers:
    • Deals get better when it nears the goal
    • The seller can offer better deals if it surpasses its target as a thank you.
    • If a buyer refers a friend, the system will tell the seller and can opt to give the buyer a thank you.
Payment Processing Gateway
  • Services:
    • Merchant account sign up.
    • Instant Buy Button Creation
    • Easy to understand Payment transaction reporting
    • Tips and suggestions to get you up and running fast
    • Simple yet sophisticated Integration to your site
    • https POST
    • Simple to use API will be provided for Request and Response
    • Friendly and easy to read documentation
    • Reliability
    • We are secure.
    • Hosted solution:
    • We will generate your buy button. When customers click it, we will take care of the processing.
LAHO makes the Payment Processing, Sales Initiation, and Humble Beginnings of a Website EASY. It is a win-win situation for both sides, and they take on clients of all shapes, sizes, and ages! They make it easy for sellers to start selling, and buyers to buy with confidence.
They work with low volume and micro-merchantsJust getting started? Not a problem for this company. Will they reel in clients quickly with this approach? We shall see!

They accept Low volume merchant with zero quota, and they offer the best possible per-transaction fees - they are Competitive.
We found this trade for you at the right time. Make sure to start your research on LAHO right away. Keep your eyes peeled for releases and chart action. Trade Wisely as always. Enjoy LAHO!

Stockchat LLC has received ten thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of LAHO from a third party Seacrest Ventures.

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ALR Technologies Inc. - ( ALRT )
Technology has advanced so rapidly that Health Care has changed forever. The Ability to Remotely Monitor Patients, Track Large Data Sets, and Efficiently Care for said patients is crossing into new and exciting territories. Apps, Software, Technologies, etc. are helping assist those suffering from Chronic Pain, a perfect target market considering the Constant Upkeep, Maintenance, Treatment, and Analysis that goes into it. 
The Remote Patient Care Industry is Exploding, and we know a $.024 Stock with an Efficient Model being used at the forefront of Diabetes Care. It is making money, and the company faces some  major possible catalysts in the near future. 
How do you play this new Tech, Research, and Treatment Boom? ALRT and their FDA APPROVED, Possible Revenue-Generating Health-e-Connect Platform. Health-e-Connect is the only off-the-shelf chronic care system connecting diabetes patients with their own physicians. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mulled over a proposed payment schedule on November 1!

You can find Benefit, System, and more Information on Health-e-Connect at
How does it work? 
Physicians would receive payments of $41.92 for up to 20 minutes of remote care each month. Implementation of the proposed reimbursement plan would pave the way for ALRT to begin invoicing and collecting revenue for its services for diabetes patients covered by Medicare.Capturing just 1% of the US Medicare market as it pertains to diabetes would represent up to $2.3 million per month in potential revenue to ALRT.
Yes, the system produces Revenues for this $.024 stock itching to break back to recent highs of $.06 and more!

This possible revenue-producing system could decrease long-term healthcare costs, create compensation for physicians, and establish positive cash flow for ALRT.

The company moving towards the revenue-generation stage is underscored by years of R&D and millions of dollars in investment to achieve FDA clearance and meet all HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) requirements to ensure patient data confidentiality, a duo of accomplishments that most potential competition has failed to obtain.
It's not as if this is some Pie-in-the-sky idea. ALRT has already put this plan into action and has enrolled users in a Major Metropolitan Area - Kansas City - along with a Test Trial in South America, Chile!

On 9/9 ALR Technologies Began Enrolling Patients in Kansas City. Their Partnership With KCMPA Marked the First Large-Scale Commercial Deployment of the Health-e-Connect Remote Disease Management System. 
  • A team from ALRT and the Kansas City Metropolitan Physician Association (KCMPA) began enrolling patients with Type 2 diabetes and A1c levels above 8 percent in a trial of the Health-e-Connect system. The enrollment is an innovative diabetes management component of KCMPA's Quality Improvement Plan designed to achieve lower A1c scores for some of KCMPA's most challenging patients.
What is the Goal here? 
  • The goal of the program is to demonstrate the ability of Health-e-Connect to improve treatment adherence and health outcomes for patients, and enable physicians to intensively manage large populations of diabetes patients remotely. 
How is ALRT going to make Money and Benefit Shareholders?
  • "Health-e-Connect was designed to help accountable care organizations like KCMPA coordinate patient care among primary care physicians, endocrinologists, and other specialists to improve outcomes. KCMPA is on the forefront of this wave of medical innovation."
  • Health-e-Connect could also become a revenue generator for KCMPA and ALRT if the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) adopts its proposed payment schedule for remote chronic care management. Under the proposed rule, physicians would be reimbursed by CMS for 20 minutes of remote chronic care management each month beginning January 1, 2015.
  • Health-e-Connect is the only off-the-shelf remote chronic care solution that allows physicians, medical groups, and accountable care organizations to take full and immediate advantage of this new reimbursement without adding entirely new technological and administrative infrastructure, while at the same time, helping physicians meet their quality goals for diabetes care.

ALR Technologies is a medical device company providing remote monitoring and care facilitation for patients with chronic diseases. ALRT has developed the FDA-cleared and HIPAA compliant Health-e-Connect System that collects data from blood glucose meters and uploads to a secure website. Trained Facilitators use the System to effect efficiency of care among patients, clinicians and caregivers to improve outcomes and assist health plans to optimize their quality goals. Currently, the Company is focused on diabetes and will expand its services to cover other chronic diseases anchored on verifiable data. Visit the company site at for more information.

  • ALRT will compare the results at the end of the 6-month trial period. The trial's primary goal will be to decrease patient A1c levels, the measure of average levels of blood glucose over the prior three months regarded as the gold standard in diabetes management. A reduction in A1c reduces the risk of potentially deadly complications of diabetes.A successful trial would reduce average patient A1c levels below 8 percent, the benchmark point for diabetes control.
  • "Chile has a lot of patients with uncontrolled blood glucose, so if we can prove that our system can get large numbers of patients below 8%, that will get a lot of attention with public health authorities not just in Chile, but in Latin America,"adds ALRT President Bill Smith
We all know how Politics and Technology can Sway the Decisions of Healthcare Policy. The New Year stands to be a potentially big catalyst for ALR Technology growth! 1/1/15 could be a Big Boost for Trades such as ALRTALRT's Product Offering for Diabetes Management allows Physician Groups to access the New Reimbursement. Doctors can bill Medicare for "non-face-to-face" chronic care management CCM according to the final 2015 Physician Fee Schedule. It was Adopted that Friday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  •'s a Big Deal. This decision opens up an enormous opportunity for companies like ALRT who offer non-face-to-face remote monitoring programs for chronic disease.
  • Physicians may access this new reimbursement opportunity by utilizing ALR Technologies' diabetes management program that has been modified to meet the requirements of the new CMS reimbursement rule by ensuring 20 minutes of chronic care management per month.
  • ALRT's diabetes management program will permit physicians to access Medicare's new $42.60 per patient per month payment for the management of chronic disease. Most importantly, it offers the potential to improve patient outcomes, as demonstrated by clinical trials, and to raise physician group quality scores for diabetes treatment. Details of the ALRT offering can be found on the corporate website at:
How Big is the Diabetes Market? It is a Monster.
  • The Medicare-eligible diabetes population is expected to rise to 14.6 million by 2034.
  • According to data from the American Diabetes Association the estimated total health cost related to diabetes is about $245BIL As of 2011, one out of every three Medicare dollars is spent on diabetes.
  • "CMS policymakers are being very farsighted in reimbursing physicians for the use of remote monitoring technologies that hold the promise of assisting busy physicians in managing more patients more effectively," said Sidney Chan, founder and CEO of ALRT.
  • "Medicare is embracing these new technologies and, if history is any guide, private sector plans may follow as Medicare is often a trendsetter in reimbursement policies."
This is a $.024 Stock. Do you realize how Big of an Industry is being created, innovated, and grown before our eyes? There are only a handful of ways to play this industry in the public market, and ALRT is one of them. With a Market Cap of around ~$5MIL, this valuation may be peanuts in the face of Real, Industry Leading Innovation.  The Stock has been Coiled and Channeled rather tightly between $.0225-$.035 for months now, and recent Highs of $.06 have emphasized the Breakout Potential here!
TA Catalysts are Close! 
  • RSI is Just Under 50 at ~47.
  • MACD is nearing a +Cross.
  • The 20SMA and 50SMA are just north, and a Break-and-Hold could Blast this Stock Higher.
Recent jolts to $.035 and Intraday Highs of $.06 have set the tone here as Traders find this stock amid its best juncture yet.
Will we see 6 Cents again this week? Will $.10+ match possible blockbuster partnerships and industry leading solutions? There is no telling where the new-found momentum and future valuations will take this price!
So, start your research on ALRT Today! Keep doing your due diligence in depth, and trade wisely. Enjoy ALRT!

Stockchat LLC has received Ten Thousand Dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of ALRT from a third party Good Life Networks Inc.

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Sonasoft Corporation - ( SSFT )

A September Tech IPO that not many know about? We found a New Tech Trade that offers Email Archiving, Cloud-based Email Archiving, e-Discovery, and Data Migration for Microsoft Applications. SSFT has only been trading since early September.

While the Price quickly blasted to highs of ~$.165, it has recently subsided to lows of around ~$.018Currently, the stock sits Bullishly near $.04 after Breaking-and-Holding the 20SMA. Yes, these New Trades can be volatile early on, and this recent drop looks to be Swinging Back North now. The Technical Catalysts are in place, the selling seems to have dried up, and the News has been Hot.
How has Growth been? Incredible - in quick fashion. Not everyone reads the corp. blogs......we do. Because they just went public, most do not know this, so get ready. Per a 11/19 SSFT Blog Post, the company has revealed they are CRUSHING Q3 Sales. Only ~50% done with Q4, SSFT has already reached Sales of $326K in 4Q14 compared to its 3Q14 revenues of $155K.
SSFT may be gearing up for a Run Back to Early-Trading Highs near $.16, and that could mean 300% gains if this takes off. Clearly, there is demand for Email-Archiving, especially in Cloud Platforms. Businesses and Governments of all sizes need archiving services for compliance among other reasons, and ease-of-use is definitely a coveted characteristic - SSFT has this covered.
SSFT's SonaVault Email Archiving Software and SonaVault Email Archiving Appliances deliver affordable enterprise-level functionality that surpass the compliance and ease-of-use requirements that small and medium-sized businesses, governments, school districts, etc. demand.
SSFT went Public for the same reason most small companies go public - Capital. We always want to know What the game plan is to utilize this capital and create shareholder value as a result. The company has been very transparent in detailing where they are placing their resources and why. Below is a transparent list of reasons the company went public and accessed the capital markets:
  • Increase marketing initiatives to gain new verticals
  • Add fresh senior sales staff that have B2B, high tech backgrounds
  • Expand product and service offerings
  • Focus development on new Cloud-based email archiving and business continuity products




Sonasoft Corporation's core business model includes enterprise-class email archiving, eDiscovery, and business continuity software solutions for Microsoft Business Applications on Microsoft Windows platforms. Sonasoft's signature products for eDiscovery tools, which include SonaVault Email Archiving Software and SonaVault Email Archiving Appliances, deliver affordable enterprise-level functionality that exceeds compliance and ease-of-use requirements of small and medium-sized businesses, governments, school districts, organizations, and enterprises. Sonasoft recently expanded its product offering to include Cloud-based email archiving as well as data export and migration services for competing archiving solutions. Sonasoft email archiving and eDiscovery solutions have hundreds of deployments with an exceptional degree of high customer satisfaction. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California.
The SSFT array of products now includes the following:
  • Email Archiving Promotions
  • Cloud-based Email Archiving
  • Email Archiving & eDiscovery Appliances
  • Email Archiving Software
  • MS Exchange & Email Data Migration
  • SonaExchange
  • SonaSQL
The solutions they can offer are widespread targeting mega-industries:
  • Email Archiving Solutions
  • eDiscovery Solutions
  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualization
  • Industry Solutions
Since September, SSFT has now dropped 3 PR's detailing their High Growth Technology Products and Solutions. The ticker has only been trading since September - do you think the company has a backlog of PR's ready to release? We shall see. For now, the company has given its shareholders the vision of Aggressive Growth, and we are officially interested. 
With the newly raised funds, SSFT plans to take the same success from their email archiving solutions with cities, local governments, and school districts and expand them into new verticals such as regional banks and credit unions, law firms, and construction companies.  They are pushing to Explode into the Private Business Markets across all industries. Will we see Updates Soon? How quickly can they grow clientele?
  • SSFT developed a conversion software to migrate email archiving data from competing end-of-life Mimosa and NearPoint archives into the industry standard format of PST files.
  • Sonasoft's export service creates opportunities to obtain new customers to its email archiving solutions.

Here are the Key Highlights:

  • Developed conversion software to export competing Mimosa and NearPoint Email archived data.
  • Offers exclusive features of data integrity reports with verification that other competing migration services do not have.
  • Generated new customers through these migration and data export services.
  • Expects to increase sales by 20 percent through this channel.
Andy Khanna, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sonasoft Corp., commented, "I am pleased to state, this opportunity allows Sonasoft the ability to rapidly sign up new customers to fuel our current demand for our Email Archiving Solutions." He further stated, "The sales curve for our newly offered migration and data export process is extremely efficient and significantly reduces the lead time to complete the sale."
What is the Expected Effect?
Per the CEO, The company expects to realize a 20 percent increase to its sales revenue, which augments its growing customer base, from this sales channel alone.
  • SSFT has gone PUBLIC this month of September.
  • Sonasoft will use their capital to execute its email archiving and business continuity software and services as well as to expand into new cloud-based solutions.
The New Capital gives the company the capacity to execute on its Strategic Initiatives:
  • Increase marketing initiatives to gain new verticals
  • Add fresh senior sales staff that have B2B, high tech backgrounds
  • Expand product and service offerings
  • Focus development on new Cloud-based email archiving and business continuity products
Andy Khanna, Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Sonasoft Corp., said, "Sonasoft has reached a major milestone.  Organic growth is fine, but an infusion of capital can really grow the business.  With the newly raised funds, we plan to take the same success from our email archiving solutions with cities, local governments, and school districts and expand into new verticals such as regional banks and credit unions, law firms, and construction companies.  We already have a happy install base with these verticals, but now we aggressively can market to them the value that our email archiving solutions bring.  Sonasoft will also add fresh senior sales representatives to help seal our deals.  In addition to ramping up our sales and marketing efforts, Sonasoft will accelerate the development of its new cloud-based products and services.  Sonasoft has embraced the cloud, and views it as the next growth engine for its email archiving business."
The CLOUD is Growing as all sizes of business and organizations seek its flexibility. The company has known it must innovate to grow its service and product line to capture these users, and they Delivered! On 10/8 Sonasoft Preannounced SonaCloud, A Cloud-based Email Archiving Solution. Clearly the company is moving swiftly in penetrating New Archiving/Cloud Markets as they attack their corporate initiative list.
  • SSFT preannounced its cloud-based email archiving solution, SonaCloud.
  • SonaCloud will complete Sonasoft's ability to offer email archiving and eDiscovery solutions across an array of platforms and delivery including standalone software, email archiving appliances, email archiving on virtual servers, and now email archiving on the Cloud.
  • SonaCloud, Email Archiving for the Cloud, will allow for reoccurring monthly revenue that will help fuel operations. Sonasoft will announce the full details of its cloud-based email archiving solution later this month....Will we see it soon?
  • "We have been planning are go-to-market strategy with the on-going trend to expand our email archiving product offering to the cloud", said Andy Khanna, President and CEO of Sonasoft. "Although the demand for server-based email archiving remains strong, the time is right to enter the cloud-based sector and capture new markets. For instance, many small businesses with fifty employees or less simply do not have a dedicated IT resource to manage their email archives, but they still have a business need and sometime legal requirements to archive their email. With our 'hands off' but completely secure cloud-based email archiving solution, Sonasoft is poised to gain market share in this segment. Our solution is fast, easy, secure, thorough, and might I dare say, 'fun'. We will make a full announcement on our website later this month. Stay tuned."
At just under $.04, SSFT has fallen from it's New Trading Highs near $.16. We would love to see a Run back there, and the Chart is actually setting up beautifully for a Swing Trade as the bottom seems to be IN. Channeled between $.017-$.04 since mid-October, something may be about to give. How does the stock's First 20SMA Break and Hold sound for a catalyst? Take a Look at the Daily Chart to see what we are talking about:
  • RSI has just crossed 50 to ~58 giving it a Bullish position.
  • The 20SMA at $.03 has now been Broken-and-Held. The stock is New, and we are excited to see how it reacts to its first barrage of bullish catalysts.
  • The 50SMA at $.05 is the Next Line of Resistance, and we could see a battle on Monday as the stock looks to really bust out.
Volume was coming off its best Week in mid-November, and more and more Traders are finding this Tech Solution Trade. New Trades can often be volatile, but we think the Bear has had his turn here. A base may be in here at around $.03, and the TA Setup looks nice. Targets are the 50SMA at .05, $.10, $.16+. A push past the first target could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Runs to these levels could net current buyers gains of 25%-150%-300%.
They went Public for a Reason, and they have already been executing for Years! SSFT may have a load of releases to hit the markets hard with, and they have products in High-Demand as more and more compliance regulations and protocol push public and private clients to utilize their products whether in desktop or cloud platforms! Keep doing your due diligence here, and trade wisely. Enjoy SSFT.


Stockchat LLC has received five thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of SSFT from a third party Numark Capital Corp.

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Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. - ( COLV )

It is the Improvement and Innovation of Products Used in Every Day Life that are often the benefactors of Massive Growth.

Imagine inventing, tweaking, bettering a Diaper, Shoe Sole, Roll of Toilet Paper, Power Cord, and so on.

It's not the most exciting Business Idea, but the money is THERE. Often, Blue Chip companies such as in Consumer Staples quietly devour these patents and products in the background as licensing fees, shares, and cash possibly line your pockets.

Wake Up! You may have been dreaming, but 
COLV is Very Real.

Not many people know about this trade since Action and Liquidity only arrived at the end of October as News picked up.
What got the Market's Attention? 

COLV made the disposable beverage lid better, way better, more exciting too. Yes, the same lid you drink coffee from- the one others have made loads of cash innovating. COLV just acquired quite possibly the Best LID ever made. Let that sink in. Do you know what it may be worth to have Ownership of the BEST Disposable Beverage Lid to date, ever?
COLV Acquired Simply Lids on 9/5, but it did not really register with traders. Perhaps it looked too good to be true for their first PR. Maybe they wanted something to back it up - a person, partner, sales figure, give this some legitimacy. They achieved it via an AWARD, and the Volume has consequentially Hammered its Previous Volume Averages.
Now you are asking 'Was the Award a Fluff Award? A Handout? Was it even in a relevant city?'
Let's put it this way. This was a Coffee Awards show in Seattle - Seattle Coffee Fest Show. Seattle, aka...the Coffee Capital of the World. COLV's Simply Lids won the ONLY Lid Award.
Market bystanders and Traders on the bench may have just received the Simply Lids Product Validation, Innovative Recognition, and Peer Acceptance they needed before making an entrance. It surely woke us up, made us alert just as the coffee it controls. We had to Alert you too. 
This is not your ordinary lid. It completely opens the door to the world of Marketing/Advertising and the Billions of $ that go along with it. The company estimates a huge opportunity with this ingenuity:
  • They estimate a $20BIL opportunity in food services and
  • $40BIL in marketing potential servicingFortune 500 companies
What is Simply Lids?
Simply Lids is an award winning company whose specialty is disposable beverage lids in the food services industry. Simply Lids’ patented technologies provide a safer, more enjoyable drinking experience, without splashing or spills, and have the added benefit of unique marketing opportunities, never before realized in this industry sector. Simply Lids plans on being the leader in this multi-billion dollar sector through the application of its unique technology and innovation. For more information, please visit their website at
After soaring to $.80-$.99 on peanuts, COLV dropped back to earth and began its recent climb from $.31 in late October. The equity has steadily stair-stepped its way higher to the Current Price of $.38. Guess what? We may not have preceded the Awards PR with an alert, but who would have known. It would have been reckless before hand. What we do have is quite possibly the BEST DAILY CHART SETUP this year for this trade. It may be Well Worth It - Check out the DAILY CHART:
  • A +MACD Cross looks imminent and coming soon. It may be the best catalyst we have Technically speaking, and you have a chance to get in before it hits.
  • RSI is also readying to cross 50 for the first time during consistent, non-sporadic trading. RSI has risen to ~45 now.
  • Liquidity is still much better compared to the trailing average and past action.
This is a NEW Era for the company, and the future needless to say looks possibly incredible. At $.38, the equity has now fallen below the 20 and 50 SMA's giving traders a better entry opportunity and possible Catalysts on Returning Break-and-Holds. Current Targets are the SMA's at $.43, $.47, the recent Gap Close at $.50, and $1.00.  A run to these levels could net current traders Gains of 13%-23%-31%-163%.
It goes without saying that the US Cups and Lids Market is massive. US cup & lid demand is set to reach $10BIL in 2018 per a Freedonia Report shown in part below. COLV capturing a tiny % would be a monstrous success. Do you think they have a Best-in-Breed Product?
  • US demand for cups and lids is projected to reach $10.0BILin 2018, with growth driven by above average gains for food packaging cups and an improved outlook for food service revenue growth relative to the 2008-2013 period.
  • In particular, cup and lid demand will be propelled by the important role of beverages in restaurants and stores as revenue generators, along with the growing focus on specialty beverages among food service operators as a means of offsetting declining consumption of carbonated soft drinks.
The gears were set in motion not too long ago. This was an unknown trade up until 9/5. The company has completely taken this multi-billion dollar industry by storm, and we would love a chance to capitalize on this. On 9/5 Coastal Acquired Simply Lids Inc.
  • COLV acquired Simply Lids Inc., a private Nevada company ("Simply Lids"), through a share exchange agreement between COLV, Simply Lids, and the shareholders of Simply Lids, pursuant to which COLV issued 300,000,000 shares of its restricted common stock to the shareholders of Simply Lids.
  • This resulted in making Simply Lids its wholly owned subsidiary.
The patents, the marketing opportunities, the chart momentum..... t is all there. Keep doing your research, because you never know what major deal or sales contract could be waiting around the corner. Enjoy COLV.

Stockchat LLC has received fifty thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of COLV from a third party Alruz Holding Inc.

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Ecosciences, Inc. - ( ECEZ )

Waste is slowing down the public and private sector, and ECEZ might have the answer.

Bio-Remediation Tablets. They Introduce Oxygen, in the Right Dose, to catalyze the Breakdown of Pollutants. We think there Could be some Major Deals ready to announce considering they decided Now was the time to start releasing information on their product lineup and ambitions.

The Target?

The vast network of collection systems and treatment facilities needing more efficient answers to their problems.
Successful results are in High Demand. ECEZ is FRESH on the Public Market Scene with their Newly Released Venture ready to meet the demand. This $.25 Stock has NOT RUN yet, and they may be Readying to Divulge even more information about the new subsidiary, the process behind their products, and More.
Do you know what FOG stands for?

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). Do you know HOW BIG of a PROBLEM these are?

They represent a severe dilemma for many cities & municipalities across the country. The Improper disposal of FOG into drain and sewer lines create sewage backup into basements of homes and businesses. Sewer systems, treatment facilities, lift stations, collection and wet wells also become adversely affected. 
ECEZ has got this Problem Covered in what they think is the Most Efficient, Best Priced, and Low Maintenance means possible.
ECEZ just Publicly Entered the Bio-Remediation Products Industry as they have built their company's strategic vision around the ecological and life sciences. The company sees its first major breakthrough via its Brand Name line of bio-remediation products detailed on its New Website which it just announced.

Previously, the company had been Completely Quiet. 
ECEZ sat motionless, until Volume started to hit in the Tens of Thousands in the $.20-$.30 Range. At $.255ECEZ has Not Run away yet. It has not exhausted its Chart Catalysts, and the News has not all been rung. Nope, this company is JUST beginning to Unload their First Breakthrough, and the NEWS could remain Strong for some time.
  • Management commented, "Eco-Logical's website provides our shareholders and customers with information about our bio-remediation business. Our goal for this website is for it to become a valuable resource for current and future customers of our products. We will actively upgrade the site and add more features and information as our business progresses."

Ecosciences, Inc. focuses on building, acquiring and investing in businesses around ecological and life sciences. From waste water remediation to healthcare and more, Ecosciences, Inc. is committed to building a better living environment for all people. The Company currently has one wholly-owned subsidiary, Eco-logical Concepts, Inc. (, which operates the Company's core business of producing and selling bio-remediation products under the brands TRAP-EZE, SEPT-EZE, TANK-EZE and WASH-EZE. Visit the Company's website at for more information.
Eco-logical Concepts is not limiting themselves to one niche product just yet. They are developing solutions for the entire environment, and their wholly owned subsidiary, Ecosciences Inc., is leading the charge. They are banking, for now, on the Advantages of their bio-remediation products under the brands TRAP-EZE, SEPT-EZE, TANK-EZE and WASH-EZE to Penetrate Markets, meet demand, and Win Customers. Look at the advantages their technology and products hold per their site:
  • Eco-Logical Tablets are revolutionary bio-remediation products that are designed to make collection systems and treatment facilities more efficient. From grease traps to the largest treatment facilities, Eco-Logical Tablets use a unique oxygen delivery system to create the optimal environment for the aerobic degradation of organic waste without the need of expensive dosing equipment or hazardous chemicals.
    • Continuous treatment helps reduce costs of treating and removing organic solid wastes, prevents hazardous and potentially corrosive byproducts like hydrogen sulfide, and mitigates odors associated with wastewater.
  • Eco-Logical Tablets are one of a kind products that include everything needed to promote aerobic bio-remediation in one tablet: Oxygen, Nutrients, Buffers, Bacteria
  • Eco-Logical Tablets are non-hazardous and do not require any additional hazardous chemical training or handling procedures; the tablets are user and environmentally friendly.
  • Utilize the power of oxygen to help waste water systems run efficiently without the addition of hazardous chemicals that can be dangerous to users and the environment. Reduce hydrogen sulfide, mitigate odors, break down solids and protect system infrastructure. All in one treatment.

The stock has JUST started to react to Tens of Thousands of $ in Trading. Volume is Just Beginning to Test this stock, and clearly .05 Swings are easy to come by. Timing is DEFINITELY on our Side here if you would Like to Find a Trade Just Going Public with their Venture, Deals, and Information. We will see if ECEZ Runs 100% to ~$.50 or if something much nicer is in store. Was the ~$90K around $.27 in September a precursor of more to come? Watch out for Volume and News here!

What are the benefits? These have incredible results on the Service Efficiencies and COST Reductions of a Municipality, Business, or Individual. The Environment and Possible Health all stand to benefit greatly.
  • Reduce Solids
  • Mitigate Odors
  • Prevent Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Increase System Efficiency

Where can the Products be Applied? Try this on for size. Some of the Biggest Public Utility, City, and Private Property Entities, Estates, and Commonly Used services are being targeted. This is Big Dollar Application Potential. If but ONE Brand Name Product catches fire then you will hear about it.
  • Wastewater Facilities
  • Lift Stations
  • Pump Stations
  • Grease Traps
  • Septic Sewer systems
  • Car Wash Systems
  • Portable Toilets
  • Ponds & Lakes
  • Agriculture Farms
  • Hog & Cattle Farms
Think about how many places and dollars are fair game for this solution. ECEZ sits at $.25. More and More Traders are finding this, and more and more will as the news flow continues.

ECEZ create or acquire another subsidiary? Time will tell. Will they release Public/Private Contracts for sales of their product line? Will they partner with a top name or create a sales team? What do you think.....Are you beginning to see the Market Potential and Momentum that can be established from here? They didn't go public with this vision and deal for nothing.
They may have something Much More Grand in mind. Keep doing your research, and definitely keep this play on your radar so that you do not miss any of the news or action. Enjoy ECEZ.

Stockchat LLC has received fifty five thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of ECEZ from a third party Blue Sky Holdings.

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Blue Water Global Group, Inc. - ( BLUU )

The Alcohol/Liquor Markets are proving to be resilient, yet there are few ways to access a Premium Product and Growth Trade in the public markets. Branding is the name of the game, and BLUU has a Premium Rum Brand and sensational marketing program utilizing a restaurant platform as it readies to explode in the growing Virgin Islands Market

BLUU is really on track to be a strategic holding company as is evidenced by their 3-Prong Investment Strategy involving Rum, Restaurants, and Equity Investments - Spin-offs and Dividends in promising start-up companies.
BLUU has blasted from ~$.015 to Highs near $.025 before settling at its Current Price Range at $.021-$.025. The company has identified a prime domestic opportunity. The Virgin Islands has a shrinking economy, yet rum exports were up 22% last year, with a 2.2% rise in tourist arrivals. Premium rum brands now look like a viable high-end export market. 
What is the 3-Prong Attack BLUU is executing?
What great branding and penetration model do they have? Restaurants with consistently great food across all locations in an idealized Caribbean-themed atmosphere that includes open-air tiki roofs, swimming pools with swim-up get the picture. Their Blue Water Bar & Grill(TM) brand is mimicking successful chains - they are offering branded merchandise available in-restaurant. 
What does BLUU have coming down the Pipe Right Now that could Trend this Price to New Highs and continue the Bullish Trend?
  • Shipping 20,000 1L BottlesBLUU is set to start shipping product soon, after recently announcing the initial shipment of bottles, stoppers and four-color box cases, with this first release of the high-end spirits representing nearly 20k 1-liter bottles. 
  • Leverage Distribution Contacts in Caribbean: Beyond featuring the rums at their restaurants, the company plans to fully leverage their network of Caribbean distribution contacts for maximum brand impact.
  • Port Access Secured: They have already secured access for both the Port of St. Maarten and the duty free shopping area of St. Maarten's airport. THINK CRUISE LINES.
What has the company accomplished this year to progress their brand name, shareholder value, financial stability, growth prospects, and more? What timelines should traders be aware of?
  • Blue Water Bar and Grill Permits and Construction BidsBLUU has put the building plans out to three general contractors for bidding on the project. They are expecting these bids back by mid-November!
  • SPIN-OFFS and Dividends!
    • Stream Flow Media's management and legal counsel to submit their Form 15c2-11 to FINRA. Once submitted and approved by FINRA, Stream Flow will receive a trading symbol on the OTCBB which will enable BLUU to move forward with getting them approved by the Depository Trust Company (DTC) and getting FINRA approval of their planned stock dividend.
    • Next Level Hockey, LLC investment: they are preparing to start the same process undertaken by Stream Flow in early 2015 as soon as they can complete an audit of their financial statements for the period ending December 31, 2014. During the current fiscal period Next Level will convert from an LLC to a "C" corporation in anticipation of going public.
    • A 3rd Investment is waiting to be announced.........

Blue Water Global Group, Inc. is a publicly held developer of casual dining restaurant properties and premium distilled spirits. Blue Water is currently developing a chain of casual dining restaurants in popular tourist destinations throughout the Caribbean under the Blue Water Bar & Grill(TM) brand and a line of premium rums which include the flagship rum Blue Water Ultra Premium Rum(TM) and aged spiced Blue Water Caribbean Gold(TM) Premium Rum. Additionally, Blue Water is engaged in making strategic equity investments in promising businesses that are in the early stages of obtaining their own listing on the OTCBB. For more information, visit
BLUU identified a Market Opportunity, and that is great because there are few ways for traders to access the Premium Rum Market.
  • BLUU stands to garner loads of investor and trading interest.
  • The top international brand in rum today according to IWSR is the privately-held, Cuba-based company known for their white rum, Bacardi, which has largely failed to capture the coveted premium rum market.
  • Major players are either huge market cap companies with a high share price, or privately-held entities.

The International Spirits Market is Booming.

  • Their Import market is on track to grow at a 3% CAGR through 2018, with rum emerging as one of the top three fastest growing categories alongside whisky and vodka. 
  • Total rum sales volume is set to climb from the 146M cases of nine liter bottles currently sold annually to over 156M cases, while consumption in the broader spirits market is set to rise 290M cases over 2012 levels, to around 3.37B cases by 2018.


While the company executes its Blue Water and Grill Construction Process, Rum Distribution Growth, Partnership Growth, and more, the Equity Advancements of Next Level Hockey, LLC and Stream Flow Media are MUST-RESEARCH Deals that are a Huge Portion of the Near-Term Developments and Long-Term Strategy of BLUU. Let's look closely at these exciting deals for shareholders here!
On 9/8 Blue Water Finalized its Second Significant Equity Investment when Blue Water Acquired a Net 15% Interest in Next Level Hockey. Next Level Hockey, LLC ("Next Level"), a privately held company seeking a public listing on the OTC Bulletin Board ("OTCBB").

Key elements to this investment include:

  • The Next Level transaction will essentially mirror Blue Water's December 2013 investment in Stream Flow Media, Inc.
  • Blue Water will own a net 15% equity interest in Next Level when it goes public on the OTCBB.
  • The Next Level investment is expected to be accretive to Blue Water's 2015 and 2016 earnings.
  • Next Level is anticipated to obtain a listing on the OTCBB during Summer 2015.
  • Blue Water anticipates significant upside potential in its Next Level shares once it is listed on the OTCBB.
  • Next Level will convert from a limited liability company to a "C" corporation in preparation of going public.
  • Next Level anticipates filing its initial Registration Statement on Form S-1 with the SEC in Q1 2015.

Next Level Hockey, LLC is a rapidly growing company in the sports training industry. Next Level currently has two successful hockey concentric training centers and has plans to expand into new locations throughout the Northeast. Next Level's facilities contain state of the art training methods and equipment so they are able to cater to the needs and training requirements of hockey players and teams of all levels. For more information, visit
Timing is definitely becoming a Bullish Factor here now. The 1st Equity Deal was announced on 12/2013 with this PR - Blue Water Announces Significant Equity Investment.  Blue Water Acquired a 20% Interest in Stream Flow Media, Inc. which offers Customer Engagement through Mobile-Game -based-Marketing.....Ingenious.
  • Blue Water’s shares of Stream Flow are currently (at time of PR) valued at $200,000 ($0.01 per share)
  • Blue Water now owns 20 million shares of Stream Flow common stock (20% overall ownership)
  • Stream Flow ownership position is expected to be accretive to Blue Water’s 2014 and 2015 earnings
As stated, TIMING is KEY, and the Flow of Deals here is about to start Hitting some Major Value Catalysts. This is HUGE for all shareholders here who have stakes not only in the rum business but now Mobile Gaming/Marketing and Athletic Training. At $.021, All 3 Major SMA's have now been destroyed and offer Support at $.018, $.015, and $.014. Take a look at the Daily Chart:
  • A recent surge to $.025-$.026 shows this trade is gaining interest.
  • Accumulation has trended upwards as buyers anticipate the timing of developments.
  • MACD remains strong as this play levels out after the run.
  • RSI is a Bullish 71.
There is No Telling How Lucrative these Equity Deals may be, but they are definitely unique and explosive ideas respectively offering both stable and high-end return potential. The 3-Prong Investment Strategy offers different Timing Catalysts which Traders Love. This is not a one-deal-make-or-break scenario. They have diversified, and have LEGIT Strategies in place. 
With a 59MIL Float, this could move quickly and vertically. There is NO Resistance here, so $.03-$.10+ are well in the realm of possibilities as both the Chart and Fundamentals have explosive opportunities.  Will this be a 150%-600%-1,000%+ Gainer? Time will tell. 
Keep doing your research on this exciting, diverse trade. Be vigilant of the Updates for their different divisions and holdings. Enjoy BLUU

Stockchat LLC has previously received ten thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of BLUU from a third party Carriage Consulting LLC. Stockhat LLC has received eight thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of BLUU from a third party Numark Capital.

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KonaRed Corporation - ( KRED )

Coffee has a refreshing sidekick, and KRED is leading the Charge.

If you could have entered a Green Tea, Acai Berry, Coffee or other similarly Explosive Beverage Trade before its Lucrative Value was exhausted, you probably would have done it.

We aren't ready to call Coffee Fruit the NEXT Red Bull or Green Tea, but the success of KRED - KonaRed Corp - and its Coffee Fruit competitors has absolutely captivated the market. This is NOT your fluff, energy drink penny stock. Do NOT be mistaken for one second.

This is the Real Deal. The Fundamentals, Growing Distributor List, Trading Action, Current Chart Lows at $.24, and much more make this a Must-Alert Stock. Prior to going public the Entrepreneurial CEO had already Raised $6MIL+ in outside private capital to fuel the creation of KonaRed. Splash Beverage Group, a beverage brand builder involved in the successes of Red Bull among other top names, is on the Advisory Board.

We are not playing around. 
The company made its first sale in 2009, and already KonaRed Exploded into Thousands of Top Name Stores on $1.2MIL in Sales YTD. The stock is now at ALL-TIME LOWS. This is probably the Best Risk/Reward juncture Ever for this trade.

Just as many companies have created a Monster Brand Identity through a Trendy Drink based on Pomegranate, Green Tea, Coffee, Grapes, Alcohol, Caffeine, etc. KRED is aggressively Pushing to be THE TOP NAME in Coffee Berry as the niche industry grows. How are sales? 

KRED just announced ~$341K in 3Q Net Sales, a 439% Quarterly Increases YoY for Consumer Product Sales,  as they have now Hit $1.26MIL in Sales for 1Q-3Q. Do they have Cash on Hand to Operate and Advertise? You bet. They finished 3Q with ~$600K Cash available.

How are they achieving this Growth? This is where you may see Sustainable and Explosive Sales potential. KRED is Aggressively Advertising every which way. They pumped ~$252K in Marketing during 3Q compared to ~$33K in 3Q13. A Growth Company trying to Lock Down Market Share and Increase Brand and Product Exposure Should be Investing Heavily into Marketing...and they are.

KRED Products are in nearly 7,500 Stores with 2,100 being Walmart, and 2,800 recently addedKRED is in an ALL-STAR list of Retail Locations in the USA and Canada, and their presence continues to flourish. This is EXACTLY what you may want to see from a company trying to be the #1 Name in Coffee Fruit. KonaRed is currently logging sales on Prestigious Shelf Space at Kroger, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, Safeway, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Ralphs, Walgreens, Jamba Juice, Albertsons and more. The company has expanded distribution Quickly into approximately 2,800 additional retail grocery and specialty stores during the last six months+. This growth is taking off exponentially this year.

In just One Month, the KRED CEO announced they added an additional 558 high profile retail stores to their distribution network for KonaRed beverages and wellness products - Mainly 4 Products Based in Coffee Berry, Green Tea, and Coconut Water. In the past few months, KRED has Locked in Undeniable Retail Growth:

KonaRed is one of the first of its kind, focusing on the health benefits of the coffee fruit. KonaRed is strongly positioned to be the popular new drink at the right time. Sales for high sugary sodas and diet sodas are on a steady decline and consumers are demanding healthy drinks and alternatives. CoffeeBerry® is the fruit, high in antioxidant value that surrounds and protects the world famous Kona coffee bean. KonaRed uses the fruit and dries it and processes it to create its all-natural CoffeeBerry® beverages and mixable powders. Yes, the Supplement market is under seige by this game changer too.

As you Research the Press Releases, 3Q Financials, Corporate Presentation, Advertising Strategies, and Products, the gravity of this thesis comes into view. KRED has pulled off some Incredible Growth in the last few months, yet the Stock Price has Fallen from Highs of $1.4 in January, ~$.80 in May, and ~$.60 in June to its current position at $.24. Sudden Moves to ~$.45 in mid-August and ~$.34 in late October offered potentially swift 73% and 36% Gains. This Company isn't in the market for these paltry gains. They are building something special. We said, NOW was the best time yet to possibly enter this stock, and the DAILY CHART has a great setup to match the stunning fundamentals.

  • RSI was Just Oversold below 30, and it has now bounced back to 35 setting the stage.
  • Every One of the Last 3 Major Moves came off a +MACD Cross, and MACD is turning Positive. Seriously, look at the last 3 moves.

Who really knows how crazy, how big of a name or number the next PR could include. Volume churns Tens to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars a Day commonly here, and the +MACD Cross History here has us thinking of some potentially concrete, nice runs.....for starters. A Break and Hold of the 20SMA at $.26 is the First Price Catalyst to look for. Near Term Targets are the 50SMA at $.31 and the 200SMA at $.55. Runs to these levels could Net the current buyer returns of 29%-129%.

Do some sales scenarios. Have you considered what 10, 20, 30+ Products Sold on Average at each of the 7500 and Growing Retail Outlets would mean for Top Line Figures? Have you considered the economies of scale coming into view? Are you seeing how this business and current price could possibly result in a 10-Bagger+ Move to $2.50?

KonaRed Corporation produces health and wellness nutritional products including beverages and supplements, which bring the attributes of Hawaiian Coffee fruit to an international consumer market. We established our business in August 2008 and achieved our first sales in February 2009. In October 2013 KonaRed went public and trades on the OTCQB under the symbol KRED. KonaRed, through a licensing agreement with VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc., utilizes innovative, state of the art, proprietary processes that produce antioxidant extracts and powders from Hawaiian Coffee Fruit, which are used to produce KonaRed's Antioxidant Juices, Organic Green Teas, and On-the-Go Packs. KonaRed Corporation is headquartered in Koloa, Hawaii, and its distribution center is in San Clemente, California. KonaRed products are sold in select Kroger, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, Safeway, Walmart, 7-Eleven, and many other retail outlets throughout the US and Canada. More information about KonaRed and its products can be found at

Coffee is an A-Lister, a Legend in the Beverage Market. The affiliated nature of the Coffee Fruit Drinks and the process by which they are made shed even more beneficial light on this trade. Their products are formulated from a highly valuable by-product of coffee production which was previously discarded by coffee growers. They created a new and sustainable use for the fruit of the coffee plant The Result? This fact is now a major marketing asset.

On 11/4 KonaRed Reported  Q3 2014 Financial Results. The Growth was beyond Excellent as the Company Logged a 439% Year-Over-Year Increase in Consumer Product Sales for Q3. Here are some of the highlights for from the Q3 2014 Financial Summary:

  • Net sales increased 95% to 341,264 for the third quarter ended September 30, 2014 as compared to $174,581 for the same period in 2013
  • Product sales increased 97% to $332,867 for the third quarter ended September 30, 2014 as compared to the product sales of $169,262 for the same period in 2013
  • Consumer product sales for the three month ended September 20, 2014 was $328,667, a 439% increase from $60,944 as compared to the same period in 2013
  • Investment in advertising and marketing  increased to $252,404 for the third quarter ended September 30, 2014 as compared to $32,452 for the same period in 2013
  • KonaRed finished the quarter with a cash balance of $600,450

For the First 9 Months of 2014, the company has now seen the following financial achievements:

  • Net sales increased 46% to 1.26 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2014 as compared to $0.87 million for the same period in 2013
  • Product sales increased 39% to $1.18 million for the nine months ended September 30, 2014 as compared to $0.85 million for the same period in 2013
  • Consumer Product Sales for the nine months of 2014 was $1.11 million, a 120% increase from $504,404 as compared to the same period in 2013
  • Investment in advertising and marketing increased to $714,309 for the nine months ended September 30, 2014 as compared to $73,988 for the same period in 2013

This time, you were made aware of the opportunity. You researched the Stock at its current All-Time Lows. You knew about Coffee Fruit at the beginning. KRED is really looking like they have what it takes to be the LEADER in this beverage niche. Keep doing your due diligence, and continue to look for more product updates, retail outlet expansion, financial updates, and more. The chart is primed, but this trade is more than just a ticking chart. It may be the next big drink. Enjoy KRED!



Stockchat LLC hare received five thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of KRED from a third party Hunter Marketing LLC.

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TechnoConcepts Inc. - ( TCPS )

It's always refreshing to find an Honest $.0011 Trade, and we have that in TCPS, a Technology Intellectual Property Holdings company seeking to build value and opportunities after backing away from a Marijuana-based thesis.

It is an all-too-common small-cap theme to see companies with different skill-sets and holdings blindly enter the "Green Rush". TCPS has wisely backed away, and they are funneling all of their attention into their IP Holdings.


Have you seen IP Holding Companies hit home runs before?

We have. You have to pay attention to companies like this. Court proceedings quitely taking place in the background can often be the difference of an unknown company Gaining a Licensing Right or Retro-Active Sales Garnishment victory of a a Few % out of a Multi-Million Dollar Pie.

We have seen companies quietly win Millions from larger companies more interested in Paying off companies like TCPS than battle them for years and years while potentially losing a court battle. There are several ways in which the IP of TCPS can become incredibly lucrative or financially productive and stable. We may be very near to hearing How big of a deal these holdings may be....

The company has a gamut of successful technology patents tied to their previous business operations and services. It is this portfolio of patents that the company has stated they are now turning their attention, efforts, and resources towards. How valuable are they? What patents are still owned and which are being finished?  At $.0011, the company now has a ~$625K Market Cap based on the Share Structure below:

Market Value1 $625,784 a/o Oct 31, 2014
Shares Outstanding 568,894,514 a/o Jun 30, 2014
Float 79,461,079 a/o Jul 19, 2013
Authorized Shares 800,000,000 a/o Jun 30, 2014

The Risk/Reward scenario looks better and better as the stock has become cheaper and more vocal with respect to building shareholder value. Because of this, we think there is better time to start your due diligence here.

The Daily Chart has seen this play fall from a Recent $.002-$.004 Channel after Trading at $.003-$.01 with 2014 Highs nearing $.02 in March. TCPS had traded at LOWS of $.0005 in Late September did not.

Last Friday, 10/31, TCPS Burst Higher on ~52MIL Shares Traded. The stock saw several Bullish Catalysts Triggered, and we think the TA Setup is the Best Yet while offering a better Risk/Reward Scenario at relatively cheap prices. We had to alert this trade at this juncture. Take a look at the Catalysts that just hit:

  • RSI Broke Past 50 to ~66.
  • MACD just had a + Cross after briefly going Negative.
  • Accumulation Spiked Higher indicating Traders are Buying.
  • The Run to $.0011 saw the 20SMA - $.0006 and 50SMA - $.0008 both get Broken and Levels Held.

All of these have positioned TCPS as a TA Beauty no longer muddled with the other Cannabis Trades. The Action is back here on the Basis of IP Value, and traders are comparing it to the ~$625K Market Cap. With the RSI, Volume, +MACD, 20SMA and 50SMA Breaks, and Price Surge all hitting last Friday this Trade looks Hot. Momentum has entered the building.

A Run to Targets of $.0031 at the 200SMA, $.01 (2014 Channel Highs), and $.015-$.02 (Intra-day Channel Highs) could provide TCPS traders with some big profit potential. A Run to these marks could net current buyers Gains of 181% - 809% - 1,200%-1,700%. Yes, a run back to 2014 Highs could provide TEN-BAGGER+ Profits.

Do you think the continued Debt-Reduction, New IP Emphasis, and Chart have positioned this as a better trade now?

TechnoConcepts, Inc. is a wireless technology company currently holding patents and other intellectual property.  The Company is a Colorado company in good standing. The company description below describes TCPS as it operated from 2003 until 2007. The company has been a shell since then with their value tied to the technology-affiliated patents that the company may still own. Per, we have the following corporate profile:
"We are in the business of designing, developing, licensing and marketing technology for the wireless communications marketplace. We are currently focusing our efforts on commercializing our True Software Radio (TM) technology, an advanced delta-sigma microchip architecture that converts radio frequency, or RF, signals directly into digital data. "Software radio" is an industry term, referring to wireless receivers and transmitters that can be controlled and reconfigured by software commands and that can process radio signals digitally for better performance. True Software Radio(TM) is designed to dramatically improve the way that wireless signals are received and transmitted, by making possible device-to-device communication across otherwise incompatible networks and competing wireless standards and protocols, with the intent to create true convergence for the wireless industry. TechnoConcepts(TM) wireless receiver and transmitter microchips are controlled and reconfigured by software commands. The transceiver chipsets replace the front end, I/F processing, ADC, and digital filtering sections of digital radios. Because the technology can simplify design and reduce component costs, we believe that True Software Radio is an ideal platform for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to develop new wireless broadband, mobile data, cellular, and other next-generation wireless applications."

Due to the company's exit of the Cannabis Industry, we have omitted the PR's pertaining to Marijuana Advancements and Acquisitions. As there is no longer value-added potential from these, we feel it wise for prospective traders to no longer consider these deals when speculating upon the value here. Recently, the company has been very aggressive in building opportunities and protection for their Intellectual Property. Herein lies their value potential, fundamental analysis, and future for the time being.

Over the last few months the company has Exited the Cannabis Industry, continued Debt Retirement with $1MIL being retired through a conversion to Preferred Shares (now $2.2MIL Debt Reduction in last 16 Months), and found Legal Representation for their IP Portfolio. Below is a closer look at these respective releases:

On 9/12 TechnoConcepts, Inc. Exited the Cannabis Industry as they Continue their Focus On Intellectual Property.

  • "The Company would like to notify investors that after significant due diligence in entering the marijuana sector with a supply company, we have decided that it is not in the best interest for our company and for our shareholders to put the Company at risk in the sector.
  • The Marijuana sector as outlined by a recent SEC bulletin clearly highlights the space as being unsafe and therefore we do not want to entangle our Company within a sector facing so much negative scrutiny.
  • We continue to refine our intellectual property portfolio and expect, in the near future, to acquire additional intellectual property.  The Company would therefore like to retract our announcement on April 1, 2014 that announced entering the Marijuana sector. We are not a Marijuana company, nor have we ever been," said Company President Jose Suarez.

On 7/31 TechnoConcepts, Inc. Reduced Additional Debt. TCPS has recently been successful in negotiating with its last current debt holder, and this debtholder has agreed to convert of all their debt to preferred stock of the Company.

  • The Company has received one (1) executed Debt Exchange Agreement from one debt holder and the debt holder indicated that they are willing to completely eliminate their debt and convert it to preferred stock.
  • This Debt Exchange Agreement eliminates over $1,000,000 in debt of the balance sheet of the Company. This will be reflected in the next financial statements filed with OTCMarkets by the Company.
  • The Company has eliminated over $2,200,000 in debt since June 2013. This is the fourth Debt Exchange Agreement the Company has successfully negotiated with debt holders.

On 4/30 TechnoConcepts, Inc. Finalized its Search For Intellectual Property Representation.  The Company has finalized its search for a law firm to represent it regarding its current intellectual property portfolio, and will soon find an effective use for the portfolio for the benefit of the Company's shareholders.

  • Mr. Suarez, Chairman and CEO of TechnoConcepts, said, "Our Company has retained Smith, Gambrell and Russell, LLP to represent its cadre of intellectual property.  We believe that the intellectual property portfolio we carry as an asset of our Company is valuable and is worthy of significant protection. The retention of Smith, Gambrell and Russell will provide us the confidence we need in protecting our IP and making good decisions moving forward regarding our portfolio."

It would make sense that more updates could be on their way in short order. TCPS is clearly ready to begin communicating their intentions for their IP assets and Partners as they strive to build value for this company, its assets, and shareholders. Given the Price, Recent PR's, Chart, and History, we had to let our subscribers know about it Now. Keep doing your due diligence, and trade wisely as always. Enjoy TCPS!




Stockchat LLC has received seven thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of TCPS from a third party Microcap Innovations LLC.

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Axxess Pharma Inc. - AXXE )

Remember AXXE? Of course you do. We have Alerted this trade multiple times, and the Profit Potential has been there to say the least! Between each alert, the Corporate Developments achieved are Absolutely Stunning. Since our 7/30 Alert, AXXE has given shareholders a bonanza of Value-Building releases. Below, are but a few of the recent keystone developments. The Chart Set-up looks similar to our awesome call in January, the catalysts are There, and the Business now deserves Recognition as a Legit Operation, Trade, and Health and Wellness Product Pioneer

  • On 7/30, AXXE Closed $2MIL in Financing.
    • Funds will be used to fulfill current purchase orders and increase marketing and inventory of products. Management will also quickly add new high-demand products that have been requested by buyers to round out the TapouT Muscle Growth and Recovery line.
  • Recall the Military Deal? It is Blowing Up. On 8/21 it was Announced that the Military (AAFES) is Re-Ordering the TapouT Product Line at Accelerated Rates.  AXXE is ready to Provide an Expanded Product Line to the US Military Including Their All-Natural Muscle Growth and Muscle Recovery Supplements. The opportunity is huge: AAFES has 130 bases in the US and world-wide with 2,817 facilities in 30 countries-all fifty states and five US territories. Global retail sales from AAFES facilities, last year reached $9.2 billion.
    • Current products that have been ordered for AAFES are the all-natural Pain Relief Sprays and Wipes, Instant Cold Packs and Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Packs. The additional products to soon be released and provided to AAFES are Protein Powder and Ready to Drink protein meal replacement beverages, as well as the Omega-3 Fish Oil, and Testosterone booster.

Do you realize how Lucrative a Consistent Schedule of Re-Orders could be for a Small-Cap Stock to have with the U.S. Military?

  • As New Products have been released througha slew of releases since the last alert, the company has taken the right step to implement an aggressive marketing strategy. On 8/12, SA Studios Global was Retained to Manage a Major Marketing Initiative.
    • SA Studios will be targeting celebrity athlete fan bases as well as retail customer bases. The online platforms used for social media include Instagram, GooglePlus, Facebook and Twitter. 

Do you follow our Aerts closely? We have called AXXE Multiple Times up to this point. It was time again - The HOT NEWS and Current Chart Setup could let us wait no longer. The First Alert on January 20th offered Major ROI Potential at $.22 - it proceeded to Run up to an intra-day~$.35 High in mid-February and Blistering 2014 intra-day Highs of $.50 in mid-March for those that were still holding - Potential 59%-125% GAINS.

The Product Lineup has Grown Substantially, the Targeted Marketing Program is Bold and Seeking Instant Results, and AXXE now has $2MIL in Capital and some successful re-orders via Huge Partnerships. Does a $.22 Entry sound better now than then?

AXXE traded at ~$.30 not long ago in June. Channel Swings on $100K-$200K Daily Liquidity are common here, and this trade just traded near 2014 LOWS at ~$.18. Support was granted quickly, and we have already seen a 20SMA Break-and-Hold. the 50SMA ($.21) and 200SMA ($.26) are in Close Range. Do you see how Bullish this Trade could get on a .06 move? $.50 seems more justified now than before.....

Liquidity has been maintained, and the BUZZ continues to surround this trade. The News Flow is Utterly ridiculous, and we think the Chart may be Poised for another 100%+ BOOM just like our first alert offered.

AXXE DOLLAR VOLUME has gone WILD in 2014 making this Volatile and Liquid Equity a Great Trade once again on this most Recent Pullback to the Current Price of $.20!

The TA shows a CHART with Promising BULLISH CATALYSTS that could hit any day now:

  • Decreasing Resistance/Target Levels from the 20SMA, 200SMA, and 50SMA!
  • RSI is ~49 and on the VERGE of setting off another Bullish Catalyst. 
  • Accumulation could be turning up. Traders may be Buying this stock at relatively cheap prices as they search for Value near 2014 Lows.
  • There are Tantalizing Targets at the 50SMA ($.21), 200SMA ($.26), 2014 High ($.50), and Research Report Target ($.90-$1.40).  A relatively small ~47.7MIL OS may allow for momentum to snowball. It should be noted that the OS has not increased since the last alert - a key observation in all equity due diligence. 

Once you Research the Last Few Months of Releases, you will have a very clear picture of why Analysts are Targeting $.90 Near-Term and $1.40 contingently in time.  Murphy Analytics expects AXXE has the opportunity to justify a stock price approaching $0.90 based on $18 million in revenue and a stock price of nearly $1.40 over the coming quarters if AXXE is able to demonstrate an ability to deliver revenue as projected and growth in revenue that seems possible based on the Company’s expanded distribution network.  

Murphy Analytics had this to say concerning the aforementioned Sales Growth through New Distributors, Channels, Products, and more: "In a 3/17/14 press release addressing the Company’s marketing campaign, AXXE announced an expectation that revenue may reach $1.5 million monthly, putting the company at an $18 million run rate 2 years ahead of the schedule outlined in the Company’s business plan. A review of AXXE press releases over the preceding quarters sheds light on the Company’s optimism as AXXE has made a significant number of improvements and expansions of its distribution channels, product lineup, marketing efforts, and corporate operations. The Company’s 5/1/14 announcement that TapouT will be available in over 160 U.S. military stores reflects both the substantial progress AXXE has made as well as the opportunity before the company."


AXXE may be the LOUDEST Alert we have covered. This company is bloated with Corporate Developments as their Divisions, Products, and Management Grow through New Products, Channels, Partnerships, Marketing, Innovation, Organic means and more. The developments made between Alerts are Exciting and creating Tons of Trader Buzz. Is this Stock going to Pop soon? How long can this News continue with the stock trading sideways and downwards? Take a look at just SOME of the releases AXXE has given us since January. Prepare to be shocked!

  • Audited Financials and S-1 Registration Statement Now Filed With SEC for Up-Listing to Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTC: BB) Stock Exchange
  • Launch High Protein, Fat Burning Ready to Drink (RTD) Protein Meal Replacement Products in Fall of 2014
  • Expands Global Sales With Initial Purchase Order From Australian Distributor Hardcore Beverages
  • TapouT Line Now Available Through Nationwide Wholesale Distributor Muscle Foods USA
  • Murphy Analytics Announces Update of Coverage on Axxess Pharma Inc.
  • TapouT Product Now Available in Select Vitamin World Stores
  • Announces World-Wide Purchase Order by US Military (AAFES) Through Acosta for TapouT Line
  • Has Sold Out Initial TapouT Order and Placed Second Order for the Company's TapouT Pain Relief Line
  • TapouT Line Approved for Purchase by US Military Through Acosta
  • Aggressive Online Marketing Campaign Anticipated to Generate Additional $1.5 Million in Gross Monthly Sales Within 45 Days
  • Securing of Annual Credit Card Processing Capacity in the Amount of $6,000,000 USD for Newest Product OfferingsTapouT Extreme Muscle Growth and TapouT Muscle Recovery
  • Has Placed Its Initial Order for the Company's TapouT Sports Nutrition Line
  • Launch of US TapouT Sales: Initial PO Through NPI, Nutritional Products International, a Leading Brand Management Company
  • Major Distribution Agreement for Australia/Asia for Full Line of TapouT(R) Branded Products
  • Engages Big Brand Media for Brand Management of Product Line
  • AllStar Health Brands Inc. Announces Purchase Order (PO) for 25,000 Units of New TapouT Extreme Muscle and TapouT Muscle Recovery Supplements
  • Axxess Pharma and Vortex Traffic LLC, a Global Leader in Digital Marketing, Announce Mid-February Launch of TapouT Muscle Explosion in Over 4,500 Online Sites
  • New TapouT Product Order from Victory Brands Following Sell-Out of Initial Order


Read through that list of PR's! Check out the Entire Lot at their Yahoo News Page, and Soak up the Growth they have procured in just a few months. 

Now anticipate where this company and stock can be at this rate in another 4-6 Months! If 
AXXE can Break these nearing SMA's on above-average volumen and News continuation, then we think we may have alerted another winner for our subscribers.

Buyers at current prices stand to make some substantial gains if these Targets are Hit - A Run to the 200SMA, 2014 High, and Research Target could Net Buyers GAINS of 5% - 30% - 150% - 350% - 600%.

Axxess Pharma Inc. (AXXE) is a Nevada Corporation operating through its wholly-owned Canadian Subsidiary: Axxess Pharma Canada Inc., headquartered in Toronto. Axxess is a specialty Health Care Products Company dedicated to improving health and quality of life by offering select medicines, nutritional supplements and over the counter remedies all across the Americas. Axxess's goal is to bring additional products to the market and provide new, innovative options for better health spanning areas such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, acute pain, -- to optimal health management through improved nutritional supplements.

The PRODUCTS PAGE Detailing Prescription, Non-Prescription, and Launch Dates are essential reads.  These are the Key to Growing Revenues and Valuation Catalysts that may take AXXE Stock higher. 

Visit for more Corporate, Product, and News Information.

The AXXE Operational Growth through New Divisons and Products has been great. Traders are Jacked! After seeing the Releases made since January 20th, here is a synopsis of what Murphy Analytics had to say about Operational and Channel Growth! Since the MA Initiation Report in November, 2013, AXXE has actively added distribution while also supplementing its product lineup and online presence. The following are some of the operational highlights since the Initiation Report:

AXXE Distribution Channels now include the following outlets:
  • U.S. Military Facilities through Acosta: Acosta is one of the largest US distributors
    • The TapouT line will be available in over 160 military exchange stores worldwide
      • AXXE reports that the TapouT line has been approved for sale in world-wide exchanges that include over 2,800 facilities in 30 countries. AXXE reports further that these exchanges generated $9.2 billion in sales last year. 
  • Vitamin WorldAXXE has announced that the TapouT Muscle-Building Muscle Explosion Supplement will be distributed directly through select Vitamin World stores. The distribution deal was brokered by Nutritional Products International, which is working with AXXE to grow the brand within the American marketplace.
  • Victory Brands, IncA leading Canadian distributor of diet and performance nutrition
  • BIOVEAInternational online sales company at
    • Initial order of TapouT products announced 3/27/14
  • Go4ITnutriton.comSpecializes in sports supplement and nutrition products.
    • Order announced 3/25/14.
  • Amazon.comAXXE has reported that Amazon has placed an order for the Extreme Muscle Growth and Recovery line and expects that this will be expanded to other products.
    • AXXE also reported 4/23/14 that Amazon has sold out its initial TapouT order and places a 2nd order for the TapouT pain relief line. 

AXXE was Originally given a $.89 PRICE TARGET by Murphy Analytics - A Potential 345% ROI if you Buy at Current Market Prices.  The Investment Thesis has only gained Strength since the Initial Report given that AXXE has grown their Products, Partnerships, Brand Name, Marketing Strategy, Global Pentration and more! 

What is the Murphy Analytics Outlook for AXXE? Here is the Newest 5/7 AXXE RESEARCH REPORT. It could be updated more frequently given the blockbuster releases this company makes weekly.

  • Murphy Analytics expects AXXE has the opportunity to justify a stock price approaching $0.90 based on $18 million in revenue and a stock price of nearly $1.40 over the coming quarters if AXXE is able to demonstrate an ability to deliver revenue as projected and growth in revenue that seems possible based on the Company’s expanded distribution network.
Per the Murphy Report - New AXXE Websites, Marketing Campaign and other Developments are Expected to Generate an Additional $18 Million in Revenue AnnuallyAXXE reported 3/17/14 that the Company expects an additional $1.5 million in gross monthly sales through its new websites and product line, with sales beginning to ramp up by early May 2014. Select developments include:
  • AXXE has commenced an aggressive online marketing campaign targeting 250,000 U.S. websites including and 
  • New AXXE sites include:
  • Private Label Nutraceuticals selected as contract manufacturer:
  • AXXE secures annual credit card processing capacity of $6 million through Merchant Payments Acceptance Corp (Paykings)
  • Vortex Traffic, which specializes in customer acquisition in the health and beauty industries, has been engaged to help launch the TapouT brand on over 4,500 websites:
  • AXXE has signed a large scale marketing agreement with Inside Fitness Magazinewhich AXXE reports is Canada’s #1 fitness magazine


With a price of $.20 and OS of ~47.7MILAXXE stands to make traders some Big Gains as this Chart Coils. The Developments are concrete.  AXXE is in its best situation yet to grow sales and build its brand names across North America and Globally. As Revenues Grow on the backs of Product and Sales Expansion in 2014, this ~47.7MIL OS may be devoured in amazing fashion.  Small-Cap trades offer some of the most incredible Returns in Any industry - multi-baggers come around often in this landscape. AXXE is trying to position itself as the next all-star trade.   They have gained valuable assets through licensing rights, product rights, team personnel, and more in capitalizing upon leading Health and Wellness, Cancer, Baby Care, Vitamin, and Pain Management markets. 

We hope you enjoy AXXE, and we look forward to another update as they implement their business strategies. This stock is truly running at an incredible pace, and we hope that we can look back upon a big winner.

Keep reminders of Timelines for DIfferent Guidance that has been given for Product Releases, Uplistings, Sales Updates, and more. 
Trade wisely, and continue to do your research! 



Stockchat LLC has received six thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of AXXE from a third party Stock Alerts LLC. Stockchat LLC has previously received thirty one thousand dlrs via a bank wire for past awareness of AXXE from a third party Stock Alert LLC.


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EQ Labs, Inc. - (EQLB)

Energy Drinks have become commonplace in a multitude of Markets and Demographics. Work, School, Partying, Athletics, and every day use are now heavily targeted markets for these products which have a growing array of tastes, vitamin/chemical blends, and tiers of intensity. The growth companies such as Red Bull and Monster have achieved is incredible. Do you know how they did it? Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.
EQLB is a $.0068 Trade that Specializes in the Marketing and Development of Energy Drink Products. The company has Both their OWN EQ energy tablet product and they broke the PR silence with a Distribution Deal for Last Shot Beverages. It is the Marketing of these products that has proven to be so crucial, and this company is seeking to monetize their experience in this lucrative market that has grown exponentially over the last ten years.
You will notice that the company blends the worlds of Athletics, MMA, and Partying. Yes, only in the Energy Drink Market do you see such dynamics. These are growing markets where moderation is left to the wayside.  The Company has just recently begun to see Market Buzz and Trader Action arrive. With a current Market Cap of ~$3.4MIL, this company deserves the attention of traders looking for a nice gain considering where this company could find itself by producing or partnering with a product of mild success in such a wealthy market!

EQ Labs, Inc is a leader in the marketing and development of Last Shot’s. Components inhibit the enzyme that block the detox pathway* Last Shot’s B- vitamins work as antioxidants scavenging the effects of the alcohol toxins already in the body* Last Shot’s rehydrates by supplying the body with a source of water* Last Shot’s formulation help balance the body’s electrolyte and mineral content* for the retail market. Its product is sold through major retail stores and chains throughout the US. Visit their home site at for more information.

Concerning their own product, their home site has this to say about the product and its usefulness: "EQ is instant energy in any beverage, consisting of a blend of essential vitamins, Gingko Biloba and caffeine keeps you going any time, day or night. EQ is all about energy and living the All-American Lifestyle.
EQ is a great addition to your favorite beverage and mixable to your taste. Drop an EQ into water or any drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Let it effervesce and you immediately have yourself an energy drink. Want a light taste? Use less EQ. Need a stronger flavor? Use more EQ! Either way, the concept is easy. Get adventurous and get creative.
The product is a thin effervescent tablet that is sold in foil packets of individual tablets or either tubes of six tablets. Essentially, one can place a tablet or tube of this product in their pocket or purse and immediately have an energy drink available in the short amount of time that it takes for the tablet to dissolve. Try carrying around six cans or bottles of energy drinks and you will see why EQ Labs encourages consumers to “Think Outside the Can.”
Initially created by a leading and reputable company that produces flavoring for children’s medications throughout the globe, EQ’s formula was invented to consist of FDA-approved ingredients that are not as harsh or overbearing as some of the energy drink products on the market, and [rightfully] dubbed the “Smart Energy Drink.”" 
At $.0068, EQLB has a 2-year History of trading between $.002-$.01. Recently, the stock saw a Spike from $.003 in early September to intra-day highs of $.01. These fluctuations occurred even as the stock and company fell on silent times. Well, the Recent Press has caused a stir, and more traders are finding their way over to this ticker. After falling below the 20SMA ($.0073), Support now rests at the 50SMA ($.0059).  We are waiting for a Break-and-Hold to see a Bullish Trend cemented, but there are a lot of gains that could be lost on that catalyst! As you see, this Daily Chart is already looking hot:
  • RSI is a Bullish 50.25.
  • Recent Intra-day Highs of $.01 and $.0079 have this stock positioned for a possible breakout. Higher Highs may be setting the stage for some better closing prices, higher support, and a Break from this channel!
  • MACD seems to have bottomed, and it is Turning Higher. A +MACD Cross would be a special catalyst at this juncture.
  • Volume is well above average since the beginning of September, and this may continue as news flow has picked up.
Strong Volume, Bullish TA Indicators (RSI, MACD) and Rising Support have this Chart in a Great position. The Fundamentals? The Timing of their first big Distribution Agreement and Financial Filings could not have been better. These are the reasons why this trade has its best change yet to burst. Initial Targets for this $.0068 Trade are $.0073 (20SMA) and $.01 with a Blue-Sky beyond that. A run to these levels could net current buyers potential Gains of 7%-47% for Starters. With No Resistance beyond that, there is no telling where this trade can Zoom to. With a Market Cap of under $3.5MIL, we have seen where these trades can run to as developments are released!
On 10/21 EQ Labs Announced a Distribution Agreement for Last Shot® Beverages. EQLB has entered into a distribution agreements with Liquid Health, Inc. to distribute Last Shot® in the United States.
  • “We are excited to announce the launch of Last Shot®, the 3 in 1 can beverage (Cranberry flavor) that helps  Detox, Energize and Hydrate the consumer's body,” states Mo Owens, CEO of EQ. “This product will be available to the retail customers, major night clubs, hotels and resorts this fall and will further enhance our products available to the consumer.”
  • EQ will begin distribution and marketing in Las Vegas. CEO Mo Owens stated, “What better stage to market our new beverage…just turn the light on!”
  • In addition to marketing the new look and formulations of the Last Shot cans, the product will be available in the innovative PowerCap™ delivery system. The PowerCap™ allows consumers to conveniently take Last Shot® On-the-Go during the day or night with any bottle of water or beverage.
  • “The agreement with EQ Labs gives us the distribution and marketing we have been seeking in the United States,” states Derek Hopkins, President of Liquid Health, Inc. “We feel the duration required to reach this agreement has provided a clear alignment between our two companies and focused direction for the Last Shot® brand,” Hopkins adds.
  • The company has brought current its filings on the OTC and is starting the audit of for the past two years ending September 30, 2013 and 2012.
  • The Company is pleased to announce this update,” states Mo Owens, President and CEO of EQ Labs,” Owens adds: “I would like to say Thank You to all our shareholders for being patient and with their support the Company is moving to its next phase of growth.”
They are making the right moves.  They are closing their financials, they have signed a Distribution Deal for a product wanting penetration in retails outlets, clubs, hotels, and more. The Chart is looking poised for a possible channel breakout, and the Markets are in Love with Energy Drink trades that can prove success of a hot product. We urge you to continue to do your due diligence on this play and to trade wisely. Enjoy EQLB!

Stockchat LLC has received twenty thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of EQLB from a third party KRIMSON HOLDINGS LLC.

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VizConnect, Inc. - ( VIZC )

Everything has gone Mobile. Let's face the facts. If you are Content Driven, Advertising, or in Retail, then you better be creating Mobile Interfaces that work Well, Target the Right Demographics, Convert Leads, are easy to use, and Generate Money for you.

With a 1/4th of the US Population now Watching Videos on their Smartphones on a monthly basis, this Medium is not only Growing - It is expected to be the Dominant Player across all Technology Driven Platforms. This is Huge - it has Changed the Game as we know for so many industries, and we are always seeking to convert this evolution into Trading Opportunities for our subscribers.
VIZC has created a Mobile Video Platform that can be monetized in so many ways. Look at all of the Social Communication, Branding, Retail, Marketing, and Deals that now exist through common platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and on and on.

They have created a means for a plethora of entities to leverage in their aspirations to create value, money, brand awareness, and so on. You get the picture. Their software provides innovative new ways for online personalities and content creators (“the new celebrities”) to build stronger, more personal bonds with the fans and followers who connect with them.

VIZC helps bring fans and followers closer through branded video messaging with integrated native advertising that are not annoying and disruptive like traditional pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads.
At $.02, we are now presenting VIZC to our subscribers at 2014 LOWS. This equity had mainly traded between $.03 - $.07 before Blasting Off to Highs in the ~$.15 Range in Early May and through to June. The company had been tabbed by a major digital content provider, and they intend to use their services - notably QRC Codes on packaging and Text-to-Video communications.  
It was also at this time that VIZC had released their 10K and gave insight to their Intentions for 2015 Business Growth and 2014 Achievements. VIZC had a stellar year as they saw a 1300% increase in sales over FY2012.

In the year ahead they are giving New focus towards large-scale enterprise solutions in the hopes of creating potentially-lucrative white label partnerships. While they are concentrating on these whales, their platforms are also driving for penetration in the Retail, Consumer Goods, Advertising, and Entertainment.  
It was this News that gathered the attention of Traders and pushed the stock higher on stronger volume. While these levels remained for some time, the stock eventually plunged back to its $.05 base before gradually declining to its current price of $.02. Let's take a closer Look at the DAILY CHART to see just how special this opportunity is:
  • RSI has returned to its highest levels since early June as it rests at ~45 - nearing a Bullish Scenario on a 50 Break.
  • MACD remains positive keeping a positive uptrend in place.
  • Both the 20SMA ($.02) and 50SMA ($.03) were breached today, and VIZC Held its position above the 20SMA. This is the sort of Break-and-Hold catalyst that we wanted to see from a TA perspective before calling this such a special Bounce Opportunity.
A Break-and-Hold of the 50SMA at $.03 could be in the cards for the remainder of the week.  What's next?  Our sights are set on the 200SMA at $.06. The Current Market Cap of VIZC at ~$1.4MIL may only assist in traders seeing a better risk-reward scenario at these prices given the Innovative nature of this trade in the Lucrative Cloud and Social Technology Markets. Current Targets are $.03 - $.06 - $.10 - $.15.  A Run to these levels could Net current VIZC buyers possible Gains of 50% - 200% - 400% - 650%.

VizConnect, Inc., Founded in 2011, is a mobile video platform designed to help social celebrities, businesses, and brands visually connect with and monetize online fans, followers, and customers using mobile and online video.

The Massachusetts-based firm utilizes proprietary software and innovative marketing solutions to enable business operators, brands, and entrepreneurs to develop, distribute, and monetize mobile video through a cloud-based platform. You can find more on the company on their website at
On 10/8  VizConnect Announced the Launch of Software Upgrades and Advances. The Company Delivered the Beta Launch of the 2.0 Version of its Mobile Video Platform.
  • "The release of the next generation media platform provides more flexibility and new possibilities when it comes to leveraging and monetizing mobile video," said Founder and Director of Brand Development Ed Carroll. "The new platform also offers greater support as we continue to evolve in the social media space."
  • Existing VizConnect customers have already been transitioned to the private beta platform. The release of the software upgrade is part of VizConnect's commitment to "connecting brands and fans with mobile video."
On 9/8 the Qvoto Founder was Named to the VizConnect Advisory Board. VIZC announced the addition of Steve Tingiris to its Advisory Board.
  • The addition of Tingiris is part of VizConnect's overall growth strategy and evolution of its mobile video platforms.
  • Tingiris is a mobile video entrepreneur having started four companies, three of which generated seven figure revenues within the first 12-months of operations. He exited his most recent company, Prospect Smarter in January of 2014, retaining the intellectual rights to Qvoto (Quick Video, One to One).
  • Tingiris said it is the synergy between that product and the VizConnect platform that precipitated the partnership.
  • "A lot of the functionality VizConnect was working on is a part of Qvoto," he said. "I would say we have a shared vision for the possibilities that exist in the mobile video space."
  • VizConnect CEO Paul Cooleen says the addition of Tingiris brings into focus the overall growth strategy for the company.
  • "Steve's knowledge and expertise in monetizing mobile video, along with his track record of developing start-ups in this space is a perfect fit for VizConnect," said Cooleen. "His guidance will be invaluable as we enter the next phase of our development."
On 6/3 UThriv Contracted With VizConnect for Mobile Strategies. The MLM Company Intends to White Label VizConnect's Dynamic Mobile Video Platform!
  • While VizConnect delivers access and training for these self-directed campaigns, the company also offers full-service enterprise solutions for business.
  • UThriv is a multi-level marketing company designed to inspire its members (Brand Partners) to advance total wellness through a focus on four core disciplines (Thinking, Health, Resources, and Village / community). UThriv provides its Brand Partners with products and resources to attain total wellness.
  • Through a white label partnership with UThriv, VizConnect will provide access to its innovative suite of mobile video marketing products. The MLM company will utilize the services to both engage internally with members and externally to mine and build a network marketing database.
  • "After working with the VizConnect platform for over a year I am pleased to enter into this strategic partnership between our two companies," said Joe Tessin, President of UThriv. "This addition will allow our Brand Partners to communicate with their teams and will also allow them a product line to share with local business owners. We expect to market this service to businesses all across the country as our team expands."
  • VizConnect has experienced growth in the mobile marketing space by developing mobile campaigns for national brands such as Mossberg and AAA
On 5/20 VizConnect Announced the Expansion of its Products and Services. The Mobile Marketing Firm Set its Growth Strategy With these New Offerings.
  • "It's always been our intention to develop new and consistent revenue streams for VizConnect," said CEO Paul Cooleen. "We are doing this by adding value, building brand awareness, and impacting ROI for our clients."
  • VizConnect has experienced growth in the mobile marketing space by developing mobile campaigns for national brands such as Mossberg and AAA. The media/marketing arm of VizConnect's services is a natural extension of the company's current business model.
  • "At its core, VizConnect is a multi-platform marketing company," Cooleen said. "Creating keyword-based marketing programs, developing marketing databases, and better utilizing our unique video marketing platforms are certainly a natural and synergistic extension of that core."
On 5/14 VizConnect was Tabbed by Mpack Systems, LLC as a Primary Digital Content Provider.  The Innovative Prescription Packaging Firm is ready to Utilize VizConnect's Dynamic Text-to-Video and Branded QR Codes on Select Packaging, a major nod of approval in the industry.
  • Mpack Systems, LLC has created the first new innovation in pharmacy vials in more than 50 years, creating a flat design that features 1.8 times the label space, communicating more important information in larger type sizes on an easy-to-read, flat surface.
  • The company and its clients will have access to proprietary VizConnect tools and services that allow for easy creation and distribution of Text-to-Video and QR code marketing campaigns and engagement services, thereby enhancing the customer experience.
    • Working with VizConnect, Mpack Systems is able to offer codes for documented video pharmacy consult, store promotions, automatic reorders, and reminder services. An m-pack® user can simply scan the QR code for more information on their medication or to set reminders.
  • "The VizConnect product adds a compliancy feature to our innovative pharmaceutical packaging that allows physicians and pharmacists to better comply with the requirements of Obamacare when it comes to managing the well-being of patients," said William Negrini, President of Mpack Systems and 5mRx (Five Minute Pharmacy). "The video feature provides easy-to-understand instructions for patients and gives both doctors and pharmacists a closed-loop system to communicate with those patients."
On 4/23 VizConnect Released its 10-K Filing and a Letter to Shareholders. The Mobile Video Marketing Firm Outlined its Vision for 2014 and Beyond. VizConnect CEO Paul Cooleen described 2013 as "a year of growth and advancement," and outlined the vision for the future of the company within the ever-expanding mobile marketing space.
  • The company's proprietary video marketing platform is designed to position the company at the intersection of the consumer's desire to utilize mobile and the market's rush to adapt to those needs. The products and services remove two of the great barriers to entry in this space; cost and technological ability.
  • In his letter, Cooleen explains how the VizConnect platform allows companies to integrate traditional print media with mobile Text-to-Video messages, activate and optimize their web portals, and build mobile marketing databases. The dynamic, cloud-based marketing tool has small business applications, enterprise solutions for large companies, and white-label opportunities for marketing and communications firms.
  • The platform gives businesses of all sizes the capability to enhance their brand imaging through cutting-edge mobile marketing initiatives while also building a mobile database to utilize for opt-in, push marketing campaigns.

Cooleen notes that the company achieved three specific benchmarks in the last year;

  • 1300% increase in sales over FY2012
  • New focus on large-scale enterprise solutions
  • Development of potentially-lucrative white label partnerships

Going Forward in 2015, Cooleen had this input for shareholders:

  • While VizConnect continues to generate revenue from small business monthly subscriptions, the company consciously shifted focus to new revenue streams in 2013, monetizing key corporate relationships to develop large-scale enterprise solutions and embark on potentially-lucrative white-label partnerships.
  • Cooleen goes on to say that VizConnect is looking forward to opening new markets and new verticals, expanding on a client base that covers industries from retail, to consumer goods, advertising, and entertainment.
  • "VizConnect is positioned at the forefront of the mobile video market with a low-cost, cloud-based mobile solution for small to mid-sized companies," he said. "We are also committed to bring new technologies to the fold to expand both reach and depth in the marketplace."

Is there Financial Growth Impresive Enough? Is ther Niche Technology Suite of Services Hip enough for you? If you can envision where this fits in the Marketing, Entertainment, Retail, and Branding Business Models then you are on the right track to understanding how VIZC could be one of the Next Big Winners in a growing list of Tech Blockbuster Home Runs! We urge you to continue to do your research here, and Trade Wisely as always. Enjoy VIZC!






















Stockchat LLC has received five thousand dlrs via a cash for the awareness of VIZC from a third party Andalusian Holding LLC.


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FCGD - First Colombia Gold Corp.
The Oil Well and Leasing Industry continues to Grow. A logical conclusion is that the tangent industries and products will also reap the benefits. One such product in growing demand is drilling pipe. There is a tremendous market opportunity for drilling pipe in the oil and gas sector. Drilling pipe is becoming scarce, and pricing is becoming more and more burdensome for small and medium sized operators.

We have found a company with ambitious intentions to be a strong competitor in that market. FCGD, priced at $.115, is coming off a vicious run up to a $.425 High as Volume Exploded and Bullish News and Guidance was announced. Their recent expansion and acquisitions has them aiming for $5-$7 million in annual revenue. They are diversifying through Oil Drilling and Production, Drilling Pipe Production, and Leasing!
  • Concerning the Acquisition, Newly appointed president Clarence Parks stated, "In addition to the assets acquired, I am pleased to announce that we have also acquired a 19.5% equity interest in these three companies, and that will provide a substantial boost in revenue, not only from production of oil from these companies, but from the services that they provide." Mr. Parks continued, "We have the personnel to offer these services into the market. By retaining existing personnel, we now have the instant ability to put these acquired assets to work. We intend to roll out a menu of services, including acidizing, cement work, completion, drilling, and a host of other services that will provide cash flow and an opportunity for multiple revenue streams for the company."
The stock blasted off  when the initial deal was struck, and we thought we may never get a pullback. Well, while the stock is not quite at $.05, the $.115 price tag is still far from exhausting any returns on a potential run back to 2014 highs
Volume has been on such a rampage that we think another update on Projects and Sales leading into their expected stellar 2015 could push this equity back to $.425+ Levels.

Now is the Best Time Ever for this company as they have Assets to give weight to their valuations and Sales-Generating Projects in process. As you read the Press Releases below, you will see exactly how excited management is for the company's future and for shareholders.

The Oil Production Plans, New Threading Facility, Drilling Expansions, and Acquisitions, have us salivating over the potential future of this stock and chart. Take a look at the DAILY CHART:
  • Support is at the 200SMA $.093. Resistance is at the 200SMA ($.1637) and 50SMA ($.2004).
  • Volume continues to impress, and liquidity is there to the tune of $60K all the way up to ~$1MIL Trading Days!
  • MACD is turning, and we may see a + Cross - A Bullish Indicator. 
Confirmed Assets, Growth through Projects and Acquisitions, and Sales Updates may be the Catalysts that FCGD needs to Explode. Then again, it may only need sustained volume and some technical assistance. Current Buyers stand to make potential gains of 42% - 75% - 269%
What are the Company's Plans? How Big is this Market Opportunity? 
FCGD plans to begin construction in the third quarter, and the company expects to have their facility fully operational by the beginning of 2015.

Company President Clarence Parks stated, "As previously announced, there are over 200M dollars of proven oil reserves on these properties, with less than 1/3 of the properties being fully evaluated. FCGD is committed to bringing these leases into full production. We feel we will have the capabilities of reporting results of this drilling program at the end of our third quarter."

First Colombia Gold Corp. is a capital company focused on acquiring, developing and advancing natural resource, energy, and real estate projects in Europe, North America, and South America. Our business model is to acquire undervalued assets combining potential for building asset values and cash flow through leverage to improved operational efficiencies and development.
Their current activity focus is on oil and gas production in Kentucky as well as precious metal exploration in Montana. For more information please visit their site at
  • Mr. Castenir brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to First Colombia Gold Corp. and had previously been serving as a consultant and advisor to the company and was instrumental in the company's recent oil and gas acquisition. 
  • Throughout his professional career Mr. Castenir has successfully run and led numerous companies in a wide variety of sectors including import/export, manufacturing and direct sales. In the past several years, Mr. Castenir has served as a private business consultant aiding companies of all sizes address their capitalization needs, improve their balance sheet and cash flow, and has been an industry leader in implementing effective growth and development strategies for small and medium sized companies.
  • Since the acquisition of these oil equipment and leases, First Colombia Gold Corp has successfully brought 42 wells across 20 leases back online and are actively producing oil. The company plans to begin transporting this oil to the refinery for sale within the next two weeks and will be reporting production numbers at that time.
  • Dr. E Robert Gates, Chief Executive Officer of First Colombia Gold Corp, stated, "This is a very exciting time for the shareholders of First Colombia Gold Corp. The Company is thrilled to begin drilling operations on our newly acquired oil and gas leases in Kentucky. The Company is making tremendous progress in increasing oil production. In addition to drilling this new well, the Company has already begun the permitting process to drill two additional wells, and we will continue to develop and rework all of our leases and wellbores to increase our crude oil production revenue."
  • Shareholders can continue to monitor the drilling progress as it develops through the Company's website and social media outlets.

On 9/8 First Colombia Gold Announced the Commencement of an Oil Production Plan.

  • As part of the Company's ongoing comprehensive restructuring of its acquired oil assets, the company has begun Phase 1 of its oil production plan, which includes bringing oil wells back online and into full scale production. Since completing the July acquisition, First Colombia Gold has been in an ongoing process of reviewing and streamlining operations to create a new, leaner structure that will create enhanced efficiency and reduced costs. This process includes a plan to bring all existing oil wells back online and get oil production to new heights over a twelve-month period.
  • "I firmly believe that we have a plan in place that will provide this company with the right structure and operations strategy to bring existing wells back online, then begin a new drilling program that will take our production numbers to new heights," stated Dr. E. Robert Gates, Chief Executive Officer. "As we progress through this plan, I expect to have strong production numbers and our revenue will certainly follow."
  • In its recent acquisition, First Colombia Gold Corp acquired interest in over 4,900 acres of oil and gas leases with over $200 Million in proven reserves. Clarence Parks, President and COO of First Colombia Gold Corp. stated, "Today's announcement is extremely exciting, because it means we will now begin to see revenue from this acquisition. Since the day we closed, our goal was to move as quickly as possible to restore production, and today we have begun to do that." Mr. Parks continued, "We know our shareholders have been anxiously awaiting this news, and we are pleased to update the public and confirm that we have a tremendous plan. Phase One, to restore production to existing oil wells, is now underway."
  • The company readied to construct a pipe threading facility at its oil offices in Albany, KY. This facility is going to be constructed on land already owned by the company and will allow the company to supply its own drill pipe to support drilling and exploration. In addition, First Colombia Gold will also produce enough product to sell into the broader market.
  • CEO Dr. Robert Gates stated, "This is truly an exciting expansion for our company. Everyone in this business knows how rapidly drilling pipe has increased in price, and this will dramatically lower that cost to our company, as well as create an additional revenue stream."
  • Company President Clarence Parks stated, "From the moment we completed this acquisition, our goal was to generate new streams of revenue to support our plans for aggressive growth. This new facility is the realization of that goal, and it is our desire to continue to be a major market force within this region."
The cat is out of the bag on this one, and you have to be ready for pullbacks and setups. We think now is a great time to be researching this trade. The Fundamentals and Price now offer a better value proposition, and consequentially let you know about it! Continue to do your due diligence, trade wisely, and be vigilant of the charts. Enjoy FCGD!

Stockchat LLC has received Thirteen thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of FCGD from a third party, RC Consulting. Stockchat LLC has been previously compensated sixteen thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of FCGD from a third party RC Consulting.

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Dalton Industries Inc. - ( DALT )

Some companies have been doing incredible, breakthrough research and making contributions to their respective industries while, all the while, not generating significant sales, recognition, or value in the public trading atmosphere. As other technologies, industries, and societies evolve and progress, the  "Monetization" of these Technologies and Ideas becomes possible. Such is the case with our Newest Alert - DALT - which specializes in the Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (VR), Visual Effects, Digital Content Creation, Gaming and other niche technology platforms and industries.

Oculus, Samsung, and Sony are developing Hardware and Software that implement Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platforms across the Gaming, Entertainment, Educational, and Content Creation/Computer Graphics Markets to name a few. Consumer interest in these areas is at an all time high. With recent hardware advances and product announcements from the aforementioned global blue-chips, the emerging market demand for quality content specifically produced for these platforms is set for explosive growth

Has DALT Penetrated these markets? Going alone is tough when your competitors are multi-billion dollar Tech Giants. So, why not Work With Them? Why not Develop a Hot Product, Plug-In, Software/Hardware that these behemoths allow and enjoy as it brings more content and consumers to their headsets, gaming stations, etc. DALT is positioned to go along for the ride, at the bare minimum, in a Wide-Open, Growth Market that has barely had its innovative surface scratched! There are No Monopolies, Penetration is just occurring within internal divisions at these blue-chip companies, and Investments are Now Picking Up! DALT, has been waiting to answer the call, waiting to strike once the value proposition was there and the markets were ready for their technologies and ideas. For the last 2 years, DALT has been researching and developing products, plug-ins, various tools, and devices for the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality mediums.

DALT is Piggybacking the User Growth of the Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR and Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset for the Playstation4. For their First Act, DALT is Pioneering 2 Novel VR/AR uses through the creation of a TV Series and 3D Content Creation Packages:

  • They are making the World's First Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality TV series. See Above for which technology they will need to make this happen! The two productions represent firsts in the entertainment world by targeting these emerging mediums across desktops, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. This Entertainment Medium creation has opened an entirely new door - DALT is the First on the Scene for what may be a monster market with every major TV player jumping on board. Who would they turn to for consulting, hardware, and software?

Do you know How Lucrative DALT's R&D, unreleased Products, and current products ready for commercial release can be? The TV Shows, Interactive Gaming Systems, Content Creation for Movies and Medias, Fitness Industry, Sports Training, Education, and other such platforms and markets are All Ripe for the Next Evolution in consumer digestion and producer processes. DALT is wisely seeking a Financial Home Run by utilizing their internal Skill sets, R&D, and pipeline to create Synergies and Dependencies within the Oculus, Samsung, and Sony VR Hardware Platforms and User Bases.

Per the Company, their commitment to Research and Development in their respective industries and technologies is persistent and never wavering. "From stereoscopic virtual cameras to character animation and modeling tools in Computer Graphics, our products are being used by artists worldwide. Chances are that if you are a fan of sci-fi and have been watching TV and movies over the last decade you have seen shots that were created using our tools and methodologies.

As we move into the future,  more of our technology will continue to emerge  into the view of the audience. With the increasing dependence of productions on Visual Effects and Digital Content Creation Tools, our commitment to Research and Development of next generation technology and products in these areas has never been greater."

At $.32, DALT now has a Market Cap of ~$19.2MIL as its OS sits at 60.2MIL out of available AS of 75MIL. Leading into their First PR, the stock ran from around ~$.13 to a High of $.24. Volatility quickly kicked in, and the stock bounced around to lows of $.05. There is now No Resistance for this Chart, and the Fundamental Future here looks like it could be absolutely awesome. We love the Bullish Trend in place here, and we think now may be the time to begin taking a very close look at this DAILY CHART for any potential entry points:

  • MACD remains in an Absolutely + Trend.
  • RSI is Bullish albeit a bit strong.
  • Volume has shown up and maintained some stability since the PR's began to hit.

The company continues to indicate that updates on current PR's and Projects should be expected. There is no telling what Prototypes, New Industry Entrances, Products, and Partnerships, this company may not be releasing........Yet.  The technologies and products this company offers are Lucrative and Intertwined with the Best in the Business.
 Do you think the Market Buzz created by the relationships developing in the AR field could funnel investments and attention this way? Support currently sits at $.17 (20SMA) and $.12 (50SMA), and traders should be vigilant of any pullback opportunities. The Targets for this stock are $.50 and $1.00 offering current buyers a possible Gain of 56% - 212%.

Dalton Industries Inc. ( conducts research and development in the Visual FX, Games, and Digital Content Creation industries. Founded in 2003, the company has worked on a variety of feature film, television and game productions creating pipelines and CG art, and provides supervision and consultation services in these areas. It produces tools, both hardware and software, for users who work in these industries, leveraging its knowledge and experience into commercial products.

Currently, the company is working on two software products for commercial release that relate to the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display Device and Leap Motion’s Leap Controller for use with content creation packages popular in the Visual FX, Games, 3D Animation and Audio production industries.
On the hardware front DALT is in the early stages of prototyping designs for a product that we cannot discuss publicly at this time.

On 9/29 Dalton Industries Inc. and Declaration Pictures Inc. Entered a Production Partnership. They Announced a Pair of the World's First Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality TV series with STASYS and KAZE: Ghostwarrior.

  • The companies will partner to produce two, all CG, action/drama series for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices including the Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR and Sony's Project Morpheus VR headset for the Playstation4. The two productions represent firsts in the entertainment world by targeting these emerging mediums across desktops, mobile devices and gaming consoles.
  • "The crossover market potential for these properties is huge. Every one of those fans has a smartphone, many have PS4 consoles and will specifically buy Sony's VR headset or both to watch the shows in VR. Almost all of them have a computer for gaming or home entertainment which can be used with the Oculus VR headset, an Augmented Reality head mounted display or watch the shows in conventional 2D/3D formats. We are hitting every medium possible. That's the opportunity for us," Myers continued.
  • Pre-production for both series will begin in the fall of 2014 with voice casting scheduled shortly there after. First episodes are slated to go into full production in the early months of 2015.
  • Dalton Industries Inc. will provide technology solutions and facilities for both productions.

On 6/19 Dalton Industries Inc. Announced they were Developing Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Connectivity for 3D Content Creation Packages.

  • The Company has begun development of a new plug-in for LightWave3D ( for use with the Oculus Rift ( Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display
  • Based on the company's popular Stereoscopic 3D and advanced multi-camera system for LightWave3D, UberCam, this new plug-in enhancement will greatly expand the creative potential of CG artists working in Stereoscopic 3D. 
  • "By combining the power of UberCam Stereoscopic 3D technology with the Oculus Rift we are able to utilize LightWave3D as a content creation tool working in Stereoscopic Virtual Reality. This gives artists immediate and immersive feedback with respect to the environments built in the computer, how characters interact with those environments and each other" says Dalton Industries Inc. President, Kelly Lee Myers.
    • Mr. Myers, a 20-year veteran of Visual Effects for Film, TV and Games, continued on to state:"The goal is to put artists 'on-set' in virtual reality as if they were part of the filming crews on real-life soundstages or location shoots. They will, along with actors and directors, be able to see things from their perspectives for the first time. By implementing this technology directly in the content creation package we are helping to save artists and studios time by removing the currently necessary step of exporting objects and scenes to a game engine such as Unity3D and Unreal UDK before being seen in VR with the Oculus Rift."
  • The company expects to make versions of the plug-in available to advanced beta testers by late summer 2014 and a fully production-ready retail edition shortly thereafter. It will be sold through, complete with video-based training and examples of its use. Mr. Myers added, "The Oculus Rift is perfect example of a tool that artists have long sought after for use in this manner and we expect everyone from hobbyists and large studios to take advantage of it. We are building this tool because we need it in our productions and for those of our clients, yet we know based on customer feedback that architectural visualization firms for example will benefit heavily from VR and this technology. The applications for its use are practically limitless."
As they move into the future, more AR-type technology will continue to emerge into the view of the audience. With the increasing dependence of productions on Visual Effects and Digital Content Creation Tools, their commitment to Research and Development of next generation technology and products in these areas has never been greater.

We believe this company is at the Beginning of a Product-Release and Market-Penetration Phase. There is no more exciting time to be lookingat this tock. Keep doing your DD, and trade wisely. Enjoy DALT!

Stockchat LLC has received five thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of DALT from a third party Microcap Innovations LLC.

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Posted by: pennystockspy
VIEWS: 405 Inc. - ( PLWY )

Wouldn't it be nice if you you found a Small-Cap company that had a Division solely dedicated to seeking out and researching Innovative Tech Start-Ups?

We are talking about the same Tech Start-Ups in the Cloud, Web, Mobile Gaming, and Mobile App Growth Industries that are either held by Private Equity firms or have had all of their value drained through advanced-stage IPO's.  Rarely do you have access to them.......until you see our Newest Alert, PLWY, and their Acquisition of Idea WebCatcher Holdings, Inc.

PLWY's Idea WebCatcher is Aiming to Close on or Partner with 10-15 companies/concepts over the next 18-36 Months! On Average, they are estimating respective Valuations of around ~$5MIL of Higher per Company for a cumulative Value of ~$75MIL.

Here is what Chariman Donald Monroe had to say concerning their new keystone subsidiary,    
    "We see tremendous opportunities for multiple revenue streams and
     ROI for our shareholders through Idea WebCatcher. We believe many
     of the ideas in development and that are being considered currently
     could generate $5,000,000 to $10 million or more in revenues each
     in less than 36 months."

Is WebCatcher ready to close deals and create value Now? They have several opportunities already under discussion and/or development that have great potential.

Idea WebCatcher Holdings, Inc. was established to identify and research primarily web- and cloud-based companies, applications and/or projects to incubate and assist operationally. With a number of projects already underway and others in consideration. That deal is still relatively fresh, closing in July. How has progress been? Since, their Growth-Tech Acquisition Model was initiated, PLWY's WebCatcher has achieved the following:

We love those Trades that have already Hit Rock Bottom, in our estimation, and put in the beginning of a Bounce. We found one for you, and this company has acquired a business that naturally brings a portfolio Diversification, Multiple Revenue Streams, and a chance to invest in and reap the rewards of a Venture Tech. Incubation or PE fund.

At $.0064, PLWY has JUST Closed Above the 20SMA for the first time since Late August. The Bullish Mood has been set! The Stock currently has a Sub-$2MIL Market Cap at $1,953,358 and a ~41MIL Float which may make a Vertical Move a bit easier to achieve on instantaneous accumulation. RSI was Oversold in late September, but the stock has Bounced back and Closed a Gap. With the Recent Breach of the 20SMA ($.0055), PLWY is begging to Return to its June-August $.01-$.02 Trading Channel or Higher. Take a Look at the DAILY CHART:

  • RSI is nearing a Bullish 50 Break as it hugs it at 48.
  • We have a +MACD CROSS! There is little historical reference to go on, but this is Always a Great TA Catalyst to have working in your favor.

More Deals are Expected to be Announced in the near future, and current deals have several updates to provide shareholders with. With an estimated ~$5MIL/each Average Valuation for the 10-15 deals the company has planned, PLWY alone sits with a smaller ~$1.9MIL Market Cap. Yes, these will take time to show audited and/or transparent value, but you have to be in it to win it.

The 50SMA and 200SMA offer Near-Term Targets at $.0094 and $.0198, and the 20SMA services as Support at $.0055. A Run back to the approximate, recent Trading Channel could provide current buyers with GAINS of 46% - 209%.

What was happening before this exciting development? Did you think PLWY was doing nothing before this? Think again. An existing business model offers one more division that can lead to synergistic relationships from Idea WebCatcher and possibly more stable financials. The company's existing operations are cemented in the Health and Wellness Industry - an Industry Exploding across multiple fronts. Recently, the media and country have showcased and coped with an obesity epidemic. A Technology driven business world deploys a skilled workforce often times from a cubicle and desk. Leisurely and recreational activities consist of "surfing" and "socializing", but they are surfing the web and socializing on a network. When society migrates towards one extreme it can often rebound hard to the other!

Enter the world of Proprietary Blends, Pre and Post-Workout Supplements, Fat Burners, Vitamins, and more! PLWY has taken this Industry head on with their own Energy Supplement called "EFL" (Energy for Life)

  • Just ad EFL to your favorite drink, and enjoy the increased stamina and enhanced mental clarity you need to be at your best.
  • EFL is loaded with vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. It also includes Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. But the real benefits come from its proprietary herbal formula which includes Yerba Mate and Green Tea Extract. And it contains just 10 calories, 0 fat and less than 1G net carb., Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. has historically been an international direct marketing company with an emphasis on its proven proprietary products including products related to the health and wellness industry. It has more recently began targeting companies with high growth potential in the technology sector that can be acquired. You can find more information on their home site at

Idea WebCatcher Holdings, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc., was established to identify and research primarily web and cloud based companies, applications and/or projects to incubate and assist operationally. With a number of projects already underway and others in consideration, we are excited about the potential for explosive growth of Idea WebCatcher.

On 7/31, Inc., Announced a Revenue Share Agreement with AppRocket Studio.

  • Their  wholly owned subsidiary Idea WebCatcher Holdings, Inc. has signed an exclusive agreement to proceed with eDev3, LLC for a revenue share venture with its digital games division AppRocket Studio.
  • AppRocket Studio is focused on developing digital game apps. It is preparing to release its first patent pending mobile game app in Q1 2015. An additional game has already been developed and will be beta testing by the end of the end of the year. Each of these games combined have over 150 add-on game packs also already developed for ongoing sales and revenues. Two additional games are in development also.
  • "We are excited to partner with AppRocket Studio as they roll out their digital gaming apps. A May 9, 2014 article in stated that between 2008 to 2013- digital games grew 350 percent to $14 billion, with $12 billion of that driven by free-to-play games on mobile and online. And according to’s July 9, 2014 article - According to a study highlighted in The Guardian, 85 percent of the top 50 grossing apps on Apple and Android stores across the world are games. We are going to complete our due diligence as quickly as possible so that we can ride this wave over the next few years of exponential growth." Gene Johnston, CEO

On 7/11’s Idea WebCatcher Announced Rights Acquisition to Proprietary Video Email Delivery Software.

  • During its prior testing, this software was successfully implemented by numerous political campaigns, national business associations, businesses, churches and individuals to deliver video messages to thousands of recipients with very positive results.
  • The software allows the user to deliver high quality video messages and other content in a branded template. The user then has the ability to track in real time the delivery of, minutes of video viewed, links clicked on and other significant data to measure the effectiveness of the content.
  • A statewide political campaign that used the software commented that its return on costs for donations was more effective than any other tool they had ever utilized.
    • As many as 10,000 users were exposed to the technology during its testing period. If we can achieve only 10,000 monthly subscribers, we could generate as much as $1,495,000 in gross monthly revenue or more.
  • "We are excited about this announcement, as we have seen the power and effectiveness of this software in action and have reviewed a number of the successful clients that utilized the software. The results were truly amazing. We already have a number of ideas for taking this tool to the next level and look forward to a rapid rollout to the general marketplace. This software taps into a number of areas that we know can be explosive, including: advertising, email delivery, video delivery, content management and branding just to name a few. It is not unreasonable to foresee significant numbers of users and revenues from this software by the first quarter of 2015, making it a very viable acquisition candidate in the social media arena." Donald Monroe, Chairman.

On 6/10 Accelerated its Idea WebCatcher Acquisition to Incorporate Related Technologies and Companies. The Focus is Now on Increasing Company Valuation Significantly.

  • PLWY is exploring establishing an early closing date on completing the Idea WebCatcher acquisition in order to initiate complementary technologies and businesses to incorporate into Idea WebCatcher, many in the early stages of development.
  • The process will be based on the concept of many popular talent search television programs on air today.  Could the next Facebook or Google be out there waiting to be given the opportunity to be developed?
  • "We believe that some of the greatest winners in web- and cloud-based products or platforms are still to be discovered. We intend to find several winners from the pool of submissions and help them develop to the point that they are generating significant revenue and are candidates to spin off into their own public entity or will be acquired. We don't have to be right every time to have success. We only have to be right once and we think there are multiple winners out there waiting to be taken to the next level." Gene Johnston, CEO.

We are excited about PLWY's WebCatcher. The existing deals are exciting, innovative, trend-seeking, and potentially lucrative. We think they are targeting all of the Right Markets in Mobile Gaming and a Unique Video-Email Platform. The Price and Market Cap offer possible upside, and the future has never been better for this company. Keep doing your research and continue to trade wisely. Enjoy PLWY.



Stockchat LLC has received Fifteen thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of PLWY from a third party Microcap Innovations LLC.


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Southern Home Medical, Inc.-  ( SHOM )

Obamacare has yet to fully grasp the satisfaction of people around the country, but that does not mean that the Healthcare sector is not growing Leaps and Bounds as Subsidies Flood in, Innovations Continue, and even more important, the Population of those Covered increases.

The Rise of the Insured Population means Big Money for the Insurance Companies, Hospitals, and other Healthcare service Providers. We love finding our subscribers, Cheap Market Caps, and companies that have Just Surged onto the Scene with Blockbuster Announcements and Breakout Charts. We have found you a trade with No Resistance in sight if the Buzz, News, and Pressure stays on.

SHOM is once such company that is seeking Lucrative Value Creation by servicing the Healthcare Industry. The company offers quality health care professionals and medical equipment to support hospitals.

At $.003SHOM may now be ready to Break out of its $.0015-$.0025 Channel that it resided in for most of 2014.

The company announced Franchise Buybacks in August and September after a string of silence. The Reaction? The stock Busted North on ~$150K Volume and Set the Stage for a Bullish Corporate Development scenario for the rest of the year.

SHOM, a Holding Company, services the healthcare industry through the following 2 Subsidiaries: 

  • Apnea RX: Apnea Rx is a Durable Medical Equipment Supply company serving the Upstate of South Carolina and surrounding communities.
    • Breathing equipment for patients with respiratory conditions such as: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Trach, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Asthma
    • They offer the latest technology in: Oxygen Concentrators, Portable Oxygen Tanks, Hospital Beds, Alternating Pressure Mattresses, Patient Lifts, Tracheotomy Supplies, Commodes, Walkers, Wheelchairs
  • Encore Medical Staffing: Encore provides medical staffing needs to hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, mental health centers and other medical facilities. 
    • Encore ensures success of each Encore franchise by providing all back office support, including billing, marketing and an IT infrastructure, from SHOM’s central office in South Carolina.

The News and Chart Breakout Impact could provide profit opportunities for timely traders who understand the possibilities that the right price, industry, market cap, and business strategy can provide! What Market Cap does SHOM currently have?

Market Value1 $733,530 a/o Oct 03, 2014
Shares Outstanding 244,509,988 a/o Jun 30, 2014
Float 165,034,542 a/o Jun 30, 2014
Authorized Shares 500,000,000 a/o Jun 30, 2014
Par Value 0.001

At $.003the company is currently valued at $733K! Nothing feels better when considering risk-aversion than knowing the trade you are considering entering has a sub $750K Market Cap. Let's look more closely at these recent deals that the company has pulled off.

Southern Home Medical, Inc. is a Holding Company with a focus on servicing the needs of the Healthcare Industry. The Company has quality health care professionals and medical equipment to support hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes and other medical facilities providing RN's, LPN's, CNA's, RT's, Billing Specialist, Customer Service Specialist. With contractual agreements in Columbia, Greenville, Florence, Myrtle Beach and Lake Hartwell, South Carolina; Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia. Southern Home Medical will leverage the success of these business areas to expand sales opportunities in other areas with health, medical and equipment needs. For more information visit their website at

On 9/22 Southern Home Medical, Inc Announced their Persistent in the Buyback of Franchisee Markets - SHOM intends to buyback Encore Medical Staffing franchisee markets. The Dallas, Texas; Lake Hartwell and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina markets have been completed.

  • Jeffrey L Sarvis, President & CEO of Southern Home Medical, "We are confident with our strategy. Our business forward includes current acquisition discussions with the Atlanta office, which is one of our biggest franchisees. Greenville, SC will also not escape our radar, as bringing this location in-house will be a win for the franchisees, staff and shareholders. This good news continues to demonstrate the positive impact the refocusing is having on the direction of the company. This will create a more competitive business, allowing us to expand our services to new clients, build our culture of excellence, and strengthen our branding efforts."
  • The company completed these transactions the last day of August with cash and stock. No debt was incurred for these transactions.

On 8/20 Southern Home Medical, Inc Announced the Buyback of Franchisee Markets.

  • The Company has completed the purchase of Encore Medical Staffing franchisee markets of Florence, Columbia, and Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
    • The buyback of these offices is a critical stage in expansion of our product mix and corporate revenues. These acquisitions will boost operations, marketing, HR compliance, revenues, cash management and budgeting.
    • Jeff Sarvis, President & CEO of Southern Home Medical, stated, "We are pleased with our acquisitions to date but more are close at hand. With our solid business plan moving forward, this is good news for our shareholders. This will create a more competitive business that allows us to expand our services to new clients, continue to build our culture of excellence, and strengthen our marketing efforts."
  • The company completed these transactions the last day of July with cash and stock.

After Busting out of the $.0015-$.0025 Channel on the aforementioned release, SHOM now has a Market Cap of ~$733K. The Stock hit Closing Highs of $.004 on 9/19 and Intra-day Highs of $.0044 on 9/30 before pulling back a bit. The Trend has been established, and we are hoping that solid support can be cemented at the 20SMA ($.0034) as traders look for potential entry options. We are looking for another Break and Hold of the 20SMA to catalyze a Bigger, more Explosive Run. Take a Look at the DAILY CHART:

  • Support is at the 50SMA at $.0028 until the stock can break the 20SMA ($.0034) and hold it.  As the Stock Rides the 20SMA Higher, it is trying to Hold above it and maintain the higher support level.
  • RSI is nearly Bullish crossing back and forth over the 50 RSI mark while currently at 47.
  • Accumulation is strong and the Accum/Dist indicator has trended upwards and remained there since the 8/20 PR.
  • Volume blasted off with the 8/20 release as ~$150K swapped hands.

There is NO Resistance here other than the 20SMA and Recent $.004 Highs. This baby could run and run big especially given the already relatively cheap Market Cap. Current Price Targets are $.0034, $.004, $.0044, and $.01. Runs to these levels could Net current buyers Gains of 13% - 33% - 46% - 233%!

Healthcare Small-Cap Trades have had a lot of success this year. We have seen a multitude of monster runs, and SHOM may be the next one. This trade has the Blue-Sky Breakout Chart setup, a Sub-$750K Market Cap, Great Buyback News, and Guidance for an explosive future. Keep doing your Due Diligence, and Trade Wisely as always. We hope you enjoy SHOM.



Stockchat LLC has received twelve thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of SHOM from a third party RTF LLC.

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First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc. - ( FCHS )

We have found our subscribers a Breakout Healthcare Solutions Trade that offers Financial growth from 2013-Present, a ~17.5MIL OS, a Chart that is Breaking Back North on Consistent ~$50K Volume, Diversified Holdings through Healthcare and Real Estate, Superior and World-Class Services, and much more.

At $1.18, FCHS has Bounced Back from its recent 2014-lows of ~$.80, and we are hoping this stock can make a Run to New 2014 Highs of $3.70+!!
The company has only positioned itself better since its $3.70 Trading Days in March, and the Financial Growth and Guidance continues to make a Bullish Claim for our newest alert. The company has Huge Plans for the Future as they are aiming for $60MIL-$80MIL in Sales in 2016 with 7 Centers Opening in 2015-2016. Our subscribers may be more interested in the projected $40MIL 2015 Sales Figure as the Last Quarter of 2014 nears.
There is So Much Taking Place with this company. They have beautifully detailed their aggressive growth plans, the advantages of their business model, and they have the financial growth history that may only increase Market Buzz and Possible Price Appreciation! Timing is Always Key, and we think the DAILY CHART looks Better than Ever at this current juncture with a rather strong base at $1.00.
  • The stock has Just Crossed the 20SMA ($1.07), and the Next Targets are the 50SMA ($1.31) and 200SMA ($1.89).
  • We are now just a few days into a +MACD Cross and have Rising Trader Action reaching nearly ~$80K on Wednesday.
  • Accumulation remains Strong, and RSI has Breached 50 (52.73) making this even More Bullish.
If FCHS can continue to strive closer to their Financial Goals and Achieve their identified Investment Catalysts, then this stock could be in for a Huge Run for the end of the year into 2015! Right now, Near-Term Targets are $1.31 - $1.89 - $2.50 - $3.70+. The Chart and Fundamentals are looking their BEST YET. Buyers at current prices stand to Make GAINS of 11% - 60% - 111% - 213% if this stock hits these targets!

First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: FCHS) is a diversified holding company focused on delivering clinically superior, patient-centric, multi-specialty care through state-of-the-art medical centers of excellence throughout the southeastern U.S. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the Company operates its business through First Choice Medical Group (FCMG) (, the Company’s flagship Medical Center of Excellence; and FCID Holdings, Inc., which operates the Company’s real estate interests, including Marina Towers, a six-story, Class A building located on the Indian River in Melbourne.First Choice’s mission is to transform, via acquisition and restructuring, multi-specialty clinics or physician-owned practices in select U.S. markets into world class, state-of-the-art medical centers of excellence, thereby establishing and extending the ‘First Choice Healthcare Solutions’ brand and reputation as a profitable, well-managed enterprise committed to improving the quality of life of the caregivers it employs and the health and wellness of patients and families it serves.For more information, please visit or
What are the Company's Real Estate Holdings? Marina Towers
  • Marina Towers is a Class A, 68,000 square foot, six story office building directly located on the Indian River in Melbourne, Florida. This building operates at full occupancy and is home to a number of marquis tenants, including UBS Financial, Support Systems and Modus Operandi, among others.
  • In addition to financial and technology tenants, the building also houses the Company’s corporate headquarters and the flagship Medical Center of Excellence: First Choice Medical Group.
Let's talk Valuations!!! Medical Center of Excellence: The Estimated Revenue When Fully Performing is $16-$20 Million!
  • 8-10 physicians
  • Orthopedics, Neurologists, Interventional Pain Medicine
  • Synergistic medical practices and diagnostic services
  • Facility 14,000 – 16,000 sf per center
  • Ancillary diagnostic services including MRI, physical therapy, X-ray and DME
The Investment Highlights per the Corporate Presentation are as follows:
Investment Highlights
  • Revenue from Q1 2014 climbed 59% to $2,234,753, up from $1,401,681 in Q1 2013
  • Revenue for FCMG is on track to grow from $6.5 million in 2013 to $9,500,000 in 2014
  • Strong cash position and positive cash flow
  • Poised to begin replicating proven, profitable model throughout the Southeastern U.S.
  • Completed a $2.32 million private offering with an institutional investment firm in late 2013
  • In November 2013, paid off or converted to equity over $1.2 million in debt
What are the Investment Catalysts? The Market is Huge, and FCHS is seeking to Offer Superior Services! Check out these Detailed Growth Prospects from the Corporate Fact Sheet.
Market Opportunity & Strategy: Trillion+ Dollar Market:
  • Total health care spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $4.8 trillion in 2021, up from $2.6 trillion in 2010 and $75 billion in 1970 according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • The Social Security Administration claims that 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day and there is a longer life expectancy. Health care in the U.S. is a massive industry but isn’t running efficiently.
  • First Choice understands the market and is poised and ready for rapid expansion. It has had year-over-year revenue growth and is projected to reach $9,500,000 in 2014, up from $6,507,842 from 2013.
  • With its flagship center in Melbourne, Florida serving as its proven model, FCHS plans to expand operations with the development of multiple Medical Centers of Excellence in targeted areas. First Choice’s management is actively engaged in identifying and pursing discussions with prospective acquisitions in those key target markets and looks to establish up to 5 additional multi-specialty Centers of Excellence by the end of 2016. The Company has a scalable corporate/support infrastructure in place that is ready to be leveraged and its current operations generate sustainable positive cash flow that will continue to strengthen and increase in 2014.
Multi-Specialty Center Of Excellence Model
  • By distinguishing its Medical Centers of Excellence as premier destinations for clinically superior, patient-centric care that is coordinated across a patient’s care continuum, FCHS expects to deliver more meaningful and collaborative doctor-patient experiences, accurate diagnoses, effective treatment plans, faster recoveries and materially reduced costs. Its strategic focus is to grow in select U.S. markets through selective employment centers that fit its defined acquisition criteria, including the following:
    • Presents the opportunity for FCHS to introduce additional revenue channels (i.e. on-site diagnostic equipment, synergistic medical disciplines, durable medical equipment (DME), related health and wellness products, etc.) that will support and promote enhanced, well-coordinated, patient-centric care while supporting and promoting profitable business operations;
    • Due diligence that supports economies of scale in billing, collections, purchasing, advertising and compliance can be fully leveraged to reduce expenses and fuel income growth; and
    • Presents the opportunity to increase awareness of FCHS’ brand; and aligns with and materially complements the Company’s inherent value proposition to patients, referring physicians and medical institution, insurers, employers and other healthcare stakeholders in the local market
Current operations generating sustainable positive cash flow that will continue to strengthen and increase in 2014
  • Materially strengthened Balance Sheet in Q413
  • Completed $2.32 million strategic financing with institutional investment firm
  • Converted $750,000 of short term debt to equity
  • Paid off approximately $1.2 million in outstanding debt
  • Scalable corporate/support infrastructure now in place;  ready to be leveraged
  • Have identified a number of locations that meet expansion criteria
Per the Corporate PowerPoint Presentation, What is the Growth Plan for 2014-2016?
  • Commit to Capital Formation Plan to Finance and Accelerate Growth
  • Establish Up to Four Additional Multi-Specialty Centers of Excellence by the End Of 2016
  • Pursue Up-listing on NASDAQ or NYSE in 2014
  • Take a Look at Actual Revenue and Projected Revenue figures for FCHS:
As has been indicated. The company is setting the stage for possible Continued Financial Growth. The company has already hit some huge winners with their 2013 Annual Report, 1Q of 2014, and 2Q of 2014 Financials! Let's look closer at these releases:
On August 14th, First Choice Healthcare Reported Record Revenue and Second Quarter 2014 Results! The Company Reported 51% Year-Over-Year Growth for the Six Months Ended June 30, 2014!
Here are the Highlights of the Q2 2014 Financial Summary:
  • 43% increase in total revenue to $2,107,164 for the second quarter ended June 30, 2014 as compared to $1,469,570 for the same period in 2013 driven by growth in net patient service revenue from the Medical Center of Excellence, FCMG
  • For the three months ended June 30, 2014, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary (Medical Division), First Choice Medical Group of Brevard, experienced a 53% increase in revenue to $1,848,441 from $1,208,813 for the same period of last year in its Medical Center of Excellence
  • Other operating expenses increased 38% for the three months ended June 30, 2014 to $427,056, as compared to $308,414 for the same period in the prior year due to the hiring of additional physicians and their support staff which occurred in the fourth quarter of 2013
  • General and administrative expenses for the three months ended June 30, 2014 were $669,208, as compared to $347,326 for the same period in the prior year, and was attributed to expenses related to the Company's growth and capital restructuring
  • For the three months ended June 30, 2014, net loss was $(448,571), or $0.03 per share, as compared to a net loss of $(120,392), or $0.01 loss per share, for the same period in the prior year. Additional expenses are attributable to investment in the Company's infrastructure to move forward with the growth of the business
Six Months Ended June 30, 2014 Financial Summary
  • 51% increase in total revenue to $4,341,917 for the six months ended June 30, 2014, up from $2,871,251 over the same period of 2013 driven by growth in net patient service revenue from the Medical Center of Excellence, FCMG
  • For the six months ended June 30, 2014, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary (Medical Division), First Choice Medical Group of Brevard, experienced a 63% increase in revenue to $3,821,271 from $2,343,825 for the same period of last year in its Medical Center of Excellence
  • Operating expenses increased 40% for the six months ended June 30, 2014 to $856,347, as compared to $612,889 for the same period in the prior year due to the hiring of additional physicians and their support staff which occurred in the fourth quarter of 2013
Here is what the CEO had to say concerning recent financial results: Chris Romandetti, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of First Choice, noted, "During the second quarter of 2014, we continued to invest in the infrastructure for our future growth and profitability. We are excited to see the momentum pick up as we reported a 51% year-over-year growth for the six months ended June 30, 2014 which consists of a 63% growth in our core operating business in net patient service from our wholly owned subsidiary, the Medical Center of Excellence, FCMG. Our top line revenue has generated double digit increases, and revenue from operations show strong, positive growth. In addition, we are very pleased that our EBITDA remains positive for the six months ended June 30, 2014 at $255,623. Our Real Estate Division, The Marina Towers, remain consistently strong with a 95% occupancy of our Class A, six story professional office building located in Melbourne, Florida. We are committed to revenue generation and prudent financial oversight and are optimistic that we will be able to execute our expansion strategy as our resources allow."
  • Total revenues climbed 59% to $2,234,753, up from $1,401,681.
  • Net patient service revenue from the Company's Medical Center of Excellence, First Choice Medical Group of Brevard, rose 74% to $1,972,830 from $1,135,012.
  • Net income from operations doubled, increasing 102% to $199,310 from $98,908.
  • Notwithstanding non-cash expenses for depreciation and amortization of $134,719, net income from operations for the first quarter of 2014 totaled $334,028, as compared to net income from operations in the first quarter of 2013 of $221,428 after deducting non-cash expenses for depreciation and amortization expenses of $122,620.
  • Net loss decreased 86% to $35,099, or $0.00 per basic and diluted share, as compared to a net loss of $255,069, or $0.02 loss per basic and diluted share, for the same period in the prior year.
  • As of March 31, 2014, the Company had cash and restricted cash totaling approximately $614,389; and accounts receivable of $1.75 million.
  • Chris Romandetti, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of First Choice, noted, "Growth momentum that began in early 2013 in our Medical Center of Excellence, First Choice Medical Group of Brevard, LLC, located in Melbourne continues to be encouraging. With net income from operations showing strong, positive growth, we are very pleased with our overall financial performance and believe that it demonstrates that our strategy is on course and the focused execution of our business plan is indeed getting results. We are optimistic that, assuming these favorable trends continue, we will be able to execute our expansion strategy as our resources allow."
  • Total revenues climbed 71% to $6.51 million from total revenues of $3.81 million reported for 2012.
  • Net patient service revenue generated by the Company's flagship medical center of excellence, First Choice Medical Group of Brevard ("FCMG"), more than doubled, rising 106% to $5.46 million as compared to $2.65 million in the prior year.
  • The company lead into these stellar results and guidance On January 16th with this PR: First Choice Healthcare Solutions Announced Preliminary Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Unaudited Revenue Results.  The Company Expected to Report Record Revenues of Approximately $6.5 Million for 2013, Up 70% Over the Prior Year!
What else can be said! There is detailed planning that has gone into this business model, and they are executing their business plan perfectly so far. The Future looks stunningly Bright if this company can cross of their goals one-by-one. You see what they need to make their Plans a Reality. So, be vigilant, and keep doing your Due Diligence on these Investor Presentations/Fact Sheets and Financials. We hope you enjoy FCHS!

Stockchat LLC has received six thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awerness of FCHS from a third party SmallCapSpecialist LLC.
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Resource Ventures Inc - ( REVI )


The Cannabis, Hemp, and affiliated Industries have Exploded this year due to Growing State Legalization, Political Backing, and Investments making their way into these markets. New Products, Technologies, and Innovations have arrived on the scene.

Hemp has gained much attention over the years, never more than now, as a durable and versatile resouce. We love Boring Business Operations and Products if the Sales are Substantial, and Growth is Eye-Popping. After REVI Ran to a possible ~123% Gain just Days after our Last Alert on 8/18, the compay dropped even More Impressive Developments. Volume was around $225K, and it never looked back, crushing old averages.
On 10/1 REVI Anticipated Reporting its 2nd Consecutive Million-Dollar Quarter! As the 3Q closes REVI sees 3Q Revenues nearly matching 2Q 2014's Record Revenues of $1,089,000.  For YoY, 3Q 2013's Revenue was $754,662, meaning this year's Third Quarter Revenue represents an over 30% increase from the previous year's comparable quarter.
If you recall the last alert, REVI did ~$2.3MIL in SALES and ~$166K in Net Income in 2013! The partnerships, deals, hemp industry, and IHMMCC Deal were only adding fuel to this fire! The REVI price had fallen to 2014 LOWS, but the market concensus has changed since.  On our 8/18 Alert, REVI detailed the aforementioned Q2 Successes - REVI Posted Record Quarterly Revenues and Earnings!
  • Company has Posted Record Quarterly Revenues of $1,089,370.00, and Record Quarterly Net Income of $ 184,435.00, for the 2nd Quarter Ended June 30, 2014.
  • The 2Q 2014 Revenue of $1,089,370.00 represents 47% of the entire revenue for all of 2013. Additionally, the 2Q 2014 Net Income of $184,435 exceeds the Net Income for all of 2013. Mrs.
  • Kaiser said that, "We are very excited about the explosive growth that we are experiencing in 2014," and added, "We look forward to continued growth into 2015. Our Joint Venture with Hemp, Inc. to publish 'The Hemp Nation Magazine' continues to progress and we anticipate publishing our first issue soon. 
Liquidity and Trader Buzz is almost unparalleled in the Small-Cap Universe, and we have Alerted many Marijuana-related Trades that have ridden the coattails of some more advanced companies.
We have found our subscribers a Great HEMP-related Trade in REVI - Resource Ventures IncThe company has been doing business for 27 years in the Printing, Direct Mail, and in more current times Graphics, Promotional Needs, Banners/Posters, and more.

Recall the Significance of doing business with a Successful Company, HEMP, that is taking more and more of the Market Share - the proof of their incredible, blockbuster success is in their Press Releases, Financials, Market Cap, and Brand Name!
HEMP Created IHMMCC to publish "The Hemp Nation Magazine", a keystone of their marketing program along the lines of historically successful Marijuana publications. Who, among a few other companies, do they want to Produce, Edit, and Publish the industrial hemp magazine? REVI!
At $.025, REVI has now created a Higher Trading Channel Above the 200SMA and 20SMA's at $.019. RSI, at 633, signifies that this stock now has a Bullish Trend and there is more room to possibly run.

Since August 14th, REVI has grown from $.0071 to its current price of $.025 for a Gain of 252%. Don't worry though, there may be Much Bigger Profits on the Way. This stock had been Riding BELOW the 3 SMA's since Mid-JUNE making a Breakout and Bullish Trend nonexistent.  That has been put to an end! Check out the DAILY CHART!
  • RSI has Bounced back from its Oversold ~23 at pre-last alert to a Bullish ~63! The Uptrend and Higher Channel was established.
  • +MACD Cross Hit a wee ago, and the one Sustained in late-May sent the stock ~83% Higher! The Run after the Last Alert was assisted with a +MACD Cross as well.
  • Support is at the 20SMA ($.019), 200SMA ($.019), and 50SMA ($.016)Last week saw the equity BREAK and HOLD the 200 and 50 SMA's! 
The Stage is set. Volume has been rocking since the 8/18 Alert, and this stock already had some incredible action through 2014 to begin with. There is a Perfect Storm of TA Catalysts Hitting in Unison here, and the NEWS FLOW only makes this Trading Opportunity that much stronger!

With the 50/200 SMA's Now Supporting at $.019 there is no real technical resistance on the Daily Chart. After that, Traders are Targeting $.0422 (200SMA on Weekly), $.064 (2014 Highs) and $.10.

Current Buyers stand to make some serious gains if this Bullish Trend continues. If these Targets are Hit, Buyers could make GAINS of 68% - 156% - 300% !
What des Mgmt See in Store for REVI in 2014? The Future Looks Green! SInce the Last Update, the IHMCC Consulting Agreement is now terminated. The Company continues with HEMP Magazine and in a different and more efficient and exciting manner.
  • The Board of Directors and the Company have redoubled their commitment to accelerating the growth of Resource Ventures Inc. in 2014, spurred on after posting record annual revenues of $2,311,959.00 and record net income of $166,559.00, for the year ended December 31, 2013.
  • Development continues on Resources On-line Printing Platform, www. "The full rollout of Wikiclickprint is very close and our customers will love it" said Kaiser. (which is "under construction") is our On-line Print Order website.
  • The Company has determined that it is in the Company's best interest to discontinue the Company's consulting agreement with The Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company, Inc. This discontinuance will have no bearing on moving forward with the publishing of HEMP Magazine.  The Company stands ready to print the magazine upon receipt of additional content from HEMP.
  • Regarding the cannabis media and publishing business, according to Michael Cipolla, "The Company is more than capable of achieving its objectives.  This new approach will better position the Company to remain compliant with respect to issues surrounding this industry, and enable us to maneuver un-incumbent of others whom may not embrace an ideology of complying with industry rules or are too aggressive for our comfort". 
  • We are also excited about the formation of our own wholly owned subsidiary, "One Plant One Planet, Inc.", and the relevant media platform that this can provide to an ever growing industry.

Resources Printing & Graphics is a "Total Graphics" company with its roots in offset printing & direct mail. The company entered an agreement with Hemp, Inc's IHMMCC to publish "The Hemp Nation Magazine". According to the agreement, while Hemp, Inc. will to produce and edit all content for the industrial hemp magazine, REVI will bear responsibility for publishing the magazine. It is anticipated that hemp paper will be used for at least some of the material for publishing the magazine, including the cover. Although based in Southern California and Colorado, their production plants are located across the US and in China. Their model is simple; customer service is first, with the best quality products available and fast turnarounds. Their clients count on them for all their graphics needs, including offset printing, direct mail, promotional items, banners & posters, packaging, point of purchase, binders and more. Resource Ventures, Inc. has served customers nationwide for over 27 years and will be expanding into the international market. Resources Printing & Graphics is in the early stages of their new online print and graphics website "". Customers simply upload their artwork to the site or use templates to create unique graphics.

The Company is well positioned for significant future growth. For More Information please visit the home site at ( - You can find Details on the Services mentioned and Promotion Division at and respectively.


The Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company, Inc. (IHMMCC) pulls industry information from a vast network of specialists that consists of other public industry, public companies’ CEOs and networks of experts, bankers, investors, lawyers, other consultants, industry analysts, and non-profits connected to this industry as well as the traditional industry experts in all areas of the various business opportunities the industry presents. As the only CEO of two publicly traded companies in this sector, Perlowin have an unrivaled wealth of knowledge and experience. This culmination of knowledge and experience has even attracted the attention of banks, which want in on the billions of dollars flowing through the public company sector of this industry.
The company started 2014 with a growth announcement that sent the Stock Flying to $.06+!!! On January 22nd A Milestone was Achieved in the Promotional Products Division!
  • President Bob Thompson announced then that the Company's wholly owned subsidiary, Resources Printing and Graphics, Inc. (RP&G) had achieved a milestone in their Promotional Products in that the division has grown to represent 25%+ of the overall revenue of Resources Printing & Graphics.
  • "15 years ago RP&G started their Promotional Products division to satisfy the many customer requests received on a daily basis.  RP&G's printing customers kept pressing us to take on more of their other graphic needs. They like the 24/7 service we offer (If you're working we're working!) and just wanted us to do more for them.  Now over a half million products are offered from pens to cups to watches - anything you want to put logo or message on, we can likely do," Mr. Thompson stated.
  • The magazine ad pages printed on "Hemp Paper" are a custom printing option provided by Resource Ventures Inc., (REVI) for inclusion in domestic specialty magazine publications. The company prints the hemp material pages and integrates them into the magazine as part of a typical bindery operation.
  • Cal-Bay's "Legal Hemp" subsidiary plans to include the "Hemp Page" ad in a July edition of  a popular Cannabis related magazine distribution printed and distributed by Resource Ventures Inc.,
  • Kimberly Kaiser, President of Resource Ventures Inc., stated  that "there is a growing demand and interest among not only the cannabis friendly community but also the general population overall toward using hemp paper, and we are happy to supply them." Additionally she added "Hemp paper is not only very high quality, but also very eco-friendly."
The previous deal came on the heels of an Official Market Entrance Announcement from the company. On March 4th REVI Aggressively Entered the HEMP PAPER Printing Industry!
  • The company is working quickly to secure high quality supplies of hemp paper for all types of printing including business cards. Mrs. Kaiser said that, "There is a growing demand and interest among not only the cannabis friendly community but also the general population overall toward using hemp paper, and we are happy to supply them."
  • The Company looks forward to capitalize on the opportunity to provide hemp paper to the growing number of businesses that are getting into all types of hemp and, cannabis, and medical marijuana businesses. Hemp paper will also be used for the upcoming publication of "The Hemp Nation Magazine," which is a joint venture with HEMP.
The story begins to unfold for the One Plant One Planet Project, HEMP Magazine, and REVI's other corporate growth objectives sought via other partnerships,,, and more!

This is an Exciting Time and Price to be Looking at Entering or Adding this stock. They have PROVEN FINANCIAL Successes in 2013- 2014, and we hope that the trend continues. Continue to do your due diligence and trade wisely! We hope you enjoy REVI!


Stockchat LLC has received Fourty Thousand Dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of REVI from a third party Source Venture Communications S.A. Stockchat LLC has previously received a total sum of Eighty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Dlrs for the managing of awareness of REVI from a third party Source Venture Communications S. A.
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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. - ( NTEK )
Technology is a Monster, and NTEK is a 6 headed one with a diverse range of products and technologies covering a multitude of entertainment industries.  This Growth-Equity is Incredibly Liquid trading $100,000-$200,000 on the normal. 
This holding company has been Trading in Waves with a $.05 Base. Recently, the stock did see a Dip to 52-Wk Lows at $.037 on June 16th. Amid these Trading Waves from ~$.05 - ~$.09, the Releases and Volume keep Flooding in. 
Will this Stock Push Back to the $.098-$.15+ Range soon and Net Traders possible Gains of 71%-163%?? These are about as Quality as you can get in the small-cap universe! Will this Stock Push Back to the $.098-$.15+ Range soon and Net Traders possible Gains of 71%-163%?? The Last time we Alerted NTEK, we saw the Following Business Releases:
  • New, First 4K Ultra High Definition Experience Delivered Over Streaming Wi-Fi Network
  • Super Financials hitting $800K last Quarter with the Stock Buyback Program reaching Phase 3 whereby 238MIL Shares had been returned to Treasury in 2013.
  • Company showed its concern of the common shareholder and desire to Build Value in all ways possible. Moves like this separate the company from the other 99% of penny stocks.
  • Several New Partnerships have been created as NEW TV Channels have been developed covering Sports, VOD, Literature, and more.
  • NTEK is Targeting PROFITABILITY in 2013 as QoQ Top Line Growth continues to impress.
  • NTEK is seeking a NASDAQ Listing, 10 Patents, and Growth across Multiple Divisions as they open new offices and have hired entire teams! The Future Looks Incredible!

It is Important to Remember the Ambitions and Beginnings of an Alert that our Subscribers had HUGE potential ROI's with!! Since then, the company has been on a Tear by pulling off huge Partnerships in the Entertainment and Media Industries among others. Here is what we have seen the company pull off over the past few months:

  • Added 45 New Concerts, Music and Sports Videos to UltraFlix 4K Ultra HD Network
  • Welcomed Entertainment Industry Veteran Tom Cosgrove to Content Advisory Board
  • Deal to Deliver MUSE – Live at Rome Olympic Stadium on UltraFlix 4K Streaming TV ServiceBusiness 
  • Appointed Entertainment Executive Rod Riegel to Content Advisory Board
  • NanoTech to Present at BroadbandTVCon
  • UltraFlix 4K IPTV/OTT Streaming Service Achieves New Status with the World’s Largest Library of 4K VOD Content
  • Added Seventy New 4K Ultra HD Titles to its UltraFlix 4K IPTV/OTT Streaming Service
  • Appointed Blake Brown Lead Technical Developer for its Global Media BusinessBusiness Wire(Tue, Apr 22)
  • NanoTech and OUYA Partner to Bring Games to the Nuvola NP-1 Streaming Media Player
  • Added to its NAB 4K Streaming Interop-Demo List
  • UltraFlix 4K IPTV/OTT Streaming Service Expanded its Catalog with over 150 hour 4K Ultra HD Entertainment
  • UltraFlix 4K IPTV/OTT Streaming Service Added to Its Sports and Lifestyle 4K Offerings with 12 Red Bull Media House Films

Headquartered in San Jose, CA NanoTech Entertainment is a technology company that focuses on all aspects of the entertainment industry. With six technology business units, focusing on 3D, Gaming, Media & IPTV, Mobile Apps, and Manufacturing, the company has a unique business model. The company has a diverse portfolio of products and technology. 

 More information about NanoTech Entertainment and its products can be found on the web at

How is the Company's Structure Broken Down? The Major Players at this moment are...
  • NanoTech Gaming Labs operates as a virtual manufacturer, developing its technology and games, and licensing them to third parties for manufacturing and distribution in order to keep its overhead extremely low and operations efficient in the new global manufacturing economy. 
  • NanoTech Media develops proprietary technology which it licenses to publishers for use in their products as well as creating and publishing unique content. 
  • NanoTech Media Technology includes the world's first 4K Ultra HD streaming solution. NanoTech Communications develops and sells proprietary apps and technology in the Mobile and Consumer space. Clear Memories is the global leader in 3D ice carving and manufacturing technology. 4K Studios creates digital 4K Ultra HD content using both licensed materials as well as original productions. NanoTech is redefining the role of developers and manufacturers in the global market.
There is a reason why NTEK continues to have crazy dollar volumes with consistency for all of 2014. NTEK Management have set the tone and are letting shareholders know that they mean Business. This company is spitting out new developments in all 3 business areas with every glance back. The Trend is clearly in place, and we think that this May only get stronger. Do not be surprised if Sales begin to soar and NTEK GOES VERTICAL!!!
As stated, NTEK has 6 divisions:

  • NanoTech Media focuses on the emerging IPTV market with a variety of technology and content published on the Roku platform

  • Gaming technology for Social, Consumer, Coin-Op and Casino Markets. NanoTech Gaming Labs is a virtual manufacturer of innovative products that re-define the state of game play on the PC or gaming station.

  • NanoTech Communications focuses on the Mobile space, including developing technology and Apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

  • The next generation cloud based advertising platform
    3D-without-glasses technology has proven itself as the most effective way of capturing a consumer's attention. 
  • Magic Screen has developed the first true full HD 3D-no-glasses displays and delivers an affordable product that cannot be ignored in the next generation of advertising platforms.

  • Our triple-flash scanning offers the best capture of print film shadow detail of any film scanner on the market

  • Ice Scultping at a Higher Level. 


The Developments in 2014 are showing the Ambitions, Aggressiveness, and Successes of all Divisions under the NTEK umbrella. As shown above, this company is hitting a lot of big winners in releases over the past few months. The company has Added 45 Sports, Entertainment, and Music Stations, is Streaming a major LIVE MUSE Concert, added 70 New 4K Ultra HD Titles, and has Accumulated the World’s Largest Library of 4K VOD Content. Let us not forget that NTEK was gunning for Profitability this year, and we may still see it yet by year-end! The Shareholder Meeting Summary from 2013 gave us Great Insight to the DAZZLING Reailty and Future for NTEK!

  • Quarter to date financials were reviewed, with the company already achieving its Q2 2013 (Q4FY2013) revenue goals posting over $800,000 in revenues in the current quarter.
  • Director Ted Campbell discussed plans to plans on getting fully audited financials and up listing to the NASDAQ exchange. 
  • Jim Hernandez, Senior VP of Gaming kicked off the technical product presentations reviewing the gaming product lineup including the Pinball Wizard 2 Gaming controller for PC, XBOX and PlayStation; Redemption games Jumper and Masher; Updates to the MultiPin pinball machine and expansion into mobileand TV games.
Let not forget the Patents? NTEK is going after them!!!
  • NTEK Research Labs division preiously announced their focus on the filing of 10 patents in 2014 for various NanoTech technology that has been developed.

Add all of this up and you get a DAILY CHART that is looking Hotter and Hotter by the Day! This company is accelerating at a Bullish Pace, and the New 52-Wk Lows make this price more opportunistic than ever! There is stable Support at $.05, but make sure it holds and does not drop back to 52-wk lows

  • Accumulation and MACD are beginning to turn up and bottom out respectively.
  • Resistance and Initial Targets are $.064 (50SMA), $.071 (20SMA), $.098 (200SMA), ~$.15+ (~2014 Highs).

Runs to these Target Points of $.064, $.071, $.098, and $.15 could NET currnet Buyers possible Gains of 12%-24%-71%-163% and maybe Much More given the forthcoming developments!

You may want to READ some of thise Guidance Points again! Let it sink in - possible NASDAQ Listing, Growing Station List, Patents, New hires, the World’s Largest Library of 4K VOD Content, and more!
We hope you Enjoy this absolutely Incredible Trade. We were delighted to research and discover the grand future this company has laid the groundwork for. Keep doing your due diligence, and trade wisely! We hope you enjoy NTEK!

Stockchat LLC has received Fourteen thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of NTEK from a third party. Stockchat LLC has previously received a total of Fifty four thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awreness of NTEK from a third party which has since expired.


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IL2M International Corp - ( ILIM )

ILIM is blending the bustling, growing industries of Music Entertainment and Social Media in an aggressive and quick manner. The press releases have been blaring, and Volume is being turned to the Max as this stock gains a strong buzz.  

The company Officially entered these industries with their Breakout and Visionary release on February 19th: I Link 2 Music Announced a Director of Digital Mobile Convergence and their Cultural Strategy. Then on March 18th, the markets were given the first Tangible Growth release with the following PR and have since seen an exciting groundwork laid for the rest of 2014 -  I Link 2 Music Began Construction of its First Commercial Radio Station.

Why is this significant, innovative, and different?
"With this station, we'll be broadcasting over the biggest stick of them all -- the Internet," said Damizza, Director of New Media Development. "By taking traditional radio programming methodology and marrying it with the new opportunities afforded by the Internet, iLink2Music is hoping to create a dynamic experience that listeners will demand!"  "We are building a complete commercial radio station with all the bells and whistles. With the rise of streaming music services providing listeners with computer-based programming, there is a growing sense of disconnect from the magical moments that radio delivered in the past. While computer algorithms can select the next song to play, nothing replaces real human interaction. It's these personalities that create experiences and connections that build a strong sense of community," states Mr. Sarkis Tsaoussian, President of iL2M.
After Trading between $.30-$.60 for most of this equity's liquid life, the stock quietly fell to its current position of $.06. Volume has risen substantially since mid-July as the releases continue to flow. The Lower Valuations and Cheaper Prices offer better Entry Prices to Traders looking for Bounce Opportunities! Once you see what the company has achieved over the past few months, their business strategy going forward, and chart setup, you will see why we Alerted ILIM.
Along with their Entrance into the Respective Markets and Construction of their first Commercial Radio Station, ILIM has achieved the following advancements since March of 2014:

iL2M (ILIM) is an emerging music entertainment and social media company based out of Burbank, California. The company is in beta to launch the digital media platform, which provides an evolutionary online application that consolidates the way people enjoy and manage their social media, music, and entertainment. The company intends to generate exclusive online celebrity radio, video, events, and content, and generate revenue from multi-sensory branding, content licensing, co-creation, and product placement through an immersive user experience. For more information, please the home site at
This company is covering all of their internal bases through a multitude of Strategic Hires. They have brought on Top Names per respective position with industry excellence and loads of experience and pivotal relationships and branding that should help this company grow in a swifter and more targeted, efficient manner! The Hires have hit Often in the past few months.

As shown above, the company made a big splash initially by winning Damizza as the Director of New Media Development! Since then we have seen these big names added to Key Roles, and the effects could soon begin coming to fruition:
  • Yulia Gonzalez as Social Media Director
  • Fashion/Beauty Photographer James A. Ruggiero
  • Lawrence S. Lotman to Advisory Board
  • "Bassy" Bob Brockmann to the Advisory Board
  • John Halterman as Imaging Director
  • Ricky St. Hilaire as Director of I.T. & Engineering
  • Jerry Blair and GEM to Facilitate Entertainment and Artist Management
On July 8th, iL2M Launched - their first Web Platform and a Huge Move in the Right Direction!
  • or is a co-creation based fashion/beauty portal that will give users access to our various websites covering Teen, Urban, EDM, Japanese, Korean, Bollywood and High Fashion. Each category will have its own web page address and social media handle allowing us to have more websites and content per website.
    • Our content, specifically tailored for mobile devices, will be co-created with Generation C -- "The Connected Customer", makeup artists, fashion designers and brands. Since the format of our platform will be mobile, picture and video based, it will encourage Generation C to co-create, write, watch and engage with us from anywhere.
  • We have two initial platform content strategies.
    • Our Video Content Strategy focuses on co-creating content with established YouTube makeup artists who we believe have between 250K to 1 Million followers, recording artists who we believe have a fan base of 50K to 1 Million followers, beauty brands and Generation C.
    • Our Magazine Content Strategy focuses on co-creating mobile fashion magazine content with brands, fashion designers, writers, artists, recording artists, celebrities, and Generation C. iLink2Fashion Magazine will co-create, write, produce and also interview celebrities with Generation C. We will release two issues per month to keep up to date with fashion. We will also give fans "behind the scenes content" such as makeup looks from makeup artists, fashion looks from fashion designers, showcase fans' makeup and fashion looks, and sponsor co-creation contests on our various social networks.
  • We believe that YouTube makeup artists have grown exponentially in the last few years. Brands are now using these artists to advertise their products to Generation C who want to see beauty products used on trusted Internet stars before they buy products themselves. 
    • YouTube makeup artists will apply the beauty products and voice the tutorials and Generation C will co-create the looks that they want to see on the artists. Brands and sponsors will also be able to co-create with Generation C, Recording Artists and Makeup Artists. 
  • Contesting will also be done through mobile devices. With a passion for fashion and content, our writers will be Generation C. We will also include guest celebrity writers and professionals from the fashion industry within our platform.
    • We are currently working on partnering with various fashion/beauty schools with a view to give their students a platform to co-create their very own designs and artistry with brands and Generation C. In addition, we will also have fashion co-creation contests, giving winning students exposure and an opportunity to show their lines on our website.
  • "We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our first web portal," states Mr. Tsaoussian, President of iL2M. "We are very confident that will be able to involve users in more captivating and colorful ways both through mass collaboration and profound co-creation."
  • The company has announced plans to generate revenue through web platforms.
  • iL2M's new co-creation social media platform is currently in development and was planned to be launched during the month of July 2014. Management believes that competitors such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube have not yet explored iL2M's approach. By combining co-creation with star power, we expect that our exciting interactive social media platform will generate millions of active followers and revenue in 2014.
  • "Once we launch, our valued shareholders should be the first to sign up as members," states Mr. Tsaoussian, President of iL2M. "One of our newer platforms will be launched in the coming days and we believe that its ability to attract users, advertisers and generate revenue will increase shareholder value in the next quarter of 2014."
At $.06, ILIM is right at its 52 Week Lows. The stock has seen intraday Volatility from $.05 to $.19, so there is definitely some Strong Action to the upside.

The company is pushing forward and executing their plan, yet the Stock Price has fallen from $.30-$.60 Ranges all the way down to $.06. Based on Recent Action, one could surmise that this DAILY CHART is resady for a Bounce and some Major potential Gains!
  • Accumulation has Picked up immensely since late-July, and Volume has Soared since mid-July.
  • Support is right at $.05 and RSI lows of ~31.
  • Initial Targets are the SMA Resistance Levels of $.08 (20SMA), $.22 (50SMA), and $.42 (200SMA).  If ILIM Breaks the 20SMA, then this stock may make traders some major coin. A Run to these Levels could Net Traders Gains of 33%-266%-600%!!!
This stock is possibly poised for some Big-Time Gains given the recent Volatility Bounce Potential that we have seen on the intraday basis. The current beaten down prices, nearing SMA Break Potential, and News Breakout gives ground for this equity possibly having its Best Risk/Reward scenario yet. Continue to do your due diligence, and trade wisely. We hope you enjoy ILIM!

Stockchat LL has received twenty seven thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of ILIM from a third party Micro-Capp Innovations.

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PositiveID Corporation - ( PSID )

How does a 20SMA Break at 2014 Price Lows sound? Does $4MIL-$10MIL in Sales through to the end of 2015 sound good for a $.0486 stock in the Growing Bio-Threat Industry? 

Once you see who the major players are that PSID works with, you may see that this company is head and shoulders above any other small-cap competitors. At this juncture, this best-in-breed has so much going for it and the price is the icing on the cake. We just had to Alert PSID!
PositiveID Corp. (PSID) is an emerging player in the bio-threat detection market. They develop molecular diagnostic systems for bio-threat detection and rapid medical testing. The Company's proprietary airborne pathogen detection system called M-BAND (Microfluidic Bio-agent Autonomous Networked Detector), was developed under contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") Science & Technology directorate, and $30 million of contract funding. It's Good Business to be on the Inside and have Contractual-History with the USA Government via DHS!
Timing is the Name of the Game for Small-Cap Trading, and PSID is coming off some Huge Guidance Announcements after a Strong 2014 that has seen more Partnerships, Sales Contracts, and Product Innovations.

This is a Fundamentally Strong stock indeed and a Rare Find down here at $.0486. We Love seeing Great Stocks have their Prices Decimated amidst Trader Accumulation and their Best Fundamental Situation YET in the company's history!
Why is NOW the Time to seriously consider Buying this Stock?
  • The Company is nearing initial revenue recognition and the recent first ever issuance of revenue guidance by management builds confidence that progress is being made and that we have visibility to deployment of the Company's products. The Company issued revenue guidance through the end of 2015 of $4-10 million (combined between 2014 and 2015), $3.5 million of which is already in backlog.  2014 has been a Blockbuster Year for this trade. The equity began the year in the $.025-$.035 range and bolted to intra-day highs of $.125 and Closing Highs of $.11 in Late February. Since, the stock has seen a downward trend with some Plunging Volatility in late-May/early-June and Recent Lows of $.042 - Support Levels.
Currently, PSID is Hugging the 20SMA as the stock has danced back and forth with the catalyzing indicator.The Fundamentals are STRONG, and the Chart is starting to present a Beautiful Opporuntiy for bottom-feeding traders looking to score on a stable small-cap trade. This company has a lot going for it. Check out the Daily Chart:
  • Support is near the current price at $.042 - Recent Lows.
  • RSI is flirting with a 50 break at its current ~46 position.
  • MACD remains in a + Trend as the stock keeps its Bullish look.
  • Accumulation has really taken off since June, and Traders continue to load this stock furiously.
  • Resistance is at the 20SMA ($.05) and the 50/200 SMA's ($.06).
Initial Targets for Traders here are $.06, $.08, $.125. If the stock continues to Buzz on Revenues and Corp. Developments, then a Break-and-Hold of these SMA's may initiate a Big Breakout. Current Buyers may stand to make Gains of 23%-65%-157% on runs to these levels!

PositiveID Corporation™ (OTCQB: PSID) is an emerging growth company and developer of biological detection systems for America's homeland defense industry as well as rapid medical testing. PositiveID is focused on the development of microfluidic systems for the automated preparation of and performance of biological assays in order to detect biological threats at high-value locations, as well as analyze samples in a medical environment. In May 2011, PositiveID acquired California-based MicroFluidic Systems, founded in 2001, which specializes in the development and production of automated instruments for detecting and processing biological samples. MFS' core technology is used for airborne pathogen detection, rapid clinical diagnostics and sample preparation applications. For mroe information, head to their website at

PositiveID's microfluidic technology alleviates all existing problems by replacing robotics with integrated microfluidics, reducing cost and increasing reliability. Its microfluidic technology also automates and increases the effectiveness of key sample processing steps used today on the laboratory bench-top, into a closed, automated system. The embedded devices perform cell lysis (including difficult spores) in less than one minute at low power, nucleic acid purification along with inhibitor removal and pre-concentration of the nucleic acids up to factors of 1000X within minutes. These processes all occur autonomously within a fully contained disposable microfluidic cartridge. The company was formerly known as VeriChip Corporation and changed its name to PositiveID Corporation in November 2009.

  • As a result of this new purchase order, the company has increased its 2014/2015 revenue and backlog (backlog added to revenue recognized) estimate from $3.3 million to $3.5 million, and is reiterating its revenue guidance of $4-10 million through the end of 2015 (2014 and 2015 combined).
  • "We view this latest purchase order as another validation of not only our technical capabilities, but also our ability to collaborate with large commercial and government partners, while continuing to execute our strategy," stated William J. Caragol, Chairman and CEO of PositiveID. "We are very pleased to continue the testing of our M-BAND units to protect our nation's warfighters and defenders."
  • "There is a pervasive, global need for advanced biological detection capabilities, where time to detection is critical to stop a biological attack in its tracks," stated William J. Caragol, PositiveID's Chairman and CEO. "As evidenced by our current relationships with large commercial and government partners, we believe our M-BAND and Firefly Dx systems offer significant benefits over existing products, including faster, more accurate detection, at a lower cost. The Company is generating revenue for the first time since its formation, and we have issued revenue guidance through the end of 2015 of $4-10 million (2014 and 2015 combined), $3.3 million of which is currently in backlog."
The CEO did some Q&A on June 16th - PositiveID's Chairman and CEO Discussed Progress with Bio-Threat Detection Technology and Revenue Guidance.  Among other details, he had this to say concerning investor highlights:
  • "We are very proud of what we have achieved so far in 2014. Our major accomplishments include forming significant partnerships with commercial and federal government organizations, and importantly, revenue generation. In summary, we entered into a contract with a large commercial partner to support a U.S. Department of Defense ("DoD") contract and test our M-BAND system, which will provide revenue to the Company of $841,000 through September; we announced one of our teaming partners was awarded a prime contract by the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency to conduct research and development to combat weapons of mass destruction; and, more recently, we signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA's Ames Research Center through which NASA will assess our Firefly technology for potential ground and space applications.  When you look back at our releases, the commercial and government partners we are working with are a true "who's who" in the fields of security and detection."
  • They have submitted bids and proposals in conjunction with several large commercial partners in response to a pick-up in new U.S. government procurements for bio-threat detection. As a result, PositiveID is issuing its first-ever revenue guidance of $4-10 million over the next 18 months, $3.3 million of which is already in backlog.
  • The Company has submitted for contract opportunities across multiple agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Services, to deploy, test, evaluate and/or develop the Company's M-BAND and Firefly Dx systems.
  • The company signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA's Ames Research Center to collaborate on testing the Company's Firefly Dx detection system ("Firefly") as a platform for biological research and commercial development for ground and space applications.
  • PositiveID's Firefly Dx is a point-of-need, handheld system designed to deliver molecular diagnostic results using real-time TaqMan(R) PCR (polymerase chain reaction) chemistry. Firefly is intended to derive results from a sample in less than 20 minutes at the point of need, compared to two to four hours for a lab device. Quicker, accurate diagnostics derived from Firefly may lead to more rapid and effective treatment than what is currently available with existing systems. Firefly is being developed to meet the growing need for more rapid and accurate point-of-need diagnostics that will enable hospitals, first responders, and other providers to save lives.
  • Under this Space Act Agreement, NASA will assess the Company's Firefly Dx technology for potential ground and space applications, while PositiveID will assess the technology to improve its development of the Firefly Dx hardware for extreme environments, such as Department of Defense field applications.
This company is working with a Who's Who of the Industry, and they have proven contract successes with the Governement, DHS, NASA, and more! This stock has laid the groundwork for a blockbuster 2014-2015, and really one could expect for those guidance figures to only get stronger as the company adds to its achievements over the next year.

We urge you to continue doing your research on these releases and to trade wisely. We hope you enjoy PSID!

Stockchat LLC has received five thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of PSID from a third party Hannover Financial. Stockchat LLC has previously received three thousand dlrs via a bank wire for the awareness of PSID from a third party Hannover Financial.

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