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Pacific Oil Company - ( POIL )

Global demand for both oil and natural gas is on the rise, as evidenced by recent industry estimates and reports by energy giant BP. Thus, management is growing the Company through a combined organic and inorganic strategy.

The company has a working interest in a 12-well heavy oil production project and owns a 27-well natural gas project that sits on 9600 acres that could potentially produce light sweet crude oil as well.
At $.28, POIL is now BEGGING for a Break-and-Hold of the 20SMA at $.2991.  

Dollar Volume is on the rise as More Money is Entering the POIL Discussion as the company divulges some Major Corporate Developments! ~$600K traded on April 14th, and 100K is typically breached on the daily.

An Agreement for $1MIL in non-dilutive Debt Financing to progress current Acquisitions and Operations is setting the stage for a potential Value Boost of POIL stock in 2014! Analysts love the Business Plan and Growth Strategy so much that Goldman Small Cap Research has placed a $1.25 Price Target on POIL on March 27th!
In early 2014, the company has already released these Bullish announcements:

A Nevada based corporation, Pacific Oil Company is a dynamic junior energy company with both established assets and production within the energy rich province of Saskatchewan Canada.

The company continues to add value and set the stage for rapid success through low risk acquisitions and organic growth achieved through further development of existing properties. Pacific Oil fully understands that a balance must be struck between short-term profitability, increasing net asset value and the long term growth that rewards early shareholder.
Pacific Oil operates under the notion that operational efficiency achieved through the minimization of administrative overhead is of the upmost importance if costs are to be kept under control and profits maximized for investors. All capital expenditures must provide value and risk control must be present at all times. For more information, visit their home website at
What are the Analysts saying about POIL's position in the Current Oil Landscape? Check out the GSCR Report Here!
  • "Pacific Oil's acquisition strategy that targets producing oil and natural gas wells is prudent and bodes well for the future. To that end, leadership has already demonstrated its desire to grow swiftly through acquisition, as evidenced by the recent bid submission to acquire a total 67 oil wells on or adjacent to the Maidstone site and talks with a seller regarding the acquisition of 11 natural gas wells neighboring the Lacadena site. With demand on the rise, and with wells and infrastructure nearby, Pacific Oil should be well-positioned to take advantage of economies of scale to achieve profitability."
Some Key Investment Highlights are as follows:
  • Pacific Oil is implementing a diverse and potentially lucrative business model. The Company has a 64% working interest in a 12 well heavy oil producing project and owns a 27 well natural gas project that sits on 9600 acres that could potentially produce light sweet crude oil as well.
  • Management is growing the Company through a combined organic and inorganic strategy.
    • Leadership has already demonstrated its desire to grow swiftly through acquisition, as evidenced by the recent bid submission to acquire a total 67 oil wells on or adjacent to the Maidstone site and talks with a seller regarding the acquisition of 11 natural gas wells neighboring the Lacadena site.
Many of these Highlights have been generated in just recent months, so there is no telling what other deals may be on the table in the near future. Let's look at these recent releases.
On April 11th, The Company Gave an Update on its Bid to Purchase 67 Oil Wells on 9 Canadian Heavy Oil Properties! The Initial Bid was established on March 11th, and the stage may be set for a Mega-Deal!
  • Pacific Oil's all-inclusive bid has been accepted by Grant Thorton LLC Trustee who will now submit the offer to the Court of Queen's Bench for final approval and acceptance.
  • Ed Loven, Vice president of Pacific Oil, said, "Provided final approval from the courts is granted, this acquisition will immediately increase Pacific Oil's revenue stream and asset base by a meaningful amount which intern will dramatically increase the overall value of our company as a whole."
  • Shareholders should anticipate an expedited decision from the Court of Queen's Bench and will update the public on the status of the decision via press release.
The Company Needs Financing to Develop its Business Plan, and they have not disappointed!  On April 7th, POIL Entered Into an Agreement to Secure $1,000,000 in Financing - Non-Dilutive Debt Financing!
  • POIL entered into an agreement with The Herman Companies Inc. to secure $1,000,000 in financing. Once secured, this financing will support Pacific Oil's business strategy through 2014 and expedite its previously announced acquisition schedule.
  • A financing of $1,000,000 should provide POIL with further opportunity for growth while lowering the company's overall risk.
  • What sort of Financing is this? "The financing we are contemplating at this time is pure debt based on the value of our assets. Since no shares will be issued and no shares will be put up as collateral, the financing will be isolated from Pacific Oil's public market presence." We LOVE it!
What sort of Corporate Acquisitions is POIL Targeting to Grow their Service Lineup and Sales? In Late March POIL announced they were in Developed Stages to Acquire a Technology Driven Products and Services Company in Nano Tech West Inc. and their Nano Technology! As stated in the Research Report, POIL is growing both Organically and Inorganically via Acquisitions such as this that broaden their Service/Product Line and Ergo a Potential Sales Stream Boom!
  • POIL  entered into negotiations to acquire a private US company which holds the distribution rights to Patent Pending products and service applications, utilizing ground breaking Nano Technology.
  • Nano Tech West's cutting edge technology will be both field tested and rigorously vetted by an independent 3rd party, which specializes in the field of Nano Technology.
  • Ed Loven, Vice president of Pacific Oil, said, "Nano Tech West Inc. holds the distribution rights to new technology that has the potential to be a game changer in the oil industry, with respect to how we as companies, mitigate a multitude of environmental risk. Our relationship with the company started out with curiosity, progressed to acquiring a licensing agreement and now is at the point where on the surface it has begun to make good business sense to purchase the company outright."
What is POIL doing with regards to Growth of their Lacedena Natural Gas Project? How will to Sales, Operations, and Land/Well Growth be achieved? POIL has divulged 3 Plans that, when fully implemented, could bring substantial value to its shareholders!  POIL Became a Licensed Operator in Saskatchewan, Canada for the purpose of being more hands on with the development of operations here, and it looks to be working!
  • The entire project is being revamped with the goal of producing higher revenues through greater efficiency, lower operating costs and traditionally higher natural gas prices.
  • POIL believes that now is the time to address the wells that are not currently in the system will need to be tied in; wells with greater potential will be activated and wells that no longer perform to Pacific's standards will be abandoned.  During this strategic overhaul, the Team at Pacific Oil will be further refining geological data with the goal of identifying multiple new drill locations.
  • The deal being discussed consists of 11 natural gas wells situated on 3,840 acres of energy rich land.
  • Ed Loven stated "The possibility to increase our natural gas foot print in an area in which we already have resources committed to is an opportunity that that makes sense from both a operational and financial standpoint. Our counter party to the discussions is a major energy producer and our relationship with them is solid. I am confident that a deal can be made in the near future."
  • When can shareholders expect an update? The proposed assets are currently going through the control mechanisms that Pacific Oil has in place for all potential acquisitions. Once the due diligence is complete, Pacific Oil will submit a formal offer and update the public.
The Company is Currently trying to Reactivate 17 Natural Gas Wells! The Aggressive Growth Plan continues to impress!
  • POIL intends to reactivate 17 natural gas wells to take advantage of higher natural gas prices. The wells targeted for reactivation are part of Pacific Oil's 27 well 9600 acre Lacadena Project.
  • Ed chimed in "With its 27 wells situated on 9600 energy rich acres, the Lacadena Project is a significant part of Pacific's revenue strategy moving forward and we are now on the path to realizing the projects full potential. Our goal is to act swiftly in bringing these wells back online so that they may have an immediate impact on our bottom line."
Shareholders and Traders should Expect Updates on Many of these Releases, Projects, Acquisitions, and More that were not covered in our Alert. This company has a LOT going for it, and News Flow could remain Hot if not gain even More Momentum! As these Deals Close, More Wells are exploited, Revenue Streams Pick-Up, and Operational Efficiencies and Synergies are created.  With the Current Business Plan that POIL is Executing there is not telling where Future Releases and Developments could Push this Stock. The Current OS and Price Target of $1.25 make the Current Price a Possible Steal. Take a Look at the DAILY CHART:
  • POIL is on the Verge of Breaking the 20SMA at ~$.29 before a Potential RUN on Momentum to the 50SMA at ~$.44!
  • RSI is COPMLETELY OVERSOLD at ~21, and the STOCK has BEEN Oversold for quite some time! How much longer can this last?!?! Are we Due for a BOUNCE or something Bigger?
  • Volume has clearly picked up on News in 2014. POIL consistently trades over 100K Shares and has had monster days recently in the $600K range!
  • A run to the 50SMA at ~$.44 could Net the Current Buyer a Gain of ~57%!! Long-Term shareholders and watchful traders may be looking for something Much Bigger though!  IF POIL can Realize there Business Plan By Closing Deals, Acquiring Wells and Land, and Use Financing to Turn these into Revenue-Producing Assets then Research Analysts have there sites set on a Run to $1.25.
Current Buyers may see a Return on their Investment of ~345%!!!  We have alerted this stock near its Lows while it is still Vastly Oversold from a Technical Perspective! Keep your eyes peeled for the Plethora of Project and Deal updates that POIL may release any day now.  Considering their growth ambitions, we would not be surprised to see New Deals enter the discussion in short manner as well! We hope you enjoy POIL!








Stockchat LLC has received seven thousand dlrs for the awareness of POIL from a third party Numark Capital.


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